Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |
My research how you can increase Hotel revenue ( Amit Gaur )
Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018 18:00 pm
Read about How You  Increase Hotel revenues |

Read about How You Increase Hotel revenues |

From last 30 days, I am searching online how to increase my hotel sales and I got fantastic ideas and I connected all together and trying to convert all those in a very easy way to make understand everyone who is looking for increasing Hotel revenues.
Question: How to increase your Hotel Revenues? 

Answer: I am telling you something very practical and my research experience how you can increase Hotel revenue. Migrate marketing strategy 2019. 

A. If you want to increase your hotel revenues you have to work on two strategies. 
A. Make sure each and every guest coming to your hotel goes Happy from your hotel premises. Set up a standard operating procedure to increase and ensuring customer satisfaction is the most important factor. Put this thing in everybody mind who is working in a hotel customer satisfaction customer satisfaction customer satisfaction. 

B. 360 degrees Hotel marketing and branding, I will be sharing you about all the process and processes and easy way of Hotel 360 Hotel marketing Hotel marketing again divided into two parameters. 
A. Hotel online marketing 
B  hotel offline marketing 

Now I am directly giving you few suggestions instructions follow my instructions and advise believing you will definitely increase your hotel Renaissance else you can contact me I will give you free of cost Consultants. 

1. Purchase Wi-fi CRM Software, if you are giving free Wi-Fi complementary expenses in your hotel. There are many benefits from this software. The benefits are below 
1. You can track each and every guest request and delivery management sitting in the office. The software is very helpful to reduce Hotel guest complaints because this is hotel monitoring and operation execute system for
hotel. This is not your regular hotel management software it is something dedicated to increase customer satisfaction and reduce Hotel guest complaints so the first point is what is this software. Because this software will tell you why you are customers are going unhappily from your hotel premises and who are those who do not want you to increase your hotel revenue. 

2. Start using Hotel Google marketing and communication manager , this is very interesting software made for Hotel operators because nowadays 2019 if your hotel visibility is big at online platforms you do not worried about increasing Hotel running use so you have to increase your hotel visibility and popularity among the all the browsers and online platforms and this software is really helpful to increase your product and services visibility online now you have two options presently you are hiring a third party agency who is doing social media marketing for you or you can use this software and self increase your hotel online reputation if you are doing self believe me the result will be awesome. I can imagine what are the results you are facing because your cell phone online for how to increase Hotel revenue it means your digital marketing agency is paid to fulfill your dreams now you take everything in your hand and start using this software and increase your hotel online reputation in 2 weeks. You can search online more about this software ( hotel Google Marketing Communication manager ) 

3. Create your digital marketing Army, create a common platform on WhatsApp Telegram or email and create your hotel staff into digital marketing Army there is a great strategy which is discussed by me in my previous article about Hotel digital marketing Army you can read and reference that and use this strategy will make your social media presence so big you cannot imagine this is the easiest way of creating your big presence on social media marketing use this technology and strategy. 

4.  Train Your employees for guest Excellency train your each and every employee that they will look after their guest as their own relatives and family members put this in your standard operating procedure believe me now publicity has a great impact increasing Hotel revenue 

5. Use my hotel Marketing Services, I provide Hotel Marketing Services I can join you an associate you for increasing your hotel revenue you can use my hotel marketing services in my hotel Marketing Services I provide following Services. 

1. Look after your website and OTA reputation 
2. Email and SMS marketing 
3. Travel agent relationship and tie up 
4. Banquet and social event marketing (you will market your venues in the City ) 
5. Ala Carte basis Hotel marketing ( 300 marketing strategies available on a la carte basis) 

Actually, this is joined you as your family member we make sure that our marketing strategy will be different and unique from your competitors in the City if you are using my hotel Marketing Services I will assure you I will give you result. 

And still you are not satisfied here is more some unique concepts and techniques increasing hotel booking and more bookings.
How to increase revenue in hotels? I am sure you are 50% satisfied how you can do that but still if you have any doubt I am sharing you more details believe me I have collected this all investing 72 hours online this my information going to be very helpful for you this will be a guarantee for you.
This question has been asked again time and again at the meeting table. It is not an easy task for any hotel to earn increased revenue in every quarter. This requires a lot of work from the hoteliers in terms of organizing the campaign and promoting their new line of service. It is challenging enough for the sales and marketing team to come up with good ideas, but they also have to execute it. In fact, none of the hoteliers have the required time; to fix that, they might need a little help. So let's start making it very interesting and short and sweet

1. Focus on customer satisfaction
As I already told you earlier Use technology because Technology will never take a holiday 88% of your guests will spend more if they feel like they get maximum value; if your guests are not happy with your service, it will hurt your hotel’s reputation. Be sure to keep up with a high standard of service. Also, you should respond to guests in a calm and friendly manner.

2. Offer a better price than competitors
Because now you are using Hotel Google mark on software you can manage and set up more rate and dynamic prices for your hotel room .Offer a better value to your guests. The study shows that over 75 percent of people prefer to book a hotel room via the internet, so if you make your price more flexible while also making it easy for customers to book directly from your website, then you will have a higher chance of getting the business from OTAs.

3. Make your employees happier
Just looked after on hotel cafeteria food menu I am telling you this is the area where peoples are not focus believe me you do not need anything just focus on staff food.It is very important to keep the hotel’s staff happy. The reason behind this is because you want them to provide top-class service to your guests. By paying them fairly and recognizing their work, it will help them stay motivated. When your employees go above and beyond their duties, guests’ expectations will be fulfilled and exceeded; therefore, improving the reputation of your hotel.

4. Make the guests feel at home
As I told you earlier you have to take a marketing strategy and you have to brief and train your hotel staff that they should treat your hotel guest as their own family members how did treat to their family members they have to treat the same way to the Hotel guest.Offer a warm welcome message before arrival of your guest. Send out a welcome email with a special message while also offering additional hotel service. This will create a strong guest-hotel bond. Your hotel needs to fulfill all requests from the guest—for example, arranging a transfer, reservation at the finest restaurant in town, room décor as a surprise birthday present to enable them to feel at home as soon as they step in.

5. Ask the guests if they need an upgrade
This is a great strategy I am telling you if your rooms are vacant why not you upgrade your customers this will bring more loyalty between you and your hotel customers and believe me the same customer will not go any other place next time 
. So if you having a room vacant utilize into your marketing strategy and increase your hotel revenues. It is routine to ask your guests if they are interested in upgrading their room. If there is an empty junior suite, why not offer it to them at 30% increase on what they already paid. Most of the time, they will agree to it.

6. Sell the other hotel products
Almost in a single Hotel, there are 4000 items which are available for
sell. You have to train your employees to know about their products and you should Train Your employees like a marketing manager every employee of your hotel has to be marketing manager and brand ambassador of your hotel if you invest into training believe me your employees will sell more You can increase your hotel’s revenue stream by making available for purchase branded hotel products like towels, linens, and shampoos. You will be surprised at how much guests like to buy hotel products to take home as a gift or souvenir.

7. Sell tickets
Organize events and food festival and presale marketing strategies will be applicable here, to increase Hotel revenues leave me this is 100