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Evoque Hotel Marketing company Delhi and Similar 3 options

Evoque hotel marketing company is one of the best marketing company in Delhi. But there are (3)three (similar options) available in Delhi. Would you be interested to know about More options for Hotel marketing read here 

Similar options are always useful for buyers to decide which is the best for them. Delhi is one of the biggest city in India. The capital city Delhi has a lot of Hotel marketing companies and Associates. We are giving you similar options to Evoque hotel marketing company Delhi.

Following services Evoque Providers and similar option list with pricing and packages.

Marketing Services  Company Name  Company Name 2 Company 3  Price 
  Evoque  Amit Gaur WIFICRM H & C Hospitality  
Hotel OTA management  Yes  Yes  Yes  
Hotel online reputation management  Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel staff training management  Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel email marketing Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel website development Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel sales and marketing Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel surprise audits Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel sales expertise  Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel branding marketing Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel Technology consultant  Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel media and publicity Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel website development  Yes Yes Yes  
Hotel social media marketing Yes Yes Yes  

Packages and prices 
Everybody has his own prices and packages structure it depends on the number of Hotel rooms and number of task you want to be involved in your hotel marketing package. 

Amit Gaur hotel marketing package cost: Amit Gaur is charging very reasonable prices for Hotel marketing. He is one of the promising personality individuals and associate with many hotels in India and providing them a solution for increasing Hotel revenues with the great marketing strategies and training programs. The involvement into hotel marketing was from last 5 years and almost every City he has one client who is using his services. 
Approximately If you are using His Marketing services for your hotel marketing it will cost you 15000 rupees per month. Very reasonable value for money price services in India for Hotel marketing. 
You have an option available which is very similar and the best reasonable price now it's up to you-you want to choose which is perfect for you.

sure this similar option comparison is definitely helpful to you to decide who will be your next Hotel marketing company for your hotel.


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