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Great Marketing strategy : Restaurants | Fnb department | MICE Hotels

We all Hotel managers & Hotel Department Heads complaints due to an ineffective sales and marketing we are behind to our revenue budget. Sometimes some people comment on high competition city and connect that not achieving total revenue budget. Opposite to this statement Hotel sales professionals always blame on hotel operations, responsible for not increasing Hotel revenues. 

I want to share some beautiful examples and case studies for Hotel operators increasing Total Revenues instantly without any efforts. 

I think in 2018 hotel operators and Hotel managers have to agree on this statement creating an online Hotel presence will have a great impact on hotel revenue. At least on lead generation. 

I am telling you the simple marketing strategy which will definitely increase your total revenues brand visibility online in your city and increasing your footfalls. 

The marketing strategy is 

Use Hotel Google broadcasting & manager community system. 

This system is very easy and very simple. 

1. You have to contact Mr. Amit for getting this system. Contact Amit here
2.Mr. Amit and his team will teach your departments on how to work on Google broadcasting and marketing communication manager. 
3. Daily speak about the Hotel services you are offering to your Guest. That's it...Can you And your Team Do this? Rest everything leaves to the peoples behind the software. System.


Case Study 1

Thank you, Amit Ji, after using your solution for Hotel online marketing, I would like to inform you in just 2 months we are on Google top pages on every word related to our hotel MICE & F&B Business. Our online room booking also increased. It is really a magic for us. And for all those people who have little knowledge about Google. 

Mr Diapk 
Group General Manager 
Hotel 5 Flower Kota 

What are the results you will notice If you are using this systems and software? 

1. Over the night you will create your hotel online presence on a very big level on Google. 
2. You will increase leads and inquiries 
3. Your hotel staff learns how to make hotel departments capable of marketing. 
4. Your hotel environment convert into our revenue and happiness department 
5. You will provide more jobs to society because you will increase your business. 

Start using Google broadcasting and marketing communication for your hotel marketing. Make your hotel online presence so big without any third party Agencies or company. It is very easy, it gives results, it is long lasting, it is proved at many places it works. A great Hotel marketing strategy for all those who are spending lot of time online finding how to increase Hotel revenues and how to increase hotel fnb footfalls. Contact Amit here




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