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Meet Chef Amit Gaur A celebrity culinary professional India

Chef Amit Gaur born in Jaipur at 1978, 25th February,late 1998-99, he enrolled himself in food craft Institute Ajmer and Learn food production. He is been very famous and popular among all the instructor in the college because he always come with new creative ideas and the same is happening after 20 years in 2019.Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce you Chef Amit gaur from India providing his culinary advising and suggestions too many restaurant and hotels in India. He is the First chef in India Who also gone for Re- education and learn software programming and develop lot of techniques for the hospitality industry to increase brand visibility on internet. He is one of the versatile, celebrity and a common man who is delivering his culinary expertise to many organisations in India. We have interviewed him and want to know more about him we want to know why whenever we are talking to any big chef in India or any hotel professional about him he told as he is a celebrity chef in India, bM not seem performing in on the TV or in YouTube but after that also many hotel owners Hotel managers Hotel employees tell him he is a celebrity for us.Contact Chef Amit gaur 

We have interviewed, q Hotel managers and Hotel owners and ask about Chef Amit Gaur and the reason why he is a celebrity chef in India.Contact Chef Amit gaur 

What are the hotel owner told us, chef Amit is a problem solving person for hospitality industry especially, quality of food, presentation and staff teaching, now he has developed few technology and software for Hotel marketing online this is really out of the box I have never seen in my a chef , who is expert into food production, developing new innovative menus, teaching cooks and chefs on food hygiene and food innovation, also expert into internet marketing.Contact Chef Amit gaur 

I have ask him why you have not come on TV like celebrity share and you have not started your own YouTube channel and you learn software programming and internet marketing and helping many hotels both subjects are opposite to each other cooking food and internet marketing what is the reason ?, the answer he gave me was very interesting, he told me," I am making chef and cook famous on internet I am teaching them how easily they can make them self famous on internet" in this ideology, I am increasing revenues for my clients and making the People's famous in the City that is the reason many people told me I am a celebrity for them in fact I am not a celebrity I am a common man doing my Task which is been designed by the great god. Contact Chef Amit gaur

I would like to add few more into this I have personally interact with Chef Amit gaur and after talking with him for 15 minutes I find he is a celebrity chef in india. He doesn't have any awards, he doesn't have a big marketing or a big name in the industry but still lot of celebrity Chef know him, lot of Hotel owners and Hotel managers know him, almost 3000 people's work under him and now they are on Very respected post just due to him his guidance his advising tips lot of executive chef in India, recognise him as his career advisor. Overall I also believe he is one of the celebrity chef in India just because he is doing good job for the society and for the industry he has developed a technology and process to improve the skill level of the people and then connect that whole thing in to increasing revenues everyone who is into Food Industry first started with the passion and then due to revenues. Every business want everyday progress and if you have a good marketing if you have a promising product if you have fast service definitely your business will increase day by day but due to heavy competition in the great it is very difficult for few peoples to survive in the hospitality industry. To all those who are facing difficulties in their food Catering and hotel business I think they should meet once to Chef Amit gaur. God knows maybe he will solve your problems. Contact Chef Amit gaur

I would like to give you 4 reasons why he is Celebrity chef in India. 
1. He is teaching to the young people who are coming into hospitality industry this is the biggest reason for me his is a celebrity. 
2. He has gone for free education and learn software programming he is the first chef in India who also expert into software programming and advance internet marketing and he produce lot of tools and Technology for hospitality industry how to increase Hotel revenues, this is the second reason he is a celebrity chef in India for me. 
3. The third reason is very simple, a great knowledge about food production new menu development recipes standardization and training to the people he is one and only person who can convert a simple ingredients into extraordinary dishes.


Hotel Name

Working Year

Role  Location

Hotel Clarks Amer | IT



 Rajputana Sheraton  Jaipur                                        



Hotel Neelam Palace



HH Jaipur Project



Taj Jai Mahal Palace






Deogard Resorts



Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace



Hotel Sea princess Mumbai



Madhubhan Spa  Resort Gujarat



United 21 Group



Aveda Hotels



ADVISOR for Hotels 

Hotel Name

Working Year


Shankus Resorts Gujrat


Consultant  GUJRAT

Ananta Hotels      


Consultant    UDAIPUR/PUSHKAR  

1589 Hotels


Consultant     PAN INDIA

Nirvana Naturopathy 


Consultant        NASIAK

Grand Unira Jaipur



Consultant          JAIPUR





Founder Owner




Guest delight Software

Sales Marketing & Road map


Google broadcasting system

Sale marketing & Road map


Food cost inventory software

Cost & inventory management


Cuisine Knowledge

Hand On Multi-cuisine, Food Knowledge

Indian | International | Bakery | Butchery | Oriental | Italian | Pantry | South India |

Arabic | Tandoor |Tex-Mex Recent RND Naturopathy FOOD

Menu Planning, Costing, Food cost


ISO implementation, skill mapping, progress mapping, identify issues

 & Make SOP, internal quality audit, sequence of service, departmental marketing strategy making and execution, menu planning, handling operation creating guest experiences. Others are Advance Google Search Engine Optimization knowledge I can instant, rank, any content, information, on Google search results. My skills will be very helpful, for increasing, popularity, food, in the City. 

Education: 10+2+3 Rajasthan Collage,FCI Ajmer | Computer skills | Carving , Skills | Chocolate work | Social media , Marketing | Google SEO |Training | Self Audit

Family & Others Information’s

Married & One kid study in KV class 3 Jaipur

House: 6 Malviya Nagar Jaipur Raj ( INDIA)

Believe me nothing to hurt anybody who is a celebrity chef in India I am watching lot of videos and TV shows which is coming on TV by many celebrity Chefs of the world I find still they are making the same thing, my wife make very good Pav Bhaji better than any celebrity chef and I am sure your mother your wife your sister also make very good better than any celebrity chef in India but still most of the celebrity Chef teaching and showing on TV how to make Pav Bhaji and Chola batura and Paneer Butter Masala,But chef Amit is doing research how we can convert a food into health,chef amit doing a resource how we can empower Hospital staff to increase their salaries with the help of Re education learning advanced internet marketing, overall for me the definition of celebrity Chef is who is helpful to others not famous and chef amit gaur is a celebrity chef in India 2019.Contact Chef Amit gaur 

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