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Top 10 Indian Chef consultant in Canada for Restaurant Cafe truck set up

chef Amit Gaur from India is a very popular name in Canada and Europe. He is famous for his outstanding Indian restaurant consultancy in Canada in a very reasonable price because he is is very down to the earth and very intelligent people called him Michelin star. One of the interviews with him he told he never want any award and he has never received any war because he is working to make the Indian food famous and popular across Canada his mission is very big so show never expect aunty with amazing knowledge about Indian food he becomes one of the best knowledgeable and versatile Chef consultant in Canada are you opening an Indian restaurant and you are planning to open a great Indian food Kabab Factory in Canada and you are looking for somebody who can come in your employees and go back and look after every thing whenever you have a problem then Chef Amit god is one of the greatest names in Canada for all type of Indian fruit consultancy he has his expertise into Indian food North Indian food Punjabi food and new word Naturopathy and Wellness Indian food, believe me, he can create your ordinary Indian food into extra ordinary Venice food he is something out of the box personality I think you should talk to him if you are looking for an Indian Chef consult and in Canada for consulting your new restaurant of food business in Canada he can help you a lot he has his expertise into Indian food and he is a consultant to many restaurants and hotels in the world.

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