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India 2018-2019 Best Hotel marketing Expert ( Amit Gaur )

Meet Mr. Amit Gaur one of the most popular names in the world for Hotel marketing subject. He is a digital marketing trainer Consultant And mentor for many hotels resorts and restaurants in the world. Now Hotels and Resorts has agreed that he is a Hotel marketing expert in the world because he believes focusing on genuine Hotel services budgeting services printing in front of the customers.

Meet Amit Gaur Hotel digital marketing expert in the world

1. He is one of the best hotel marketing experts in the world because he is teaching and training many individuals in the world who are working in hotel digital marketing. He is transforming ordinary hotel staff into extraordinary digital marketers.

2. He is one of the best digital marketing experts in the world because he is transforming many individuals' Life by teaching how you can optimize the internet into your success progress and making your life more comfortable.

3. He is one of the best digital marketing experts in the world for hotels because he provides realistic and optimistic social media marketing strategies. Many hotels are suffering from too much of commissions paying to third party agencies. He has a solution for that and he is teaching training and providing reasonable price hotel internet marketing services in the world.

He is working on many projects which also appreciated by Hotel marketing associations in the world. More about this gentleman Versatile personality and one of the famous Hotel marketing professionals. He is one of the very interesting profiles for Hotel human resources and Hotel managers in the World. Peoples who know him always surprise how came an expert executive and corporate chef of Hotels suddenly changes his career into hotel digital marketing. Culinary profession Vs hotel digital marketing it's totally different subjects. We have the same curiosity and we have interviewed Mr. Amit. A successful entrepreneur, advisor for many hotels for hotel digital marketing in India. Read new policies and strategy for hotels after COVID-19 impact by Amit Gaur

If you want somebody who can really help you a great Hotel marketing and create a long-term Hotel online marketing strategy and a process where your competitors start crying he is one of the best hotel marketing expert in the world believe me he is something out-of-the-box knowledgeable and very promising down to the human being providing amazing Hotel marketing services on internet

He has developed great software and Hotel digital marketing strategies to improve Hotel more direct bookings he is the only one person in the world who has gone out of the box to learn software programming and develop great Strategies and social media marketing strategies for the hotels.

If you talk to him you will find he has a lot of out of the box ideas and projects for increasing Hotel revenues and more footfall he uses internet into a great communication and then into marketing ki has a lot of great experiences and practical exercise and knowledge for Hotel online internet marketing he is working for small and big hotels in the world helping them improving brand visibility and great business and more online bookings

We have asked a few questions to Amit Gaur about his past experiences and what makes him interested in coming to Hotel digital marketing expertise? 

Response by Amit Gaur: I have started my hotel profession 18 years back. When I was a corporate Chef at the united 21 Group of hotels in Mumbai 2014 I have realized joining a new job totally means you are joining a new business and if you are capable to increase revenues and get satisfaction as your contribution to the job you are the king. It is very sad the Back of the house of the hotels r only contributing to Guest satisfaction. In fact, those people are highly qualified and sound knowledgeable personalities about Hotel services and products. But it is being wasted. 3 years back I have decided I will do something innovative for the hotel industry so that I can connect those all back of the house Hotel staff contributing directly to the hotel revenue. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

As we All know online internet marketing is one of the easiest methods for every business owner in the world. You can reach to your target audience in the world without leaving your offices with the help of digital online marketing. But the problem is due to awareness and lack of correct knowledge hotels are using any third party Agencies for a company for most result-oriented marketing from any third-party agency or company. If you see the revenue balance sheet of 50 hotels you will find the major contribution of their revenues are coming from the internet and online agencies. 

2014 I have decided to start my own Hotel marketing company and I will be providing very unique and very promising Hotel marketing services to Hotel operators and Hotel owners. I have hired very promising individuals from across the world you are very good at software programming, expertise in hotel digital marketing and understand the old concepts of Hotel marketing. 

Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

and the results are in front of you we are serving 240 hotels across the world and providing our Hotel Marketing Services. In our Hotel Marketing Services, they provide the following services which none of the hotel marketing Agencies for a company is providing in the world. 

1. we are teaching and training the present Back of the Hotel staff on how to contribute their 5 minutes into hotel digital marketing. 

2. We are teaching hotel employees how you can become a part of Hotel marketing without leaving your hotel office. 

3. We are providing one of the best technology and software to Hotel operators helping them managing their day to day work and reducing  Hotel Guests complaints. 
4. Overall we are associated with everyone who wants to grow their Hotel revenues with organic and advanced marketing techniques. 
5. We are teaching hotel revenue managers on how to optimize Hotel inventory online our marketing strategies are totally different and result oriented which is Not available in the market. Every marketing strategy is a result of patience failure and success. 

With this, We also provide more services and if you compare our prices and results you will definitely choose us. 
1. Maintaining Hotel website 
2. Content marketing of Hotel 
3. Branding and marketing of Hotel 
3. Sales and marketing representative to the world 
4. Technology partner for hotels 
5. Hotel marketing strategy maker for hotels 
6. Revenue Optimisation services from OTA 
7. Online Hotel Room price management with the help of maintaining and observing City Occupancy and the law of demand and supply. 
8. Google Search Engine Optimisation services 
9. Hotel Marc home services 
10. Social media marketing and digital engagement to potential customers in the world

You cannot believe it we are doing many things in very pocket-friendly saves our motive is not earning money our motive is to teach back of the house people and trained them on online internet marketing. 

Believe my internet marketing is one of the easiest methods of increasing Hotel revenues with the help of online internet marketing you can reach anyone who is potential to your business without leaving your offices. We are just contributing to our skills and our services for the development of our potential customers.

    Here the best Hotel internet marketing experts in India and we provide our services to the following cities in India. You can hire if you are Hotel located at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Udaipur, Jaipur, Shimla, Hyderabad, Kerala. Please, the only contactor you are serious to learn something advance hotel marketing concepts. 

Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

Overall if you're looking for Hotel marketing expert in the world who can help your hotel resorts and Restaurant branding and marketing you can contact him for Digital Marketing Consulting for your hotel and believe me he going to solve all your problem.

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