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India 2nd February 2019. I can understand the situation if Hotel revenues are not increasing and expenses are increasing day by day. I can understand the situation when you are dealing with the salaries and payment to the vendors. There is only one solution for all those problems is to increase total revenue and total revenues can be only increased by 360 efforts together. 

Namaskar friends, my name is Amit Gaur and I am a hotelier and IT scientist, from last many years I am working on how we can empower and transform total departments to market their product and services to the target audience with the help of Internet without leaving their departments. I am providing a unique promising and result from oriented services hospitality industry includes restaurant hotels Cafe increasing their hotel business revenues and online visibility with the help of internet I am one of the expert in India as a Consultant for many hotels providing my services. 

Many people disagree with my statement that internet marketing is a very powerful method in 2019 because they have outsourced that powerful tool to some third party agency for the company. I am really very much agreed with your brothers and sisters who will disagree with my statement that internet marketing with turnaround total revenues within few months because they have outsourced this opportunity increasing revenues to somebody else, either a digital marketing company a very basic knowledge person doing internet marketing for the hotel. 
Let's talk subject to subject how internet marketing will increase total revenues 
1. Website SEO 
   Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO) is a technique which brings your website on top 50 on Google. There are almost 200 points to consider putting your website on top search results on your favorite money keywords. But have you ever noticed every hotel in your city has the same keyword and competition on the keyword has been increasing day by day? But don't worry my brothers and sisters I am providing a unique method, technology, and monitoring system two hotels increasing their website presence on Google search results. My method is very simple and very innovative, I provide a complete solution for this problem in three steps my steps are below. 
1. Training to present Hotel departments 
   I provide shop floor training of Search Engine Optimisation to each and everyone working in hotel departments believe me this is one of the easiest methods. And I will guarantee you if 30% of your staff strength does this method on daily basis you will see your hotel grand everywhere on Google search. 

2.  Software technology 
    I provide my latest software for Google broadcasting 
, I called Google
marcom ( google marketing and communication manager) with auto-fetch API.0.236. This is one of the powerful tools we have made and there is no competition for us because we are the only person in this universe who provide this software and services. 

3. Continuous monitoring system 
   My team has a capacity to monitor and teaching. Whatever your employees are doing SEO, my team is monitoring, connecting whenever it is required for corrections and suggestions. 

Overall believe me if your Hotel brand your product and services, start coming on the first pages on Google search believe me you are 50% of total revenue problem will be solved instantly within 3 months. I know you my brothers and sisters will not agree with me because they have listened a lot of stories from their present digital marketing Agencies and they will think it is not possible but I would like to give you a living example of three hotels who has used this technology and software and training program and they have increased their revenues unbelievable, just because powerful internet marketing and with the help of Google. Believe me every business owner has to say thank you to the Google because Google is the only browser in the universe which is being helping many business owners increasing their revenues Google is a best source of Information and marketing but due to awareness and lot of stories people are losing this opportunity. If you are one of those, who do not believe internet will increase your hotel revenues dieting we should talk because I will show you lively how this magical opportunity is waiting for your hotel to increase revenues online reputation and visibility if your hotel has a great visibility believe me your marketing problem and cost will be reduced and you will start getting leads, inquiries, footfall with no efforts. This is the time to understand there is a huge opportunity in internet marketing and every day we are losing this opportunity just because of our carelessness and unaware.

All the second effects in steps related to social media marketing is just putting the same content on different social media platforms where your customers are present that's it the whole effective digital marketing stories 
I am ready to take challenge increasing your hotel revenues are you

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