Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |
Top 10 hotel GM profile Top 10 (Ten) Hotel General Managers profile listed on LinkedIn in India
Friday, 07 Dec 2018 00:00 am
Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |

Read about How You Increase Hotel revenues |


Top10  Indian Hotel General Manager Profile listed on LinkedIn 

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1. Dipak Haldar- Alumni IIM Kashipur

Dipak Haldar is a passionate Hotel General Manager with over 20 years of experience. 
MBA and Hotel Management graduate. Dipak Halder's profile is the only Hotel 'General Manager" profile listed on LinkedIn with certification in digital marketing ( IIMK), Google AdWords He is expertise in the Rank Brain and Google Ninja. Beside excellent general management and administration skills, he is an expert of pre-opening opening, Digital marketing, revenue management. His passion, hard work, continuous learning, improvement of hotel infrastructure, guest experience, review generation, and employer & employee satisfaction making him a successful ( hotelier) General Manager. His goal helps and provides support to standalone Hotel owners in India to survive in the environment of Emerging Technology. 

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2.Sanjay Keswani

Mr. Sanjay Keswani is a very well level headed hospitality professionals in India. He is one of the senior-most Hotel General Manager with over 30 years of rich experience with the leading players in the hospitality industry. He has a very focused approach at work and as a chef was very passionate about creativity and continuous improvement. He is very customer-centric and his ability to relate because 3 make him a special talent in the hospitality field.

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3. Sanjay Sharma 

With 16 years of experience with leading brands in India. He is a team player 
Is an expert in determining the company goal, learning, and development, system and audits, guest and environment management.  Empathizing on training and development of his success. Is gold to be a successful hotelier with lead by example. 

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4. Ajit Singh 

 He is a qualified certified Hotel administrator and certified food and beverage executive
Accident and passionate Hotel general manager for over 22 years of experience in the field of hospitality management. He has a very good track record for increasing profitability implementing effective business strategies. He has expertise in setting up for efficient control, employee and guest satisfaction in managing the pre-opening operation and new launching. 

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5. Himanshu Sachdeva 

For Himanshu working in the hotel industry is not a profession, but a real passion for him - living dynamic interesting and challenging life-improving oneself everyday meeting people from all over the world trying always to be immaculate in one's appearance and attitude, gaining more and more and more knowledge. He is an eye specialist in hotel pre-opening, budget management, 
contract negotiation, P&L, and financial reporting, public Relations sales and marketing. Policy and standard development. 

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6. Vinay Nair 

Vinay Nair is an award-winning competent, industrious and innovative individual victor for 18 years extensive experience in operating pre-opening and rebranding busy Highland hotel. He was awarded leader of the Year Asia Pacific 2017 by Hilton. Is key skill to understand the complex concept quickly, turn ideas into logical strategies, an intimate system that optimizes productivity customer satisfaction 50 payroll management smooth and productive relationship and Management and increasing profitability. 

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7.Som Prakash Malik 

Som Prakash Malik is a seasoned hotel general manager with 22 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Spit in Food and Beverage business planning Hotel Management hospitality industry and banquet operations. Strong professional with the diploma in hotel management cascade Hotel mountain administration management IHM Bhopal. 

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8. Piyal Barua 

Piyal Barua is a result oriented Hospital functional with 21 years of experience. He is a keen planner and strategist with a track record of developing policies, system, and control, motivational scheme and customer service standard. 
He has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, extensive experience in training and development of hotel employees and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He is capable to work at any level without stress and tension and his excellent experience in Hotel Administration as a General Manager of hotels and resorts make him a successful hotelier. 

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9. Gopinath Gopalan

Gopinath Gopalan is an award-winning General manager having over  22 years of rich experience with the luxury brand.
He is a Hospitality Management professional and recognized for streamlining and strength in the hospitality operations and administration in the hotels while maintaining quality at a business advantage.
As a Seasoned Hospitality Management professional, I am responsible for reorganizing, streamlining and strengthening the hospitality operations and administration in the hotels while maintaining quality and business advantage.
Strong in Budgeting & Forecasting, P&L Management, Pre Opening, Food & Beverage, Rooms Division, Hotel Management, Finance & MIS Sales & Marketing, Revenue, and Yield Management, Customer Service, Employee Handling made him a successful General Manager.

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10. Monika Suri

Monika Suri, she is an extremely focused  Hotel professional. She has the ability to clearly articulate and defines her goal align in them with companies vision and implementation aggressively. She has experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Skilled in setting up great organizational culture delivering the memorable guest experience, team effectiveness, nice cost and build a strong brand. Great team leader leadership skills make her a successful hotelier.

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 Manish Dhyya 
He is a hands-on professional who does not mind getting his hand dirty to have a task accomplished.
Is a find gentleman and astute professional with over 22 years of rich experience with the leading players in the national and international group. He was unassuming at the same time result-driven. He had that uncommon skills getting things done without being stills as forceful. His ability to manage difficult people and establishing people concept across all level is amazing and such still make him a successful hotelier.

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