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Company for Responsibility of your Hotel Marketing

A Company for TAKING FULL Responsibility of your Hotel Marketing 

It is being noticed under many surveys and personal experiences. many Hotels are providing wonderful accommodation & hospitality facilities to their hotel guests. But still they are not doing a good Occupancy due to not effective marketing the target audience in the world. 

I have visited  many restaurants and cafes who are serving excellent food compare to any five star hotel in Delhi but they are not doing very good business due to ineffective marketing. 

Marketing for hotels nowadays become very difficult due to highly competition in the hospitality industry. There are many digital marketing agencies in Delhi they are the best, but today I will be sharing information about one of the very intelligent person and about his company at delhi. his company  provides solutions for every requirement for the Hotel marketing. 

The person name is : Amit Gaur 
The company name is  WIFICRM 
The company addresses:   24 nehru Palace New Delhi, 2nd floor office number 5. New Delhi India. 
The company telephone number support number is : +919571118855 

This company provides following services 
1. HOTEL OTA & reputation management 
2. Hotel email marketing 
3. Hotel SMS marketing 
4. Hotel WhatsApp broadcast in marketing 
5. Hotel B2B target audience connection marketing 
6. Hotel international travel agent marketing 
7. Hotel National travel agent marketing & tie up with hotel 
8. Hotel website seo services 
9. Hotel social media pages handling and marketing 
10. Hotel guest experience in real time marketing 
11. Hotel marketing training program 

With this all services this company also developed softwares and Technology which are very helpful for Hotel marketing. They have made following software you can use for Hotel marketing. 

   This software is guest experience software, with the help of this software hotels will increase mouth publicity marketing & automation of social media marketing. The software has capacity to increase TripAdvisor ranking and online reputation management. 

   This software is a broadcasting software. This software is very helpful for reduce Hotel marketing cost hotels are they into third party digital marketing agencies. The software is a joint exercise between expert digital marketing and hotel staff it is very interesting and new hotel Marketing concept is being developed by these people. 

3. Worldconnect 
   This software is a combination target audience email marketing program. There are many videos about this software online. 

If you are looking for solutions for your hotel marketing and you are looking for very promising peoples and companies in Delhi who can help you increasing your hotel revenues and setup a permanent solutions for your hotel marketing you must speak or visit this company at Delhi. It is been recommended it 

Thank you very much . I have added a video for you how their softwares helping into hotel marketing you can watch those and you will definitely happy after watching this video. Please share if you like our work.

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