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Best Hotel Digital Marketing Expert in India | Dipak Haldar


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Mr. Dipak Haldar is a passionate digital marketing expert and became famous in the field of digital marketing because of his Innovative digital marketing technique and test strategy.

Digital marketing nowadays becomes an integral part of any business. Digital marketing taking over the place of classical marketing. In India, there is a huge shortage of good digital marketing expert. There was no formal education in digital marketing in India before 2016.
In 2017 under the movement of "digital India" government of India Ministry of HRD and IT taken initiative to produced good digital marketing professional to manage the future challenges. 
IIM Kashipur the pioneer of the digital marketing program in India. After that IIM A B C and another premium Business School started the professional course on digital marketing Big data Machine learning and artificial intelligence. 
Hospitality and tourism industry has a huge opportunity to implement the digital strategy. It will create a good number of job opportunities for the youngsters and can be the biggest threat to the senior hospitality professional those who are not fit with Emerging Technology. Recently cognizant trimmed more than 200 senior professionals above the director level to promote the junior people those who are fit for emerging technique Technology. 

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We have spoken Dipak Haldar is a seasoned hospitality professionals revenue management expert and the best Hotel ( Hospitality) digital marketer in India. 
He is a  Hotel Management graduate from IHM Calcutta and worked with leading International and Domestic brand. In recent past, he has launched a couple of mid-market hotels in 2 tier and 3 tier city on the strength of digital marketing and without any help of classical and traditional Hotel marketing team. All the hotels are doing very well compared to the other branded hotels in the respective City. 

Dipak Halder is the first digital marketing certified Hotelier from IIM Kashipur and first, Google Adword and Analytics certified hotelier (General Manager) in India. 
Recently I had a chance to interview with Hotel (Hospitality)digital marketing expert Mr. Dipak Haldar. 

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 1. There are hardly any hospitality digital marketer or marketing expert India? How did you get into digital marketing? 
Interesting, I have born and brought up in a remote village of West Bengal. In 80 when I have seen my first computer at my school I was very excited and that was the beginning. Since 1996 I am practicing email marketing, revenue management and trying to use the internet as a marketing tool for branding, engagement and revenue generation.

2. What is the major challenges in the hospitality industry in the area of digitization? 
Technology priority for the next 1 year: 
PMS system needs to be replaced by cloud-based PMS: No supporting Technology partners. During the digital transformation, most of the hoteliers are not getting proper after Sales Support, installation service, and training support for data security. 
Cloud PMS can't handle full-fledged operations: Cloud PMS incapable of handling enterprise-grade hotel operations.
Channel management solution: Adopting a channel management solution is the top priority. It looks like channel manager has been a lot of adoption since last year as 80% of Hoteliers were keen to implement this tech platform in the last years. 
Online reputation management: Online reputation management and social listening become a major focused area for the Indian hotelier. 
Unstable internet connectivity: Internet connectivity is a big concern for India hotel and hotel industry. It looks like the internet has become stable since last year and a hotelier has grown in confidence about the stability of the internet, 
Top apprehensions while adopting Technology: Not getting post-implementation support is the biggest challenge for the Indian hotelier. Moving to the cloud when they have work with multiple vendors this concern is gaining more importance. 
However, cloud as platforms reducers the software downtime and tops minimize support related issue as there are no local installations. 
Software update and upgrade: This is another important area need immediate attention. 

Growing Technology overheads: Integrating various technology platform in the system increasing the technology overhead. 
Trained manpower to handle emerging Technology:  This is the major and biggest problem in the hospitality industry. There is hardly any trained manpower available to handle Emerging Technology. Most of the senior hotelier/ hospitality professional is not at all Technology savvy. Most of the general manager of Hotel and Vice President working with very little knowledge in digital marketing and digitization. In one hand there is no capable senior hospitality professional available with expert knowledge in digital marketing and digitalization and the other hand technology-savvy juniors not experienced enough for decision making. 

3. What can social media marketing manager do if a customer service interaction spirals out of control in social media? 
 As we know negative comments have three times the viral factor than positive. As there is no face to face interaction between customers and social media manager so all the reply to be handled carefully and solution to be offered. That is the first and something needs to be considered. 
4. What is the most common mistake you have seen that most of the digital marketer and sales team make? What would you suggest for them? 

 Well, Poor photography, inconsistent messaging, infrequent content, poor use group, poor sales etiquette, inappropriate and non-relevant content, etc. All these things need to be taken care and it can be handled with little efforts.

5. What is your Goal?
I am focusing on the mid-market and stand-alone hotel. Trying to help and educated MID MARKET AND STAND ALONE HOTEL OWNERS  how they can optimize the benefits of technology and reduced the marketing and operational cost. The branded hotel has a good amount of budget for marketing and operations. they are able to buy or hire technology and manpower but most of the standalone property owners still trying to survive with old philosophy of business. Actually, they are our people but most of the branded hotel and hotel chain are originated from a foreign land. 

 6. What message you would you like to give to the senior hospitality professional? 
Keep learning keep progressing. Go back to the school or leave the chair to the junior/capable people those who are fit for emerging technology.

if you are looking for result-oriented branding or branding support for your business or need a digital marketing m solution? Then you can contact Mr. Dipak Haldar free consultancy.

If you wish to contact Dipak Haldar his Mobile number is here. 
What's App: +91 7003038405

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