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Looking for Hotel Digital marketing services Try Amit Gaur from INDIA

Hello friends Hotel managers and Hotel owners, I would like to introduce you myself my name is Amit Gaur and I belong to India Rajasthan Jaipur. I am having 16 years of working experience handling multiple hotels and department. Presently I am Consultant And advisor for many hotels and resorts in India and abroad. 

Today I am sharing your information about my recent research and development related to effective Hotel marketing. 

I provide my digital marketing services to hotels and hospitality industry in Delhi Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad and whole India. 
Today I am going to show you something interesting and untouched topics which may lead role's digital marketing for the hotels. No, and nobody will tell you about this secret of digital marketing. While doing research and development on internet marketing I find search engines love to show that sides who are verified and having insurance do you know this?  contact Amit

All the top OTA websites are having insurance that is reason you will find OTA websites are on top pages and I can give you a guarantee when your website having insurance you will see yourself on top pages on Google search results it is something new and different yes other parameters also very effective for Search Engine Optimisation marketing but this is something new and very much helpful. 

I want to share you about my internet marketing services and digital marketing services for hotels hospitality industry explore about my services and if you find I am useful for you I will be very happy to help you for Hotel online internet marketing solutions

contact Amit

You all are aware of internet marketing but still, you are finding that your pain whose commissions to OTA. You have your own stunning website but still, you are paining a lot by the to travel agencies for digital marketing companies to make your internet marketing effective and wonderful. 

From the last 4 years, I am learning software programming internet marketing and social media marketing from google teaching center. Same time I am doing on job practice with many hotel websites and try to increase their hotel rooms online booking. 

Now I am confident that anyone using my services related to internet marketing will definitely increase their brand visibility on search engines and they have more traffic on their official website and increasing more direct room booking online from their official website. 

I am sharing you the details of my services with prices and packages if you are looking for internet marketing for your hotel and you find my services are reasonable price compared to your present vendor I would like to give you a guarantee that I will turn around your internet marketing into flawless brand visibility on search engines. 

About my internet Marketing Services 
1. Handling of your website 
   I will be handling your Hotel official website with something unique features. 

Search engine validation and insurance 
I am sure this is something new for you because nobody has reached you or told you regarding this search engine bonds business verifications and insurance to make and ensure that your website is safe for the user. Search engine bonds that your website do not allows fishing or any other misconduct of search engine algorithm that is the reason search engine love that website who are having insurance and search engine business verified, I will be helping your website to get noted by search engine by verified and getting you reasonable price 10 lakh rupees Insurance of your website, I will be providing you a 500000 rupees insurance if your website is been hacked. Believe me, this strategy is been using by present peoples who are taking commissions from you.OTA etc. And you know what is the approximate cost for this Only 15000/- per year. contact Amit

So I will be providing you website maintenance and Website Marketing Services 

1. Hotel website SEO Services 
   I will be doing SEO for your website related to your money keywords. I am not going to mention you the number of keywords. Every month I will surprise you with 30 40 keywords new for your business. And you will notice after a few months your hotel is everywhere on the search engine. 

2. Social media marketing of your Hotel 
    I find it is very surprising and funny that present digital marketing Agencies are not doing social media marketing on a daily basis they are saying that they are maintaining Facebook and other social media pages but they are not regularly active on client social media platforms I will be providing you something different and promising social media posting managing and increasing traffic on your website services I will be creating a daily basis something new posting for your Facebook according to the department your hotel has four departments so every day I am going to put for work for you on all the social media account. 

Like to tell you a summary of my services on a daily basis with the prices 
1. Website maintenance 
2. Website backup on daily basis 
3. Website search engine marketing daily basis 
4. SEO AND SME on a daily basis 

2. Google business page manager 
   Daily basis update your Google page and put some interesting content related to your business on Google business page. 

3. Handling social media platform 
   Managing all your social media platform which include posting handling and answering. ( facebook, twitter,) 

What are the commitments 
1. You will definitely increase website online room booking 
2. 360 marketing of your hotel on all the search engines and social media platform 

Now let's come on the price and packages 
Whatever you are spending presently give me 50% of that amount that's it and I will show you the results for the next 3 months and then we will discuss the price and packages. contact Amit


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