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Fresh ideas tips and suggestions how to increase Hotel booking online

Hello friends today I am going to suggest you how with little changes in your website you can increase your hotel online bookings from online travel agencies like my trip goibibo extra. 

I am going to reveal the answer how to increase Hotel online booking from oTA. Before sharing this article on this platform I have done a research on 15 hotels in India and keep monitoring one month is this idea is successful increasing Hotel online bookings believe me the result is amazing I find 85% positive response and 15% scope of improvement in my online Hotel marketing strategies. 

I am sure you remember me my name is Amit Gaur and I am India best hotel internet marketing expert and I am advisor and consultant for many hotels in India. I provide free of cost consultancy on limited time on daily basis. email : 

So today I am sharing you how to increase your hotel online booking, a new and and Technology Savi A small suggestion which will definitely help you. 

1. My suggestion is for increasing Hotel online business is :- give your website backlinking to the OTA platform, this method is fresh unique and new for hospitality industry if you know the about Search Engine Optimisation you know how to create the link, if you do not know just tell your SEO agency to create backlinks for OTA, like TripAdvisor,, : 

2. Create your hotel affiliate program, from etc and when your SEO agency does the directory submission are them to involve these affiliate links of your website online booking. 

3. Presently you are doing SEO for your website now start doing SEO of your hotel page on OTA, there are many options you can do that, like ok run the OTA page inside your website , create quality backlinks. 

4. Create update page for your website: If you want more Hotel online booking you should create update page and regularly update something new creative high quality content for your customers and guide them where you will get the best deals of your hotels. 

If you are doing this four steps you will definitely create a big online presence of your hotel among search engines and whenever somebody is searching specific keyword you will find your hotel comes on the top and you will definitely increase online Hotel bookings for sure. 

If you want my help I am always there for you write me a email for tea to one of our support agent and discuss more how we can do that for you. This is a free services enjoy and increase your hotel revenues with the help of OTA. 

Nevermind I would like to tell you you more. Important because process can increase your hotel online presence big on search engines but looking after your guest at your hotel premises is also very important because that create online reputation if you to get more of gas at your hotel but your team doesn't look after them well believe me none of the secret trips will work for you this suggestions and tips will increase your hotel online presence and connect peoples to book your hotel but it is very important you have to look after your guest very well at Hotel princess that is the final bottom line. 

You want to contact me you can contact me via email or you can write me which your hotel definitions requirements I will answer you in 48 hours. 

Thank you very much 

Amit Gaur 

email : 

Special note: Author of this article is one of the the leading Hotel internet marketing expert and professional.

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