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Hotel internet marketing And online revenue management experts and agencies India

Hotel marketing subject:- Dear Sir, my name is Amit Gaur and with this website I am sharing my experiences and some case studies how anyone can increase their Hotel online bookings, increase more banquet inquiries and making their food and Restaurant famous in the city with the help of internet. 

I am sure if you check the past records of your hotel revenues you will find 60% of contribution internet, either from any third agency, or maybe some other sources but all the revenues are coming through the internet. To describe you more, I am talking about online travel agencies, online travel agents and your website. 

Have you ever noticed that you have a full flash IT department in your hotel? But what they are doing, they are just, repairing the Wi-Fi, repairing the printers and providing your Wi-Fi with your customers, and attending hotel customers and Hotel guest helping them setup Wi-Fi internet setup in their gadgets. I really do not know how much agreed with me, but this is the truth...... of 98% hotels and resorts in India, even in the top luxury brand also. 

Let me tell you something interesting about my services which is unique and The Definite beneficial for your hotel revenues, I provide training and teaching to the hotel staff, and I provide consultancy to the hotels for internet marketing. I have an expert team of peoples working with me who are passionate it like mean to show the results and do something big for our customers. 

I strongly believe, there are two ways of success, either you do it or you teach it. Can I provide both types of services for internet marketing exclusively for the hospitality industry? 

Many peoples do not trust me because I have invested my 15 years into cooking and working as an executive chef and corporate chef. And from the last 3 years, I am learning and delivering internet and social media marketing to my customers. I have many customers in India and abroad who are using my services believe me whoever using my services are getting 3 benefits. 
1. Because I work for many years into the industry I know no what to be achieved. 
2. Because I have worked for many years to the hotel industry I know how Hotel operations work and what type of internet marketing required for a hotel. 
3. Because we are very knowledgeable about the hospitality domain it is very easy for us to achieve the goals given to us by our customers. 

I would like to tell you about my customers and about my services I am providing for hospitality hotels Resorts internet marketing. 

1.Coaching revenue management 
Our team and I working with Hotel revenue managers and we are teaching them how to generate more online bookings. Our techniques and strategies are totally different. We understand the search results and search algorithms very well. This is the reason, we are providing a huge success to everyone using our services, overall increasing more online bookings from OTA. Believe me, I am not going to sale you a channel manager, or I am not going to tell you I provide website development also, but yes if your website is not good, my team will make it perfect. 

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation )services for the hotel industry, even 5-star hotels are disappointing, they have higher one of the top digital marketing Agencies and they failed to rank Hotel website on top pages on Google more than any OTA. But we can do that. We have created a process, strategy and a secret recipe making your hotel website top pages on search results. This going to be a little difficult but nothing which is not been achieved. 

3. Video marketing 
   we teach and trained your staff on how to make a quality video for your hotel internet marketing, example, making your food famous, making your restaurant famous, making short videos of customers and making famous on YouTube and other social media platforms. The manage our client's social media platforms. We involve the hotel team and make a brigade for Hotel internet marketing. Power consultancy and support and monitoring always with our customers. 

4. Daily something new broadcast to the search results 
   You must be agreed with me, every day is a new day for the hotel, every day your hotel has something new, a new menu for the Buffet, a new promotion and discount for the restaurants, spa, and bar, the co-ordinate with your departments and on a daily basis we broadcast that promotions discounts offer on search results. this very helpful for increasing more revenues and brand visibility online. This is also the services we provide for Hotel internet marketing. 

Overall we provide our consultancy and training program for 6 months to any hotels and after six months we say goodbye. You do not need me. After 6 months our fees reduced to 80% and results continue to 100 %. 

We are the only one who shows you the results from the first day of our agreement. None of the agency can do a competition with us because 
1. Our all the internet marketing experts having great knowledge about the hospitality industry. Dinu what to be required and what to be delivered, they are auto program human beings. 
2. The fees we charge from our customers having no competition, we are the lowest price hospitality internet and social media marketing expert in India. We provide our services to all cities, states of India. Mostly our clients are based at Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Rajasthan, city Udaipur, city Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, and other cities in Rajasthan. 

Like to tell you about our Hotel marketing services fees structure and in detail the results. 

This contract will be for one year and every Year Renewals
Services we provide 
1. OTA Room Booster consultancy 
2. Hotel Social media Marketing Teaching to your IT Department, consultancy, and performing for 6 months. 
3. Search Engine Optimisation services ( 400+ keywords) on your sub-domain or Our new domain( banquet, restaurant, spa, rooms, etc) 
4. Video marketing Teaching to your IT Department, consultancy, and performing for 6 months. 

What are the results we have provided to our past customers 
1. They have created their Hotel brand visibility online everywhere on search results. 
2. They have reduced their internet marketing expenses 70 % 
3. Increase their online room bookings, MICE and restaurant buffet revenues. 

Let me tell you about fees 
A. Percentage basis:- mostly hotels like this package because they don't have to invest, we take small association fees and long term agreement. This contract is for 2 years
Fix 5 % of revenues we generate  for Your Hotel
Two years contract fees are 45000/- adjustable in the commission, nonrefundable. 
Services this include for 2 years is 
1. Search engine marketing of your Hotel each and every department, ( Wedding, MICE, Food, SPA, ETC)+ WIFICRM+WorldConect
2. Video marketing of your each and every department 
3. Social media marketing of your each and every department 
4. Teaching your staff social media marketing and working as part of your team. 

Terms and conditions For all Type of Contracts
1. All the traveling expenses will be on hotel accounts if our trainer visit to your hotel, This includes food accommodation also. 
2. The contract can be finished if something wrong has been broadcast by your hotel staff on search results. 
3. Our payments are not received on time you have full right to stop Internet marketing and shut down everything we did for you in the past at search results, it may be a redirection of the user to another client also. 

Internet marketing option 2. 
Every month Fix 55000/- and 1 % commission we generate business for you. 

Internet marketing option 3 
1. 6-month consultancy for 10 lac, will teach yourself how to do internet marketing, work with them for 6 months and goodbye. 

Option first, is very interesting and I designed for Win-Win situation. I will also like to promise you that I will not take too many customers in each City. We will only work with one hotel, one category one City bases. 

7 days free services trial always free, 7 days 100% money back without question asked. But I am sure it will not happen because we involve and when anybody involves deeply result will definitely come. Call +919571118855 or email us  Win-Win situation. I will also like to promise you that I will not take too many customers in each City. We will only work with one hotel, one category one City bases. 


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