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Digital Marketing Budget 2019

Do you know how to make a Digital Marketing Budget for Hotel ( Hospitality)| Dipak Haldar


Do you know how to make a digital marketing budget for your hotel? by Dipak Haldar 
Hospitality consultant|Digital Marketing Expert|Revenue management professional.

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"How to make a budget' very common words for every hotelier but how to make a digital marketing budget it's very difficult to question too many seasoned Hoteliers nowadays and you can make them mum if ask about the distribution of digital marketing budget.

Will, here I will tell you how to make a digital marketing budget for your Hotel specifically for the mid-market hotel in 2019. 
Before making a digital marketing budget you need to understand what you want to achieve.
Let's say if you want to target revenue of 6cr and your annual marketing budget is 60 lacs, including your sales marketing professionals your hoarding newspaper advertisement leaflets visiting cards collaterals etc. 
Gone are the days most of the hotel use to spend their marketing cost for traditional and classical marketing. But nowadays if you are spending marketing budget same way on traditional and classical marketing then you never met your desired goal but of course, at the same time, you can not overlook traditional and classical marketing practice.

There is a concept catching up in India hoteliers and in the mind Hotel owners that digital marketing means make posting on Facebook and other social media. 
However, before making the digital marketing budget, you need to understand what is digital marketing is and how it can win over the classical and traditional marketing to increase your ROI. 

If you are promoting a new brand or new hotels then you are lucky because rebranding is always expensive. 

I know very few hotels and Hotel owners those were spending 100% of their marketing budget on digital marketing few have spent 60 to 80% on digital marketing of the total budget and they are happy with the business Kamal.

Personally, in the recent past, I have launched 2 mid-market hotels with the help of digital marketing without recruiting sales personnel and they are doing very well over the international brand in a particular City. 

I will advise you to invest money for a good responsive dynamic website. Without a good website, it's very difficult to make your Digital Marketing Mission successful. 

Don't invest much money for engagement page like increasing followers etc.try to do it organically. Invest money for the conversion. 

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I  will give you a small example if you are investing INR10000 for your marriage booking specifically for lead generation on an average cost would be INR100  per lead, you will get around 100 leads by spending 10000 INR. Out of 100 leads around 10--12% of people will come to see your property on an average four to five person will book your hotel. 
How much do you expect from marriage? it can 5 lacs to 60 lacs or more according to the size and status of your hotel. 

Email marketing can be much more effective than a lead generation and your ROI will be higher than your lead generation investment. 

Time to time spend some money for online Quiz Contest photography competition etc.  I give you a guarantee that you will be wonders to see the increase in your footfall.

I have seen the 30:70 ratios are a very good ratio for traditional marketing and digital marketing nowadays. 

For better result mix-up both traditional and digital marketing. 
So go for #Tradigital (Trad +Gital) marketing. 

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