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Hotel Internet and Digital Marketing ? Try Amit gaur Services in Delhi

Hotel Internet and Digital Marketing ? Try Amit gaur Services in Delhi 

A very promising hotel digital marketer Amit Gaur and his team, working under the brand name wificrm company. Company has his presence in Delhi. Capital of India. From last 5 years, amit Gaur in his team providing continuous promising digital marketing and internet Marketing Services too many hotels in Delhi. 

Are you belong to hospitality industry ? When you are looking for promising company and agency for looking after your hotel digital marketing. Try using amit gaur services for Hotel internet marketing. Radisson hotels is also using his services. We have interviewed, mr Gaur in delhi, and try to what are the services he is providing, and offering to Hotel operators, hotel management for performing digital marketing in the capital of India. 

Following services are providing by Amit  and his team exclusive for hotels and resorts for revenues development. 

1. Website and application development 
   Amit provides, complete customise, hotel website development, booking engine, channel manager, and personalized app development exclusive for hotels. He also provides, website audit, and corrections, for increasing rankings on top search results. The unique services which we provide is the honest advice. Free of cost complementary services. Either you, select a service or not he will provide you consultancy and counselling, how to develop effective and efficient website for your hotels. 

2. Digital marketing campaigns 
   Amit provides, effective and viral marketing solutions, to hotels and resorts in Delhi. He believes in digital marketing platform is very powerful platform you can reach to your potential customers in fractions of second by posting correct content and pictures. Because, from last 4 years they are giving their services of digital marketing to the hotels and resorts only that team is expertise from lot of lessons good and bad. The team provide a digital marketing roadmap for a year. If you are looking for best and top class digital marketing services for your hotel tri Amit Gaur services 1 and see the changes in your revenue Management by digital marketing. 

3. SEO Services 
   Amit Gaur provides Search Engine Optimisation services to the hotels and resorts website. He has developed you unique, idea and concept, which is very promising and result oriented for Search Engine Optimisation. With the help of his services, he cleans, he is the best, hotel internet marketing company in Delhi, to check his statement we have spoken to few hotels he has given us the recommendation and reference, we are amazed, everybody talking good about Amit Gaur services and digital marketing knowledge and performance everybody is satisfied. If you are looking for this type of services for your hotel website try Amit gaur once. 

4. Content marketing 
   Amit Gaur provide a unique training program for the hotel staff, and provide softwares to perform an effective content marketing. He has developed few softwares for content marketing especially and exclusively for hospitality industry. Presently, many hotels in Jodhpur Rajasthan Delhi Mumbai Goa using his services. If you're looking for a promising technical partner for a digital marketing try once amit services for internet marketing hotels. 

About Amit Gaur digital marketing company Delhi
Amit Gaur digital marketing company is base in Jaipur city Rajasthan. He has his branch associates in Delhi, new Delhi, pritampura, old Delhi, bus station. He has 5 Associates working in Delhi and looking after the same promising work for hotels digital marketing. Amit Gaur is also founder, of wificrm, unique software for hotels for performing digital marketing and customer experiences. With the help of this software many hotels are increasing TripAdvisor ranking and set up a automated social media marketing and communication with their potential customers. The company has started in 2014. And now serving 50 locations in India and international city. 

Hotels Digital marketing rates in Delhi 
The cost of digital marketing for hotels and resorts are fixed from Amit Gaur. Amit Gaur charge, set up an association fee of rupees 35000/- one time. In early payment of 50000 rupees. That's it. And in the whole you will get the following services from Amit Gaur and his team. 

1. Technology services for Hotel website
   He provides, website Audit and corrections recommendations. 
2. Guest experience software, which include automation of social media marketing 
3. Worldconnect software, which include, target audience Marketing System 
4. broadcasting & content management system , after these solutions, hotel doesn't need any SEO Services. 
5. Staff training and motivation sections 
6. Digital Marketing software, training of the staff to make at work 
7. Everyday posting on social media 
9. Handling review management and boosting reviews from the software. 

Why Hotels  will  choose Amit Gaur Digital Marketing  services at Delhi hotels. 
This is something very difficult question but, we have asked to Amit but he given as wonderful reasons which prove he is the best and promising digital marketing service provider in Delhi city exclusive for hotels and resorts. 

1. Money back guarantee, amit told us, if you don't like our work, we will refund your money. This is I think one of the best reason for selecting and trying amit, at least once, for Hotel digital marketing. 

2. 24 hour support system, amit told us, he has 24 hours support system our clients can raise a ticket or talk to them digital marketer anytime. 

3. Unique Technology, amit  provides , unique softwares to the clients which are very helpful to perform social media marketing, all the softwares are exclusively available mr Amit only. 

4. The most impressive reason Amit told about his services is he join any business like his own, he will provide trainings to the present staff, is digital marketing services is a combination of Technology peoples and skills of digital marketing. Because he involved every resources in the hotel for Digital Marketing the results he claims everytime succeed. 

5. Cost effective, amit told us his services are, very pocket friendly for any hotel operator, the motive of starting this company not making money creating and development and awareness about digital marketing is the vision mission of this company. We want to associate with many hotels and provide our services and spread this exclusive software training program and digital marketing expertise to the People's presently we are serving 240 hotels in India and abroad and we are looking forward to join more  hotels  as a professional digital marketing partner. 

Telephone number and contact address of Amit Gaur in Delhi. 

You can visit the company website : and ask for appointment, to meet the best digital marketer in Delhi, exclusively for the hotels & resorts. 

You can also call Mr Amit on this mobile number :+919571118855 , this number is also 24 hour support customer support number. You can ask for Amit speech, and discuss your hotel digital marketing requirements. 

You can also email me on this email id will give it back to you 

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