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Proposal Hotel Internet Marketing

Thank you very much for asking About Our Hotel marketing company services. We are India one of the leading innovative Hotel internet marketing experts. 

Why we are saying we are Expert? 
1. Our team is a combination hotelier and It scientist and digital marketing expert. We believe out of the box works 2019. 

We provide specific services to our clients increasing total revenue from internet marketing. 

1. We will Develop Google Broadcasting Software for your Hotel. That Software work on GEO Location Ex You are the owner of that, software, URL till contract continues with us. 

What is Hotel GOOGLE MARCOM? 
Answer:- advanced software, an app which can convert, speech into text and than auto-fetch schema API That Content on a google search. Will teach you how to speak if you speak well and as per the Traning, you will very happy to notice you are always ranking on top ages on Google. If you do not speak well, about your product and services, it will take some time you to be on top pages on Google. Normally we have noticed, hotel departments peoples are very knowledgeable about their product and services they are offering to the customers. watch video How this Software works. 

2. What Does Hotel Google MARCOM one year licence fees and cost? 

   We have 2 plan for this software development. 
   A. Fully manage software: 300000.00 Per year ( We + Hotel Staff Add input in Software)  Renewal 1 lac per year + extra if server capacity exceed
   B  self manage software: 150000.00 Per year  ( Hotel Staff Only input Software) Renewal 1 lac per year + extra if server capacity exceed

If you are choosing fully managed Services following things are free with the package for one year. 

1. Email marketing 
   On your behalf, we will email to your potential customer on daily basis. Every day we will introduce your Hotel Brand to 50 customers, tour operator, whatever you told us to do that in the world. 3 months + Traning & teaching Your Staff How to Do it 

2. Social media marketing 
   On your behalf every Day we will be creating artwork for your hotel and published on your hotel social media pages. Every department 1 ark work daily 3 months + Traning & teaching Your Staff How to Do it 

I am giving you the following links of YouTube videos you can watch the video and self examine how useful software and digital marketing proposal is this for your hotel. Believe me whoever use our services become our lifetime brand ambassador.

1. More About hotel Google MArcom 
2. Video hotel Google marcom 

References who are using this software 
1. Deepak Ji :  GM Kota Hotel 5 flowers         +917003038405 
2. Anshul ji :  Owner Hotel Yois Udaipur         +919549144444
3. MS Khan ji   GM Hotel ranbanka Palace Jodhpur  +919529921934 

more Also Can be Provided.



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