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Famous Chef of India Read About Chef Amit gaur

I think every chef who is working in any restaurant is a famous celebrity for the restaurant and hotel owner. Today I am telling you about India most famous chef who is changing life of many cooks and young talent coming to food production industry. Like to introduce you Chef Amit gaur from India and telling about his expertise and good work he is doing for the industry. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

Chef Amit is one of the versatile personality in India, he has helped many hotels in India to increase their revenues and make their food famous in the city which includes many 5 star hotels you have never find him on TV, web series or any other article do you know why because he is there person who do not want name and fame. We have interviewed and like to know his contribution to the hotel industry. The interview is very interesting and points he tell us make us remember he is one of the best famous Chef of India. 

We have asked following questions to Chef Amit Gaur in one of the interview. 
1. are you India best famous chef ? 
   He told I am a common cook, who is creating innovative food recipes my purpose of life is convert food into a health. With this I have gone through re- education and learn software programming I am teaching cooks and chefs how to become entrepreneur, I am teaching them a new job is joining a new business. Creating a good recipe creating food in innovative way everyone can do that who know cooking but if you can handle your department into a profit making department then you become the famous. Everybody want you to hire you. Because everyone in this universe open a food business to make money. 

2. What are your new plans for new chefs ? 
   2019 I want to teach and train almost 10,000 cooks and Chef to learn how to contribute into business. I want to teach them what is all about food safety I want to teach them internet marketing and making them capable to ensure that do not need any marketing support to market their food. 

Overall these two answers from chef believe that he is the best famous Chef of India vs spoken to couple of the people who are using his services in India believe me they told us he is a magical person he can do anything when he teach to the people, there is a magic happens, people start following him, he has a passion to change the attitude of the people, real meaning he is transforming people into making them capable how to contribute into business and make them Fame. 

Overall shiv god is one of the versatile personality in the earth who teach us nothing is permanent in this world. If you want to become famous you have to do something big for the society for the people and for the industry. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

Chef Amit, from last 5 years he is teaching to the folks who have not gone to hotel management institute, he is advisor member for many hotels and teaching and training Hotel employees. And there are many success stories that all the people who has learned from him now earning lot of money and looking after their family well. 

If you're looking for a famous Chef of India I think you should always consider chef Amit Gaur, would never come on the TV, who never got any award but still many people in India treat him as a celebrity chef. Because he is changing life standard of life knowledge base in the people and this type of people are very rare in the universe that is the reason we announced him he is one of the famous Chef of India celebrity Chef of India

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