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Ekadam fresh New Hotel marketing strategy 2019-2020

Everybody who is having at Hotel wants more room Occupancy more profits and more revenue and for that, they are looking for a great strategy. Hello friends my name is Amit and I provide quality Hotel online marketing services in India and today I am sharing you one of my favorite and updated Hotel marketing strategy which I have recently developed to increase Hotel online bookings more revenues more profits.

So you want to increase more online room booking from online travel agencies right, and you are looking for which method really works because all the old Hotel marketing strategies are not working presently, the biggest reason is everybody following the same thing that automatically it is being fact that any strategy which is used by everyone always failed because strategy has to be different new and updated unfortunately hotels who are making more profits they are not sharing their strategies. But no problem I am going to share with you today a very great and result-oriented and hundred percent proof that this hotel marketing strategy will definitely increase your more online room bookings from OTA.

Very nicely and very honestly I would like to mention this thing very straight forward that whoever coming to your hotel and staying in your hotel look after them like your own relatives. Teach your employees and all the team members that whoever staying in your hotel considered them as your own family members and relatives and provide them the same hospitality and the services you are providing to your relatives with professionalism. This is the first thing you have to put at your hotel because my strategy will fill your hotels with more hotel rooms more online bookings and customers start coming to your hotel but if they are not looking well and look after well nobody will help you in the world.

1. So where is the list of fresh new hotel marketing strategies for you to increase your hotel online room bookings?

a. Start working announcing your hotel is zero complaint hotel.

Can you able to broadcast and tell the peoples that your hotel is complaint-free. If you can do that and you can give a money-back offer for all those problems which are related to your hotel operations I will give your promise in writing that you will increase almost 30% of more online room booking because peoples and travelers want to hook the hotel there they really enjoy. Peoples are ready to pay extra money if somebody will give them a guarantee of money back for 100% Assurance of Quality Services. 5-star luxury Hotels in India using this one of the greatest strategy and that is the reason they have more. Trust among the peoples because there are many five star hotels are open in the city that is the reason they are suffering from each other competition but not on the quality of services and commitment. Strategy giving the online messages to the peoples who are booking a hotel room that your hotel has complained free Hotel will definitely increase more online room bookings.

2. Regular branding of your hotel on the internet

Online branding is a regular practice regular invest some small amount of money on your hotel website, search engine marketing and social media campaigns and create awareness as one of the best hotels in the City. If you can invest 2% of your revenue on internet marketing that will give you a return of almost 20% the increase in your hotel revenues. But the only thing to remember is finding a suitable Hotel digital marketing agency.

3. Create a lovely holiday package for your hotel

Gold extra, if one of the hotel marketing strategy where you promote your hotel rooms in two different holiday packages people born now days a complete package for holidays and vacation of them some interesting complete holiday package including everything. From pickup to drop sightseeing shopping entertainment recreation accommodation food everything. Normally hotels are not doing this and they are losing a big opportunity increasing their Hotel online room bookings more Occupancy more profits then do a little extra.

Now I am going to tell you something little technical methods increasing online more room distance from  OTA. You can just be checking out one of my images you can see how organic SEO I did for my hotel marketing services and you can see how many results are coming on first pages of my work just because the quality of Information and useful information for the users Google and all the surgeon Bond to satisfy their uses if your website provides a great information which can help a user saving lot of time information and useful believe me Google want to show your website on the top pages, not OTA. But the problem is an awareness and a lot of wrong stories available to promote, Hotel digital marketing services which are not useful.

OK, I will not waste your too much of time and just quickly tell you about technical Hotel marketing strategies for your website increasing more direct room bookings.

1. High quality of backlinks to your website. Find someone who can create a good quality of backlinks for your website and create a good quality of ghostwriting. Or you can add a review management system on your website and ask your customer to write a review on your website not on different social media platforms. This will really help your business and your website to always having a good ranking on search engines believe me if you are using these practices you will definitely increase more of inquiries more of online room bookings more of direct room things but you have to be very fair with the pricing. If you want more room bookings from your hotel official website then your rate has to be lowest. If you are ready to provide the lowest rate on your hotel website and your looking for a very promising Hotel digital marketing company then I would like to recommend you myself because I am looking for helping hotels in India providing my unique Hotel marketing services in very cheap price and affordable price. I want to share you my phone number and my office details all the details are here you can contact us for helping you and guiding you on best new modern Hotel marketing strategies it is been always been noted that Hotel marketing strategies have not to be disclosed so what I did I have share you 50% of my latest hotel marketing strategies to increase your hotel revenues and 50% I am going to email you or you can contact me on my phone number and I am going to share you free of cost there is nothing cost involved into this I am going to help you with my knowledge and my skills and if you want to provide me your website I am going to prove you how we can increase hotel room revenues and more online room bookings with unique modern fresh upgraded Strategies for hotels marketing.

At the last, I have only one thing to tell you that if you are looking for a hotel marketing company in India especially digital and online marketing services we provide very affordable and result oriented digital marketing services for hotels in India we have our office is located everywhere and we can also provide our services from our main office which is located in Rajasthan. I would like to mention my company work is totally different I do not take advance payment my method is totally basis on performance and results so fast use my services happy and sure and then pay my hotel marketing digital marketing fees and consultancy charges because I believe nobody will cheat you if you are right with this great honest and wonderful marketing strategies I would like to say you thank you very much for reading my article and if you are looking for best hotel digital marketing company in India or in your locality contact us for free demonstration consultancy and for affordable Hotel digital marketing services we have our digital marketing packages for small hotels big hotels everyone can afford our services.


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