Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |
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Tuesday, 25 Dec 2018 00:00 am
Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |

Read about How You Increase Hotel revenues | 
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Contact US is a professionally managed digital marketing company ( Agency) managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals from various industries. Digirev believes in offering solution not selling production services. Our goal is to offer a solution and achieving the Client's goal.

Digirev offers specialized service for the hospitality and tourism industry. has much unique digital marketing product, software, and tools which are invented by the internal team of IT scientist and Hotel marketing expert. Our expert revenue management team is ready to offer you extensive revenue Management Service too. We can tell you how you can fight with the OTA and maximize the revenue from Online Travel Agent (OTA).

Our products:

1. Google Marcom Software:

Have you ever heard about this? The answer would be definitely “No".

Google Marcom is an interactive software-based on content marketing. It will help you to visible your property, product/service instantly top on the Google search ranking. Google Marcom software is very helpful for online branding and direct lead generation. Google Marcom only such kind of software available in the Indian market. Anybody can get the desired result through Google Marcom software. The only drawback of this software is, Google Marcom is not for (all) everybody. For effective use of Google Marcom software, you have to have a great knowledge about the product and services of the hotel industry. Limited edition is available.

Google software marketed and promoted by Your Online Marketing Partner. (TM)

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2. Wifi CRM

 Wi-Fi CRM you can a triumph card of your business. It will help you to increase the guest experience, improving the service and revenue as well. WiFI CRM is a great tool to improve trip Advisor ranking and it is really icing on the cake.

3. World Connect:

World connects can be a great help for your sales team. It is a great tool for email marketing and email campaign. It is Amazing software and it will help you to find out the desired email ID.

World connect software marketed and promoted by Your digital marketer.

4. Content marketing:

Content is the king. Without specific and relevant content digital marketing goal cannot be achieved. Either social media or email marketing, affiliate marketing everywhere you needed a piece of content. Maybe it is a small or big your content should be timely, specific, clear and agile.

5. Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is the use of social media to promote your product and service. If you want to be successful in their social media marketing you need to understand to your social media network clearly.

6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a process by which content or website can be optimized to increase visibility. Good quality of SEO can increase the visibility of your website. It may appear on the first page in google organic starch, it can increase the rate of conversion as well.

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7. Pay-per-click (advertising):

Pay-per-click digital marketing is a marketing method where marketers pay for a click on a particular website link. Almost all social network offer pay per click advertisement. Facebook offers page like page boosting, engagement and lead generation as well. 

8. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways o to make money online by promoting the products. To know more you can contact our team.

9. Mobile Marketing: a mobile device is an important tool for Digital Marketing. Most of the online hotel booking happen through a mobile device. SMS, WhatsApp fall in this category.

10. Offline digital Marketing

The digital marketing strategy cannot be completed with only with digital marketing. Some offline strategy needs to be planned and implemented to achieve your goal.

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