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Top five 5 of Marketing which are new to Increase Hotel revenue

Hello, friends, my name is Amit and I am one of the total marketing professionals in India I also provide restaurant consultancy and training and teaching to all those who want to grow in their life and want the answer to how I can increase my Hotel revenue. Today I am sharing your

great information a great Hotel marketing strategies which are new, and definitely help your hotel to increase your hotel online revenues. Don't worry I am not going to tell you anything which you are ready to know very well.

If you have any questions you can write me a postcard and I will answer all those here. Today I am taking and answering the question which is been asked by Mr. Matthew from the United States. He is having a hotel in the united state and his biggest problem is how he will increase his Hotel website direct room booking.

Answer - if anyone who is looking for increasing his Hotel website direct room bookings you need to things the first thing is your website has to be display on search engines on first page whenever somebody is looking for the following keyword related to your hotel .( hotel room price, your hotel room discounts, your hotel room reviews, your hotel rooms complaints) you can easily do that with using Google Adword. Or you can use my check number 48 which I already share with you earlier. If you are using Google AdWords it's very easy this is a very cheap price hotel Marketing Solution for instant increasing your hotel direct revenue from your website. You can do the same strategy with your competitor also in this way you will also publish and show your hotel whenever somebody is searching your computer project present your hotel in front of your computer as a second option for staying in the city. If you want my help you can write me email or phone contact me on my phone number .+919571118855 ,

The second question from the postcard is received by California James brand, Mr. James run a resort in California and his biggest problem is he wants to make his website on top pages on search engines we want to learn more about Hotel SEO practices and strategy for hotels.

Answer:- it is so happy to see when your hotel starts coming on top rankings on search engines like Google and Bing, I really do not know how much these efforts can convert into more room bookings but yes it is very useful for online branding. You can correct the following nine things in your website and this will be having a great Hotel Asia strategies I am going to tell you about new hotel Search Engine Optimisation strategies which really help you increase your website ranking on top pages on Google.

1. Make your hotel website connected with all the Google products including Google Map Google page and Google website.

2. Make your hotel website verified by search engine and Having insurance, first of all, if you want search engines to send traffic on your website you have to give a message to the search engine that your website is safe and secure and for this, you have to make your website insurance. Apply an SSL certificate on your website. There are many companies that provide SSL certificates or you can ask your website developer to put a good SSL certificate with insurance and you start watching how search engines sending traffic on your website.

3. The latest hotel SEO strategy is freshness of content and make your website fast, ask your website developer is using a reseller hosting or dedicated hosting if is using a reseller hosting make your website hosting dedicated and then you will find automatically search engine start sending traffic on your website because search engines know everything that is the capacity of your hosting and it's very important. I would like to make you understand in very small words imagine you want your total website has to be rank on top pages on this keyword ( best hotel City name) now what happen if you check the SRP you will find every minute approximately 100000 searches happening on this keyword now if your server capacity is not capable to handle the traffic of 100000 peoples per hour then search engine will not send traffic on your website search engines now days totally artificial intelligence system they know each and everything about the website as soon as you open a website on search engine they read everything about your website so make your website hosting fast and you will see great improvement in your hotel Search Engine Optimisation strategies is start working.

4. Make few interesting videos showing your hotel facilities' rooms banquet hall restaurant and published on your website and different social media platforms this will really help your hotel increasing more revenues and more organic clicks from search engines you will increase your rankings of a website from this great as u strategy.

5. Nowadays chatbots are available free why not you put one chatbot on your Hotel website this will very useful for you whenever any traffic or any individual coming on your website can talk to your support agent in real-time. Because people have a lot of questions before the book hotel room online so satisfied them in real-time by appointing a chatbot on your website this is also one of the great Hotel statutory which is new and crispy.

6. Create high quality of stories the real stories tell your customers how they can enjoy a lot in your hotel rather than just marketing your hotel and begging book my hotel. This will really transform your hotel website into a money-making machine.

I am sure this hotel SEO strategies will really helpful for you if you need my help you can contact me I order share you my phone number and contact address you can contact me normally I reply in 24 hours but maybe if I am traveling on out of India then I will reply you whenever I will see your email aur phone call again thank you very much and have patience that you are Hotel revenue will increase that is the most important thing I think and use digital and online platforms and create more relationship with the corporate companies will also increase your hotel Tak news the first thing is that I would like to tell you that too if you are having any questions in your mind you can contact me






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