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A chef to a IT scientist 2 million $ seed funding

Meet mr Amit Gaur, one of the professional culinary expert and IT scientist. Recently he has got a offer of 2 million $ seed funding project made for internet marketing for hospitality industry. One of the Japanese company has offered Mr Amit to invest in his project, but he refused, he told that this project has made for Indian hotels and he do not want to expand his business in other countries. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

He told us I am will be happy if I able to served my Indian brothers and sisters who are having hotels and resorts in India and not able to increase their revenues. 
It I am sure after reading this you want to know about Mr Amit Gaur project made for Hotel marketing 

Where is the link of Google marcom software, this is one of the best Internet Marketing software in the world which Mr Amit has developed with the help of the software you have to just speak in front of the software and automatically the content auto published on Google search results. 

Email Is :

he has  develop the latest SEO techniques and strategies which is very easy and helpful for Hotel operators he is providing free of cost consultancy to the hotel operators Hotel managers for increasing Hotel marketing brand visibility. Any one like to contact him I am sharing you his number .


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