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Suggestions for managers | sales manager | Executive chef | fnb manager | Housekeeping managers | Revenue managers

Dear Hotel Professional, 

My Name is Amit Gaur. My Last Job in 2014 as a Executive corporate chef at Panoramic Universal Mumbai.Presently I am associating with many Hotels in India as there fnb consultant and advisor.

Everyone who is working  for Hotel industry nowadays suffering from less of revenues and high of expenses every one finding answer  How to increase Hotel revenues ? because when  Hotel revenues  will increase then only everything will be good at Hotel employees life.

Every Hotels Managements & Managers are thinking ?

1. How to Increase Revenues 

Suggestions for managers | sales manager | Executive chef | fnb manager | Housekeeping managers | Revenue managers is 

Make your Hotel departments capable not Dependent to achieve success. A new job in Hotel industry is joining a new business. If you are capable to increase revenues you can change your life... We have find out solutions how hotel department become capable not dependent 

 Example : Fnb Department organised  A food festival But due to bad marketing  footfall not came as expected. We cannot Blame to Hotel Operational departments same time we cannot blame to the marketing departments also because  every body has own openions and Logics  but over all we failed 

Friends ,Last 3 years I am  doing RND on  ( Easy Way  How to Reach to  Target Audience and Boost F&B Sells  )

Believe me Hotel Digital marketing is the Only Way ,Its the easiest way Reach to the potential customers in the world. It is very easy, it is not time consuming, anyone Become Expert and do it who knows good knowledge about their Deartments product and services.

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We have noticed  Hotels are not optimising this opportunity.

Every Hotel saying Results from digital marketing ROI is very less, Hotels are still finding solutions How to increase bookings from their website, how to increase direct leads, reduce comissions etc.


They have Hire Third party agency or a company.My Friend a company is  doing whatever he is paid for, but that is not enough,Digital Marketing competition is very high you have to do it inhouse and you need multipal mind and hands to fight back with City Competition.
1. Competition with the OTA 
2. Competition with the other Hotels in the City. 

Digital Marketing companies still keep this Trade  secrets How They Do it ?. But we are also very intelligent, we have understood and convert that whole process into a Training program Made useful easy operating softwares to create a monopoly and fight back quick competition.

Our Vision and Mission about this project is to make Our client Hotel Departments capable to market their products and services to the target audience in the world. Let Hotel departments contribute into Hotel marketing without leaving their Hotel Departments. 

Recent results from our project to our client Hotels are :-

Hotel visibilities increased for all keywords on Google search 
Hotel direct leads has Increased 
Hotel online booking has Increased

 And all Free ......With out Any Digital Marketing Paid Marketing 
1. More revenues, more online presence, capability & Capacity create monopoly of  Hotel products and services at online in your city.  

2. Your fnb Department become famous on Google world in your city. Your problem will solved of Hotel  Visibility .Increase your FnB presence online & Revenues. sell more  your Sunday brunch, buffets, restaurants, restaurant menu items, and all the  events you are doing at your Hotel .Your Hotel Department Become capable  not Dependent. 

3. Whatever you search on Google you will find your Hotel Name, product and services on first page, without any paid marketing, without any digital marketing agency. With Your Sales Manager Number ,Incressed Direct leads and reduce Comissions .

3. Your Hotel Social Events venues, Banquet Halls, wedding lawns, will become famous on Google in your city. Whatever people search you will come on top Free Branding & Marketing.

4. Your sales professional will connect to anyone in the world related to your hotel product and services. I thought it was a corporate, tour operator 198 countries, for anyone who can give you business. 

How we will do This .......

1. 3 Days Training Program to Hotel Deppartment 
2. Providing Solid Technology ,Software to every Hotel Departments 
3. 24 hour monitoring & support system till departments become perfect. 

A. FNB+ Kitchen  staffs & Departments (  MICE +Banquet + Restro+ Bar + Events + Buffet Marketing Traning )

B.  FOM+Hk Staff & Departments  ( Room + OTA+ SPA  Marketing Traning ) 

Benefits Hotel Job professional 

If you are working in Hotel industry after learning and performing this You become capable not dependent. A new job is a joining new business. And if you know how to increase business, do not worry about your salaries increment and other facilities. 

Benefits as Hotel owner 
You are creating a High competition in the market. You are creating many reasons to your target audience to always choose you. 

Loss if you not take it 

1. Very soon you will find yourself in the Loss in everything.

We can do the same thing for your Hotel also

Decision is yours you want your departments to capable are you want dependent on third party agency. 

Cost of project : 1st year  it will cost you approximately 120k or 20 k per month. 2nd year there will be a fix fee and actual resources used by your Hotel. Still it is very less Than Any Hotel Paying to Digital Marketing Company.

Let's shake the hand for a new trend for Hotel marketing which make your Hotel department employees capable not dependent for success......

Your success is my success, I am your younger brother, I am providing opportunities and better workplace environment organisations. 

You can contact me by emailing me click here to email me

Thank you 

Chef Amit Gaur 

+919571118855 mob.



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