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Online Hotel Branding

Online Branding Case study

Do you know why online branding is important for any business? by Dipak Haldar (Alumni IIM Kashipur)
Hospitality consultant | Digital Marketing Expert | Revenue Management Coach

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Before understanding the online bad branding we need to understand what is online visibility and what is its significance. 
Online visibility is the overall presence of a brand or products in the general customer's environment. We may have a great website but if our prospective customers are not able to find out our website then there is no use of a great website. Your business or products are needed to be visible online along with an inquiry page, emails phone numbers and right address.  

You can see the below example upscale 4-star hotel located in Kota Rajasthan. 

Hotel  5 Times on 1st page in Google organic search. Business increased by 25% in two months.

You will find how exceptionally and tactfully they have done their online visibility and online branding. 
Normally Google doesn't permit the same name more than three times on a page. 
But in the case of Hotel 5 flowers is visible more than 5 times on the 1st page of Google organic search. online visibility doesn't mean that only the positive side of a product or services will be shown negative side also can be visible online. 
The brand is a single most important element or component of any business. 

Here, Hotel 5 Flowers appear 3 times on the 1st page in organic search.

Online branding can establish your image to your customers. Through online branding, you can establish the image of your organization. 
There are many Tools, techniques and channels are available for online visibility and online branding. Its maybe search engine, social media, impressive Marketing software, the marketplace, online press releases. By using all these media any business organization can establish a strong relationship with their customer and build their brand awareness. 
Your business success mostly depends on brand positioning it's may be online or offline. 

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