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If your  Hotel is located at, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa this article and information going to be very helpful for you increasing total revenues with the help of self learn and self do it  Internet marketing. Because we provide specific services to specific cities that is the reason I have to ask is your Hotel located in the following cities. Believe me, in 4 minutes readout I will change your perception about Hotel internet marketing. I will convince you how the internet will increase your Hotel revenues and what you are losing day by day and How to Stop that. Let me ask you one question and we will find together the answer to this important question related to every hotel in India and in the world.

What your employees do when your Hotel has low Occupancy, it is very clearly understood you put pressure on your sales manager and Hotel Manager to increase Hotel training used when your hotel Occupancy start going down? 

Have you ever noticed, where were your hotel Occupancy has gone down for a couple of days you start focusing on cross-cutting and finding how to reduce total expenses? 

Have you ever noticed, your online business contribution is more than offline and gradually online contribution is increasing day by day?. Have you ever find there are lot of storytellers who claim they will increase your Google ranking Trip-Advisor Ranking and increase your online reputation management. 

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters I am Amit Gaur, hotelier, and IT scientist. I am discovering the easiest method of internet marketing for many years and I have discovered unique and undiscovered Hotel marketing strategies for the Internet and digital marketing which can easily increase any hotel revenue with the help of internet. 

The Internet becomes one of the most important parts of our life, we cannot live without our telephones mobile phones app facebook notification WhatsApp notification Instagram as except. Digital world every day attracting millions of people and everyday Millionaire people start except for the uses of the internet. Last 2 years I was thinking and doing research and development how we can convert the internet into a great source of Information sharing platform to our target audience in the world. 

When I started my research and development on internet marketing I find everybody is talking about social media presence then I go into deep research why everybody is talking about you have your big presence on social media, and I find the simple answer because everybody is nowadays using modern smartphones, and every smartphone you will find, facebook, twitter, google, other social media account (APP )already present (inbuilt) and many people who are using smartphone become habitual and participate regularly on social media, few people are so crazy they check their social media account after every 20 minutes. This is a clear example Technology affecting human beings. And if you do anything marketing on social media you can reach to your potential customer that's it.

Now come back to topic, what your hotel staff does when you have low potency and offseason? 

We ask this question 200 Hotel managers and Hotel owners we find this answers of a question ( what your hotel staff does when you have, low Occupancy, hotel, not busy offseason, daily basis, monthly basis, yearly basis? ) 

1. 50% of people told us in offseason, we give holidays to our staff. Reduce the strength etc
2. 20% of people working in the hotel told us they give training, learning today staff in this certain of time. 
3. 10% of people working in the hotel answer this question, we don't know. 
4. 5% of people answer we do not have offseason and low Occupancy dates in a hotel. 
5. 15% of people told, us whenever our Hotel is not doing well, I know it was all Occupancy or offseason, we do not have any schedule for them. 

Now the question came in our mind, doing this thing, they are just cutting their expenses on manpower, that's it  but this is  not the solution, the solution is putting this perishable manpower energy into something constructive which can increase Hotel revenues but the Fact is the main pressure of increasing Hotel revenues came to, Hotel Manager, sales manager etc. This is the almost same story of every hotel.

due to neck to neck competition in the City, hotels only having two people who are focusing on increasing revenue sincerely if they don't do that they lose their jobs rest everyone in the hotel will definitely, talk about increasing revenue, how to increase in the news, but they will not lose their job if revenue has been not increased. And the few peoples in the hotel are. 
1. Hotel sales manager 
2. Hotel General Manager 
3. Hotel revenue manager 
4. Hotel banquet manager 
5. Hotel fnb Manager 

It took me, 12 months to find the solution how we can make our hotel staff contribute INR to increase total revenues without leaving their departments. At last, we have made a fantastic software, which is the latest, advanced and problem-solving solution for internet marketing. 

The software work on the same principle which Google wants. The software is designed as per Google requirements for Search Engine Optimisation. You can use this software for many purposes example. 
1. You can make this software as your Hotel information and marketing portal 
2. You can use this software as your hotel personalized digital marketing professional. 

Overall Your Hotel Each Product and Service Become Famous on Google With the Help Of this software and That's All Free Of cost without any Digital Marketing company or agency 

This software is very interesting and out of the box, you have to speak in front software about what you want to say to the target audience in the world related to your hotel product and services. Example, a chef is speaking infant the software related to his food buffet offers Happy Hours extra, and in this way, he is contributing into a great internet marketing for the hotel without leaving their departments. Play me this is a damn good tool. 

With the help of this software, any hotel can make their departments capable to contribute departmental internet marketing on Google without leaving Hotel departments. They have to just speak in front of the software related to the product and services they are offering to the customers, they have to tell to the peoples why they are the best and that's it, rest everything the software does for the hotel, you have to just speak, share your contact numbers, where you want your customer to contacted and that's it. 

Believe me, there are many benefits using this software and marketing strategy, this marketing strategy is being designed for all those who tell who has a potential but not doing well just because of lack of marketing. I am sure with the help of this article I am able to convince anyone who is interested in increasing their total revenues and they are confused and searching online for many hours how to increase hotel revenues.
Let me tell you in detail how this software works and how we will be helpful for any hotel in India increasing Hotel revenues with the help of internet marketing. Presently we are restricted to few cities only because we are not having so much of resources to fulfill each and everybody requirement for this software. That is the reason we are working with Limited and selected hotels but I am telling you fast results from this software are eye-opening for all those who believe in storytellers and who do not believe in internet marketing.


Amit Gaur | Expert Hotel Internet Marketing and Hotel Advisor India 

Contact Number : +919571118855  

I am telling you the truth, after using our software strategy and techniques of internet digital marketing many hotel owners become very happy because they are saving a lot of money wasting your internet marketing and their business has been increased just because everybody is contributing their small 5 minutes daily basis into hotel internet marketing and they have created a very big benchmark for all those who are hiring a third party agency or company for their Hotel digital marketing. It is very simple, 100 peoples are working together and few peoples are working together who will win of course 100 peoples that are the concept of this internet marketing making people transforming who are working in the Hotel and teaching them and make them expert internet marketing professional.

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