Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |
Digital Marketing Expert India Top 20 simple Hospitality (Hotel) Digital Marketing Strategy by Promising Digital Marketing Expert Dipak Haldar
Saturday, 27 Oct 2018 00:00 am
Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |

Read about How You Increase Hotel revenues |

 Digital Marketing strategy for Hotel | Dipak Haldar

Hotelier | Digital Marketing Expert | Revenue Management Coach

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 Know the top 20 easy way to increase your hotel revenue through digital marketing.

Dipak Haldar, alumni of IIM Kashipur and one of the promising hospitality (Hotel) digital marketing expert and revenue management professional explain how we can increase your hotel revenue and Occupancy with a very easy way through digital marketing techniques.

His in-depth knowledge about the product, services, and digital marketing make him a successful hospitality digital marketing expert. Dipak Haldar is a revenue management expert also.

 There are many technique and tactics applied the digital marketing professional to make the project successful.

20 way to increase your hotel revenue through digital marketing:

1. Listing of Google my business: It is a free platform provided by Google and it can be a very effective platform to increase the visibility and conversion.

Your Google my business page should be maintained and filled up properly along with the description of the property and relevant keywords. New features description of the property now available on Google my business.


 2. Photograph and videos:  Use good quality photography and video for your website and other online platform and optimize the same before use on website social media and blog posting. It is advisable that  you should engage Google certified photographer or professional photographer those are experienced in hotel photography


3. Google 360 view should be linked on google my business and website as well. As it will be shown your authenticity and increase the trustability to your target audience.

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4. Website: A good website is very important for Digital Marketing as it is the heart of digital marketing. Always remember the website should be dynamic and responsive otherwise, it will be very difficult to get the desired result and good ROI. If it is not responsive and dynamic it may be the reason for high bounce rate and less conversion.

5. Website submission: Website should be submitted different search engines like Google Yahoo Bing travel and Hotel related directory.

6. Did the comprehensive website analysis by the digital marketing expert or renowned digital marketing agency.

 7. Hotel or hospitality digital marketer or IT manager of Hotel should not forget to link the website with their email structure. Hotel staff should link the website with their signature.

8. The hotel should convert the hotel blog post into PDF and submit them to Scribd. Hotel website  URL should be included in the description. Make sure Scribd documents should be added into the relevant hotel group

 9. Content: Content is the king. Make sure your content should be Agile, authentic, attractive and unique.

10. Creating a Facebook account and a Facebook page. Make sure your Facebook page should be completed along with the relevant content, story, and keyword. 

11. Create an account and page on other social media like LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Pinterest etc.

12. Facebook adverts: Facebook announcing new at targeting option call trip consideration that allows the brand to reach to target the travelers in each stage of the travel plan.

 13. Facebook video creation kit: By using your existing pictures you can easily create a mobile-friendly video now with the help of Facebook video facial kit. Augmented reality (AR) induced for real-world experience.

14. Link your Facebook and other social media button on your website. Make a regular post on your Facebook wall and page and invite your hotel guest to write a review on the Facebook page. Sometimes Facebook photography competition quiz is a very good idea to increase the engagement.

15. Blog: Blog is a great Hotel marketing tool there is no doubt. Make sure your blog content should be fresh and unique. you can inform about the local travel, latest event, discount and packages and any kind of information you want to convey to your target audience. you can take the help of expert blogger to write for your blog.

16. Newsletters: Create a newsletter for your website. Post your newsletter on a different website and offers subscriptions.

17. Videos: Content with the video having a height conversion rate. Beside YouTube google video, Digg video, AOL can be used for Website promotion and video promotion as well.

18. Paid marketing(SMM): For the quick result, PPC CPC is very useful. paid marketing available on all the social media platform like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

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19. Interactive software: Nowadays in India, good quality interactive software is not easily available or hospitality industry. Only a few software are available in the market those who can produce a really good result, but it is very difficult to get and work on it also required relevant expertise.

If Possible invest some money for interactive software based on content marketing or CRM. It will be very helpful for your business very quickly increase your visibility on the web and Google as well. If your hotel property is visible people start to like your hotel and Google also will start as you. There is a saying google will love you when people will love you and it will help to increase your revenue.


I will suggest Google Marcom Software. Best content based Hotel (Hospitality) marketing software now available in India.

20. Last not the least: Online reputation management and CRM is the most critical and important area of digital marketing and challenging too for the hotelier. Whatever you will do it will go on waste if you are not able to maintain your online reputation properly. The property should be listed on Trip Advisor holiday IQ and other hotel ranking site. Very carefully you should maintain your reputation on this site with a good review. All the reviews you should be replied very carefully. Each and every review on Google, Facebook should attend and reply regularly and timely.

Hope all of you like this article and will be very helpful for your business development.

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