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Amit Gaur Hotel Internet Marketing proposal

The word passion, dedication, Cam, character, only used at the time of internet or personal interview. Everybody is working in the Hotel just because of money. Your Most staff is using your internet for searching jobs. 

Would you be interested in 2019? to Aspect the Truth Daily you are losing revenue just because you believe in third party internet marketing for your Hotel. 

How much you pay he will work only for that is the Bitter Truth of your Life. Think How many days, Hours, your staff is vacant at your Hotel. Think when you have nothing in your Hotel why not you utilize Your intelligent and powerful manpower into a really creative and participating in your Hotel internet marketing. Let them also learn something new in there career which can make them capable to contribute to increasing Hotel revenues wherever they will work in the future. Aur you want Servants who Fallow your Obey or you want business partners as your employees.

Hotel staff manpower is perishable expenses. What work you will give him if you do not have your hotel is empty. Presently you are putting them into cleaning, training, for holidays. Change this concept.......2019 

Empower your hotel employees by Amit Gaur unique technology, training, and monitoring system so that this contribute into your hotel internet marketing without leaving your Hotel departments. 

The 2019 year going to be very bad for all those Hotels who believe internet marketing has no values.

Mr. Amit Gaur did a 2 years Research and Development on Hotel staff, including Hotel general manager also. He found everybody is working in Hotel for money. All those, who are close to Hotel owners, close to the Hotel Manager, close to Hotel Department Head. Contact Amit for Details

You Cut one day salary of anybody who you think very close to you, and see and negative energy has been empowered by yourself.

If you really want to do something big in 2019. I am offering you a guaranteed hotel internet marketing proposal. 

In this one year contract following areas in your hotel internet marketing will be covered so big in your city you cannot imagine. 

1. Banquet Halls/wedding, birthday party, corporate Etc.
2. Restaurants & all food items listed in your menu
3. Spa and all Spa therapies list in your Spa Menu 
4. Hotel events, our strategy yes Your Guest will become your brand ambassador 
5. Hotel every department online reputation 
6. TripAdvisor ranking 
7. Social media marketing 
8. Google Search Engine Optimisation 
9. YouTube marketing 
10. Money keyword marketing
What I will be serving to you? 
A. My technology 
B. My training to staff 
C. My staff 24-hour monitoring & support system So that your staff becomes capable of how to market their product and services to the target audience in the world. 

More About Amit Gaur Technology and software programming 

1. Google broadcasting Hotel online Reputation management 

  A. Guest feedback directly reaches on Google. 
  B. Your hotel department, online reputation started increasing from Day One. 
  C. You will convey the message online to your customer to book directly from the website on Google. 
Cost: 25000/- Per year. Contact Amit for Details

2. Wi-Fi  Guest Delights 

   A. Delight your guest and reduce Hotel guest complaints. 
   B. Two-way communication system between Hotel guest Vs hotel departments 
   C. TripAdvisor ranked & automation of social media marketing 
   D. Guest database Bank on WhatsApp. 
   G. Content marketing to each Hotel guest 
   F. Guest feedback system . ( real time, post check out ) 

Cost: 85000/- Per year Contact Amit for Details


   A. Google broadcasting script, for internet marketing. Just speak in front software and the software convert, speech into text and immediately published the same on Google search results. Outstanding project. 
 Cost: 120000.00 Per year Contact Amit for Details

What are the benefits 

1. You will increase your hotel visibility in your city to double. 
2. Lead generation 
3. Target audience marketing 
4. Unique marketing strategies 
5. More reviews for the hotel 
6. More profits 
8. Instant internet marketing tool 

Teach them ( Hotel Staff ) Internet Marketing they will Help in increasing revenue and Hotel online visibility. Contact Amit for Details

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