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Increase your Hotel Revenues in a week | Hotel Marketing ideas 1

A month Ago  I was having a discussion with Hotel marketing manager. He was telling me Presently Hotel marketing peoples jobs are in very difficult dangers because management gives very high revenue targets without understanding the present marketing competition. There is a high disbalance between the law of demand and supply in the City. This is the same situation for everyone who is working in Hotel sales department if you ask him why our Hotel sales are not increasing he will tell you hundred points Like a parrot. 

Somehow I really believe he is right but he is not a hundred per cent right. Actually, Hotel management is responsible for that They have divided hotel marketing Team Into in 2 segments. 
Hotel-Online Marketing 
Hotel offline Marketing 

This is The fact of your Hotel also Hotel online marketing professionals never interested to learn How Offline hotel marketing happening and even they don't help each other and at the same time, offline Hotel sales professionals never interested how internet marketing is happening. Everybody is running to achieve target given to him. But they are missing they cannot achieve individually. Multiple hands and multiple mind marketing strategy is required to incorporate with Hotel marketing strategies otherwise the days are not far hotel owners are not able to give employees salaries on time.  

Gentleman Here is the solution to the problem? I would like to suggest you new magical ideas if you implement that into your Hotel Workplace and into marketing strategies you can see results in a week time. When Online and offline sales professionals work together believe me your sales marketing problem will be solved within a week. 

1. Combined the offices, offline and online Hotel sales professionals. First of all, do this. Let them both understand the easy and the difficult part in hotel online and offline marketing strategies. Show the first magical formula is a combined office. Believe me, these things are first time coming on Google Search. Contact me 

2. Hire A Digital marketing advisor. Not the employee, not a company hire an advisor who will advise you what are the point your team or Pathar party digital marketing is missing to achieve increasing Hotel online revenue. Have you remembered how many consultants you have hired for setting up your kitchen, restaurant banquet and now maybe most of them are not working with you but they have set the process and procedure and you are making money from your banquet kitchen etc? So my suggestion hires A Good digital marketing advisor. Who will make a digital marketing strategy for you, who will monitor where you are lacking. Contact me 

3. Analyses your past customer behaviour and geographical presence. And set your marketing strategy according to them only. This is something which is not on Google first time it is coming on Google search by A website everything about Hotel marketing in India. Contact me 

4. Use technology monitor leads coming to your hotel. You never know how many leads are being shifted to some other hotel or it is not been attended properly. Use modern technologies and monitoring system. This problem can be solved when you hire are social media digital advisor for your hotel. It is something you are arresting the leakages harming your hotel revenues. It's up to totally you-you want to make your Hotel people Run or you want to drive your hotel with system Run. Contact me 

If you want to contact me, and you're looking for is digital marketing advisor for your hotel you can contact me I will definitely guide you many things which you are not aware, recording how to increase Hotel revenue.  Contact me 




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