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Hotel sales manager has been asked to leave job, just because he is not able to increase Hotel revenue.

Yesterday my hotel sales manager has been asked to leave a job, just because he is not able to increase Hotel revenue. Are you one of those who run a hotel or run a hospitality business and you are you doing the same thing which one of the gentlemen did with his Hotel sales and marketing manager. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

Then this article is for you, How you can increase your Hotel revenue 

Good evening my name is Rahul and I work for Mr. Amit Gaur, who is India one of the best Internet hotel marketer, advisor for many hotels and providing is unique digital marketing and other services to hospitality business owners. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

Normally it is being noticed whenever Hotel revenues go down Hotel Management believe to the hotel sales and marketing department peoples staff. Actually, this is wrong if your hotel revenues have gone down it means you have to sit and think why your hotel revenues have gone down and how you can increase your Hotel revenues. 

Stop blaming on peoples, blaming on strategy will definitely help to increase your hotel revenue. 

Today I am sharing you 10 excellent methods and marketing strategies you can increase or doubled your hotel revenues. These all strategies are being applied at many hotels in India and the result is excellent. 

1. Use chef Amit consultancy and advisory services, when you speak with you realize he is master in the subject. He will not advise you which you already know he will tell you something new and result oriented strategies. +919571118855  mob number 

2. Make your brand visibility online strong on internet marketing. You can use google broadcasting software. Involve your hotel departments to contribute internet marketing. Say thank you to your present digital marketing agency. 

3. Use a software, for your hotel guest Communications, ensure that whoever coming to your hotel going happy from your hotel, there is a excellent software, which work on Wi-Fi  and what is a interaction guest delights software.try WIFICRM. 

4. Provide training to your staff, do something innovation in FNB and work on your pricing, maybe your product services pricing are high compared to other available same brand in your city. 

5. Speak to each and every guest and ask their suggestions, guest are the best person who can give you the real honest opinions why your hotel not doing well. 

6. Set up, standard operating procedure for your hotel, services and product guest deliveries. 

7. Reduce your operating cost, find where you are doing wastage and what are the expenses you can reduce in your hotel, this can increase your hotel revenues. 

8. Used Amit Gaur services  call +919571118855 

9. Use innovative Internet and digital marketing services 

10. Email to a customer, whatsApp SMS, communicate continuously to your customers who are potential to you. 

These are some secret marketing strategies which 100% give you a guarantee to increase your hotel revenues. 


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