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Try this 6 magic suggestions to increase Hotel revenues

Hello friends my name is Saurab and I work for 18 years into hotel industry, today I am sharing you my 18 years experience how with 6 magic suggestions you can increase your hotel revenue. 

We know strategies are required to increase Hotel revenues specially in year 2019. Let's begin with my first suggestion I am giving to all those Hotel operators and Hotel managers who want to increase their Hotel revenues.Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:


1. Investment into IT sector 
   My first suggestion is to who all those Hotel managers and Hotel owners to learn and understand now it is time to invest into you internet and Technology for your hotel marketing because internet and Hotel marketing are now become brothers and sisters you have also noticed that in past 5 years your hotel revenues are majorly coming from internet and Technology Savi online travel agencies. You have to create your online presence big on search results and on social media platforms this is going to be very helpful for you believe me. If you're confused how to do that, you can always contact us I will give you Free consultancy how to setup and invest into IT sector for Hotel marketing. 

2. Guest satisfaction 
   My second suggestion is to all those Hotel owners and Hotel managers to increase guest satisfaction in the hotel because now you have started investing money on marketing it means you are involving time of your people money of your hotel owner and potential energy of any individuals it is time when the customer came to your hotel your hotel should deliver promising comfortable services to each and every get your each and every guest should go happy from the hotel premises I know it is going to be very difficult for you and fact for 5 star hotels in India till date not able to give on written we are zero complain hotels. But I would like to tell you few things which definitely help you to increase guest satisfaction. Hire a third party auditor who know hospitality industry very well them to do every week or every month audit of your hotel department services in that way you will find lot of scope improving your guest services and everybody become focus on guest satisfaction this is the must to do if you want to increase Hotel revenues because a happy customer goes from the hotel talk to their friends and family about your hotel services you can not miss this opportunity to make your every get into your hotel brand ambassador. 

3. Create innovative packages 
   If you want to increase your hotel revenues you should only focus on your GOP.(gross operating profit)not on ARR( average room revenues) to Hotel owners and Hotel managers to create good attractive hotel room packages which include side scene, accommodation, food, alcohol, unique dining experiences, shopping, free massage extra. Value for money in fact more value than the money then you find your hotel start increasing the Occupancy over the night. Believe me 
2019 e you will find not a single full person in this universe who will pay luxury room tariff and aspect poor services. Everybody want cheap and budget hotel packages and want luxury services you have to understand customer prasuna and design unique packages and going to be definitely helpful increasing your hotel revenues. 

4. Promote offers and promotions 
   There are lot of other(POS) Available at your hotel, this include room service, mini bar, spa treatment, techniques, packing box, alcohol, taxi services, laundry services, which is an discovered in many hotels hotels considered the services are just a services which are mandatory in the hotel in fact these services can definitely helpful to increase your hotel revenues if you work wisely and promote lot of discounts offers promotions on daily basis. Very specially on weekdays. Believe me if you do that you will definitely increase your hotel revenues. 

5. Relationship with the corporate companies 
   If you want to really increase your hotel business this strategy going to be very helpful for you because you have to identified how many corporate available at your city, normally now days all the corporate companies organised their conferences seminar business meeting some their outside from their factories and business houses, if you are sales teams are intelligent and clever they should create a relationship with the corporate profiles working in the companies and introduce your hotel as entertainment venue in the city for everything they required believe me this going to work hundred percent and increase more revenues for hotel. 

6. Look after your staff very well 
   This strategy comes always first if you visit all those hotels in your city who are doing very well you will noticed the success of increasing revenues for any hotel there is a big contribution of staff working in the hotel, if you also do the research on the hotels in your city which are not doing well and when you identified what are the reasons they are not doing well you will find the hotel owners complaining about not good quality of staff , he will never complain on infrastructure will always complaint on the staff. So it is very simple if you look after your staff very well they will look after your guest very well it is been noticed many hotels staff cafeteria are into very bad condition even 5 star luxury Hotels infrastructure staff cafeterias are two star you have to improve that, you have to provide good quality e and war meant for your staff better workplace comfortable work approach and a complete standard operating procedure for your guest handling. Look after your staff well and they will look after your best friend and when your guest is being looked after well definitely you will increase your hotel revenue. 

I know you want to talk to me because whatever I just share to you it is first time available on the Google the strategy which is magic increasing Hotel revenues I have tried and tested this statutory on 10 hotels in last one year and believe me the result is amazing what I did is I create a strategy which involve every resources working for the hotel which include using of modern technology internet marketing accepting social media marketing, improving more relationship with the corporate companies targeting banquet wedding and attracting more conferences to the hotels, improving my restaurant food menus promotions and offers to get more footfall and we have improved the revenues for many hotels in India. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

I would like to tell you about ourself we are India one of the best hotel marketing Associates and companies will look after Hotel sales and marketing which include internet marketing offline marketing and marketing for Mice And wedding and banquet segments. If you really like and I am able to impress you with the statement I have recently share you how to increase Hotel revenues and you want to contact us you can contact us from the email address or at the phone number. 

Before closing this article I will tell you one thing really understand Hotel owners and Hotel Manager Pains, because our most of the employees who are working in our Hotel marketing company come from hospitality industry we have one of the expert who is leading us "Amit Gaur" he is one of the versatile Hotel internet marketing individual he is advisor and consultant for Hotel marketing for many places. Our gratitude and thank you for reading Our article on how to increase Hotel revenues new fresh strategy for 2019. 


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