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Restaurant consultancy service provider in Delhi 

Restaurant consultancy service provider in Delhi 

Restaurant business needs thoroughly knowledge about food and best practices of services. Due to lot of competition among restaurants in Delhi the requirement of professional consultants has been increased from last 5 years. Consultants are very helpful for restaurant owner to introduce new concept of cuisines and helping them solving restaurant operations. A good consultant will definitely increase your restaurant business and quality of food and customer experiences. 

Hi, I am Amit. I worked for 16 years hotel industry.As is a corporate chef of Panoramic Group. I work with Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace jodhpur. I am the founder director food and service Madhuban Spa Resort Gujarat. I have started providing my knowledge to the restaurant owners as a consultancy. I provide my consultancy in Delhi, mumbai and Bangalore. I will be sharing you all information related to my consultancy I am providing to restaurant and Cafe. 

Who can contact me ? 
1. Restaurant owners who are looking for revenue growth in their restaurant then contact me I will help them. 
2. Restaurant owners who are looking for increasing their food and revenues they can contact me I will provide my knowledge base Consultants. 
3. Restaurant owners who are looking for increasing quality of food, new menu concept & latest trend at the restaurant can contact me. 
4. Restaurant owners who belive and trust their food and service quality is very good but due to marketing their restaurants are not doing well taken also contact for my Unique Consultancy for especially those restaurant who are not doing well. 

What are the services I provide in consultancy 
I provide many services, I am sharing you detail of my services I provide in my consultancy. I start my consultancy with property audit, and then make a success road map for the restaurant. In myself and my associate start working on your goal. We provide following solutions to our clients.

I am sharing you detail subject and workout related to increasing restaurant overall reputation revenues and quality. 
As a practice we first understand the brief, your requirement than study the market. After doing a detailed research and professional actualisation, we present a detailed report as it is indeed important to have the restaurants take shape, for dynamic and robust operations.

The broad scope of work covers the following core areas.

A concept brief is prepared based and presented for approvals based on which the entire project is prepared.
Culinary Philosophy – Planning of Cuisine concept for the operations
Service Philosophy -Equipment Layout & Facility Planning for Kitchens & stores etc.
Sourcing and Ordering of equipment’s (by incorporating the ones which can be used)
Trendsetting Approach.
Design and detailing of Service ware, Disposables, Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware and Kitchen, Service& Bar Accessories
Design brief of linen and uniforms
Shortlisting, Sourcing and Ordering of the above mentioned.
Design /special component
Placement Of Show Kitchen (If part of concept)
Display Counters
Service Counters
Floor and ceiling concept (single / double deck)
Bar and bar display (design and show casing)
Table and chairs designs and table placements

Identification and Hiring of staff – Kitchen and F & B Service (Through The Hotels H.R)
Standard operating systems and procedures for all operational areas.
Preparation of Menu- Food and Beverage
Menu Design
Menu layout
Menu planning
Menu engineering
F&B ScopeTabletops
Cutlery / Crockery / Glassware / Still ware / Flat ware
Restaurant Linen Selection
Operating Equipment
SOPs Development
Training & Trials
F&B Service training – Technical
F&B Production training – Technical
Food trails and demonstrations
Beverage Trials.
Soft skills training.
Grooming Standards.
HACCP training of service personnel
HACCP training of food handlers
HACCP training of stewarding / receiving / purchase / stores.
Restaurant Standard Phrases.
Restaurant menu checking 
Benefits from our consultancy 

1. We all are young hotelier and started our consultancy in Delhi we are the only one they will give you many benefits if you choose our services the benefits are below. 

A. We will solve your manpower hiring and training restaurant problems 
B. We will solve your quality of food and standard of service problem of restaurant 
C. We will solve your branding problem for restaurant 
D. We will solve your which disease control and system setup problem 
E. we will set up a automation of systems and reporting program in your restaurants 
F. We will solve your problem related to raw material quality Audit and checking of your restaurant 
G. We will solve your staff skill mapping problem 

Overall our restaurant consultancy is little different from the other but we claim we are the best. I would like to share you three points which will prove we are the best restaurant consultants in Delhi. 

A. We are the best restaurant consultants in Delhi because we we have a complete solutions under one roof which are restaurant required to increase their business reputation and quality of product and services. 

B. We have a strong training program and expert training manager working with our company we do not believe in quality employees we will develop your present employees in to Equality employees this is the best strategy we apply our clients, and our clients find the results with the same manpower resources and become our brand ambassador and told everyone we are the best. 

C. Our costing concepts consultancy is very unique for restaurant operator. Our team analysis each and every aspect .

  • Hotel Management Takeover
  • Hotel & Restaurant Turn Around
  • Strategies & Implementation
  • Hotel Pre-opening Assistance
  • Spa Concept Creation & Consultancy
  • Brand Selection (Assistance and Consultancy)
  • Brand Standards
  • Sales & Marketing Consultancy
  • Hotel & Restaurant Classification Assistance
  • Food & Beverage Conceptualization
  • Food & Beverage Technical Assistance
  • Menu Engineering & Concept Planning
  • Kitchen Layout and Plan
  • (Show Kitchens / Specialty / Bulk / Industrial Kitchen)
  • FF & E Selection
  • Allied Services Consulting
  • Energy Optimization Consulting / Audit

Pls contact on +919571118855  for Talking to us 


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