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Hotel Digital Marketing Proposal

We have changed the subject digital marketing into influence marketing. We are giving a high competition to all those digital marketing Agencies who are providing services to the hospitality industry. Our gratitude for reading about our digital marketing services and proposal. Normally a Hotels is spending on digital marketing per Year 8 lacs, maybe he has Engaged manpower and paying 9 lac plus salaries facilities etc. But still they cannot claim, we are everywhere on Google search, I am presenting a solution, a lifetime solution

We are very different from other Digital Marketing agencies Why? 

1. We teach all the trade secrets of Google Marketing to your Hotel departments Staffs and make them capable and expert. Now EveryDay department wise they Start Hotel Internet marketing online without leaving their departments in Free Time in Hotel.  We solved your whole life problems related to Digital Marketing for Hotels .after our Traning You do not need any digital marketing in your whole life for your Hotel internet marketing but  You Have to Take Yearly Licences  Of Google Broadcasting Software and 5 Year Project Cost you are paying in One year Presently. Contact us Now 

2. We provide you, very user-friendly, technology Our Software Programme to make easy Hotel internet marketing. We will teach your hotel staff how to broadcast on Google from our Softwares, you will notice, when Hotel Staff  learned This easy Process They Start Making Thier Hotel Departments everything famous and popular on Google Searches without paid marketing.and sooner you will recognize your Restaurant footfall has increased, your buffet lunch dinner breakfast non resident guest visiting from Other City Hotels, you will find your Banquet hall is being more occupied than before. Your Staff created a monopoly online on Google search results. In this 3 Months We have notices We have trained 95 % of staff On Google Broadcasting System and when 20 % Of staff  Use It Make a Wow Impact Contact us Now 

3. This is the 3 best reason we are a very Perfect Agency for Hotel internet marketing because Our mostly of team members belong to the hospitality industry they know what is the actual requirement and how to do it, trained people. Contact us Now 

Overall If you are using our method, technology, and consultancy for your Hotel Internet Marketing you will find your Hotel Name has created a big online presence and so big no competition will fight back with you in your city on Online Search  Either it was an international brand or maybe a super luxury branded Hotels, for Google everybody is the same. 

About our company 
Our company has been started by Amit gaur a Hotelier and IT scientist in 2014. From last many years he is doing a lot of things for the hospitality industry. He is devoting his energy and innovative mind into how we can make changes and empower hotel staff to contribute more revenue. Overall transforming hotel revenues with the help of the internet, peoples ( Hotel Staff ) and intelligence. Presently we are catering to many hotels in India and abroad. We have an unlimited customer but everybody is satisfied and our brand ambassador. we are Team of 35 Peoples.

Company Commitment 
Because this is something very unique research on internet marketing and it has to be Limited to get optimize results, is our policy we are only interested working with Limited clients for the city in India and in abroad.2019 we have decided to only work with 2 Hotels Per city. and whoever trust and use his wisdom sense understanding how internet marketing helpful increasing Hotel revenues they want to work with him. 

About the Digital Marketing project Proposal 
Our digital marketing contract and project for 3 months costing approximately 2 lac Rs. And in this 200000 rupees, you will find following services, product, and consultancy, expertise. 

1. Personal Hotel Google Marcom ( Marketing Communication Manager) Software cost: 200000.00 Yearly   Watch Demo 
   This is a broadcasting tool, you can instantly, speak in front The software as per the training program and compliances and it will broadcast on Google search. either in 30 second or 1 day or not published if compliance is been not handle properly. we have noticed this software is being handled by Those hotel staff, who are very good at talking and product knowledge department wise. Anyway, we are always present with the team for training and developing them to work on this platform. Imagine, daily your buffets, happy hour, kitty party, party party, venues everything become famous on Google, now you are working on City Occupancy and city events, your increasing revenue problem will definitely be solved And whatever staff, adding to software, at present for the lifetime.  Watch Video On YouTube Hotel Google Marcom

Because this is a broadcasting system, is required a High Google security, and security is been issued by USA, buy personally verified, company address, authenticity, and more difficult paperwork. It will take one month to get the security. 

 If you are the First hotel who believe and trust in our project we will give you following technology and software free of cost to use first year worth 200000 rupees. Contact us Now   

1. Free Wi-Fi CRM First year subscription Than 60000.00 Per year  ( free With Google MARCOM) Watch Demo 

Wi-Fi CRM is a unique, hospitality software, which provides following communication, automation of marketing and guest feedback system. You can watch the video of WIFICRM and Learn How one software, is helpful in increasing customer satisfaction, increase in Trip-Advisor reviews rankings, database WhatsApp marketing email marketing and many more this video will explain you everything. 

2. Free subscription Hotel Online reputation management Than 35000.00 Per year ( free With Google MARCOM)  Watch demo 
This software is directly connected with the Google, and whoever search your reviews before booking your hotel find this software on Google. You can watch the video which will explain you everything how this software going to help your hotel increasing online reputation management and the free subscription allows you to increase more online booking with the help of this software free 1st year. and renewal at the cost of 35000.00 Per year. Contact us Now 

3. A free subscription would connect  ( free With Google MARCOM) Watch Demo 
This is one of the email marketing tools, with the help of the software you can get anyone email address who is potential to your business in the world. 

4. Hotel Digital marketing daily basis for Next 3 Months Worth 120000.00  ( free With Google MARCOM)
1. Making your one product or services famous on Google and keep you update 
2. Making a banner and artwork and keep posted on all your social media account. 
3. Daily your hotel online reputation and review posting, inspiring review 

So It is a WOW Deals But for Limited  Hotels in City What You Are Thinking?   Contact us Now 

First Year   200000.00 Free Google Marcom /WIFI CRM /ORMM/WC / 3 Month Digital Marketing +Staff Teaching  Free Services +Product 220000.00  Only For 1 Client City 
Second Year  150000.00  Google Marcom /WIFI CRM /ORMM/WC / + SERVE COST actual Only For 1 Client City 
Third Year  100000.00 Google Marcom /WIFI CRM /ORMM/WC / + SERVE COST actual Only For 1 Client City 
Fourth Year  100000.00 Google Marcom /WIFI CRM /ORMM/WC / + SERVE COST actual Only For 1 Client City 
Fifth Year  100000.00 Google Marcom /WIFI CRM /ORMM/WC / + SERVE COST actual Only For 1 Client City 

My Dear countrymen, I know this is something very new for few peoples working in the hospitality industry but I would like to tell you the way and the services we are providing its related to influenced online marketing. 

Normally, everyone wants their website to be top on Google search result, and 98% peoples are saying our business has not increased after we are on top pages on Google. website Rank failed but Third party Influence marketing never failed... 

After 2 years of hard working and involving Technology, understanding Google algorithm from world best digital marketer we have developed this hotel digital marketing project. 

We are the only one in India, who want our contract to be finished within 3 months because, in this 3 months, we will teach your present employees, we will provide them a platform for self-independent performing export in advance level Hotel digital marketing.

We influence the customer to choose our client (What is Influencer Marketing?)

Influence marketing is a concept in which any third party, talking, writing about any specific Hotel product and services online. The third party, focus on making online visibility of client. Results after some time the specific client will make a monopoly online on search results. This is one of the very difficult marketing concepts but results are a guarantee. 

How influence marketing Vs traditional digital marketing differ? 

There is a big difference between both the Marketing concept, traditional digital marketing is available everywhere, one of the companies near your city offering these services. But influenced marketing involves a deep investment of time, industry experts, regular basis inputs online. Traditional digital marketing will vanish as you stop paying a digital marketing fee to a third-party agency. But influence marketing always presents for a longer time. 

What is The proposal  for making big visibility on Google 

1. We will provide youA Hotel google MARCOM ( marketing and communication manager) on Our Branded new domain address on city GEO location. This URL only Speak about you and you only. About your website, tel number etc

2. We will train, your department, employees, how to participate in hotel internet marketing in free time, without leaving Hotel departments. 

3. Our Hotel industry expert, regular basis, provided his input in the software, this will fill the gap in case, hotel staff unable to perform. 

4. Our expert 24 hours monitoring and support team, available for any requirements. 

5. From day 1, you start finding results. 


What is The proposal  for making big visibility on social media 

1. Our team will be handling all your social media platforms and same time teach departments people on daily basis. Our team will create, artwork and post on daily basis, on your behalf.for 3 months after 3 months your staff, Hotel departments become expert doing this. 

What is The proposal  for making big visibility with the target audience 

1. We will be providing you an email marketing to your potential customer who is the target audience for you in the world. Every week, you have to tell us, whom to contact, city, location, the specification in the world. Our team will send email, keep you in CC. for 3 months after 3 months your staff and department become an expert into this.

What are the benefits of influenced internet marketing by Amit Gaur 

1. The biggest benefit is a small investment and a big result. 
2. You have industry professional and India Best Internet marketing expert working for your hotel. 
3. India first agency which works with hotel professionals on a soft floor. 
4. Influence internet marketing has more conversion on leads and increasing revenues. 
5. Online reputation is something which instantly increases your leads. 
6. Your hotel everything become famous on Google 
7. Your every event happening in the hotel become famous on Google 
8. You will increase your wedding corporate banqueting marketing branding online
9. You are empowering, transforming, your peoples to contribute into hotel marketing they will learn something which will help them for future. 
10. You will create your big visibility online, bigger than your competitor, bigger than anyone hotel in your city. They will promise you we will not work with any other person if you select us at your city. Is the biggest advantage. 
11. More returns on your investment, that will be a guarantee Contact us Now 


And in this amount, you will  found a solution for 

1. Big influence marketing, for your Hotel each and every product and services on Google. 
2. Hotel social media marketing 
3. Hotel internet email marketing 

4. Tripadvisor ranking and auto social media marketing to Hotel Guest by WIFICRM

Why we are providing such very cheap prices for Hotel Internet and digital marketing? 

Our motive is to provide, technology and training to the peoples who are working in the hotel industry and departments so that they can capable to market their product and services to the revenant audience in the world. That is the reason we are transforming peoples to make everybody a digital marketer for their Hotel they are working.

Again my gratitude and thank you to speaking with me on the phone and choosing my services for your hotel internet marketing if you give me the opportunity we will promise you to show you the results and make a platform for your hotel where your hotel departments are capable to fight back with your city competition. We are always there with your staff with our Technology monitoring system and the latest development. The decision is yours you want to create a different parameter for your hotel influence internet marketing or you want to go with the traditional way of digital marketing. Contact us Now 





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