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Experts agencies and companies to Increase your Hotel Revenues

All your Requirements related to increases in your Hotel revenues, online reputation management and creating visibility of your Hotel product and services I would like to introduce you Meet Mr Amit Gaur. Passionated hotel marketing advisor and digital marketing influencer for the hospitality industry. 

He provides hotel marketing and sales in representative services to many hotels in India. Presently he is catering to 70 hotels in India. Is one of the biggest large service provider in India for Hotel marketing. He has almost 1000 affiliates people across the country who are working directly and indirectly. He believes in introducing new concept and strategies for hotels to optimise their resources into increasing Hotel revenues. 

We have interviewed him and try to find out what are his marketing strategies to increase Hotel revenue? He suggests us 10 result oriented marketing strategies for increasing Hotel revenues. He was so confident on his statement he is offering his guidance and unique services for hotels in Mumbai, Delhi, goa, Bangalore, hyderabad, Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Tamil Nadu hotels associations. His marketing strategies for online and offline methods are below. 

 Before be study his unique marketing strategies for increasing Hotel revenues he is share few solid points which is very important to implement before starting marketing strategies and branding for your hotel online and offline. 

A. Be honest with your customers. Do not cheat your hotel guest always provide value for money. Always remember your hotel guest has chosen as from many choices available in the city you have to always respect this while treating your customer request in the day to day Hotel operations. Hotel guest is paying all the expenses and staff salaries. Always believe in these preferences are on the top priority for every Hotel employees. You have to set this thinking in everybody mind working in your hotel before putting money time and effort into your hotel marketing and branding. If you lose in this believe me nobody in the universe to help you increase your hotel revenues. There you start looking for companies who will take your hotel on a management basis and play with your resources emotions and dream. 

The top 20 2019 Hotel marketing strategies are 
1. Make everything online, in your hotel almost there are 3000 product and services you are offering to your customer but presently you are only offering Hotel accommodation banquet Hall as the point Point of your sales. Use google search platforms for increasing and creating visibility of your product and services. Believe me, I will share your unique method for increasing your hotel online visibility. ( User hotel google MARCOM) 

2. Make your hotel website interactive, use chatbot & interactive messaging widget on your website, there are many freely available, you can contact me for more details. If your website is interactive you can resolve your customer Persona in real-time and you can increase your bookings from your website. 

3. Use customer delight software, which is made to ensuring your customer's complaints are resolved within your hotel premises. This is the great Mantra of increasing Hotel revenues you have to make your customers happy and they will start talking about your hotel and services on different platforms mouth publicity is 1000 year back formula for increasing Hotel revenue which is still 100% guaranteed success. 

4. Follow the SEO staples
This is one of the great and easiest
method making your hotel online visibility There’s no point in having a website if its difficult for potential customers to find via their preferred search engine. Make sure you’re following SEO (Search Engine Optimization) online marketing basics like ensuring your content is rich and relevant, with strong keywords and keyword combinations that give your website the best chance of being clicked upon. Consider likely search terms when planning your hotel marketing SEO campaigns and don’t forget to combine your main keywords with strong secondary ones like the name of your local neighbourhood or district. 

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