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Try Some new For your Hotel Marketing

If you are facing Hotel marketing problem, watch we have made (Google MARCOM  Software + Traning Pograme How to Use Google For your Hotel Marketing Easy & Simple Free Of cost  ) only for Hotels & Resort Hospitality Industry .This will Make  Hotel department capable and fight back with OTA & other competitors. 

If you do not have such requirements ignore this . 

This project will give you all the answers ? 

1. How I will increase more corporate & MICE & Banquet functions ? 
2. How I will Have More tie up with corporate & travel agents in the world ? 
3. How I can improve my restaurant footfalls ? 
4. 100 points more ......

 Some new For your Hotel Marketing  & Hotel Growth ?

we  have developed a training program & one Software  .This two  combination  make hotel departments capable enough to market their product and services to the target audience in the world without the help of any third party marketing company or digital marketing agency. 

This Project is  capable to increase Hotel branding online  ,increase direct leads to the Hotels.

when we are developing this  One thing in  is very clearly in our mind  before starting this project .(We have to Make a tool & training program  which able to fight & give competition to bigger fish Like OTA & Big  Hotel brands.) 

1.Reason  Why To Use this :OTA & Big Hotel Brands Hire many people for their Digital Marketing. But A stand alone Hotel cannot do it but after this project Any Hotel Digital Marketing They Do not need any Comapny Or agency They become  more powerful resense holder in the city online & and  increase their direct revenues and save on commissions he paid to any third party. 

2. The motive of this project is making Hotel departments capable to market their product and services to the target audience without leaving their departments . 

These are the benefits for Hotel operators & Hotel staff  After Using  this concept & Software 

Benefits for Hotel staff who Use this Project 

1. Because after this project every hotel staff start contributing their efforts into hotel marketing. Departments & Staff become  game changer for Hotel marketing. There is no loss for hotel staff doing this because they are getting knowledge how to market their product & Services same time they are making them self popular on the browser, for sure they will  will become blue eyed for management & Hotel Sales & Manager.

2. Salaries, increments, bonus, other facilities are only depending on how your organisation making profits and what are the contribution of department profits. This technique will definitely increase department contribution to the revenues. And if your department is doing good as expected and required happiness definitely come to the hotel staff from the management.

Benefits for Hotels who use this Project 

Hotel business is now facing lot of competition due to many hotels have opened in the City. Day by day expenses are increasing but revenues are not so motivating for hotel owner. If any hotels are not making money or profit everyone talk about due to bad marketing and service standards this hotel is in loss... After using this project there are many benefits to Hotel operator 

1. Hotel can reduce their digital  marketing cost to 70 % Yearly and Double the Results 

2. Hotels management will find their online branding increasing day by day. 

3. When online branding increase day by day they will find effects on footfalls and revenues  at Hotel Departments 

4. This System & Software  become a broadcasting manager for your hotel all activities.You can monetize this software with affiliate and Google AdSense program and whatever money you will and you can always depend on your staff welfare. 

6. This system & Software will amaze your guest who are doing events at the hotel you can with the broadcasting manager you can published communication, itinerary, anything on the browser.

7. With the help of this broadcasting manager you can make your fnb venue & food famous in your city. 

8.  Reach to anyone in the world who is potential for your business, this is the most attractive point in this project and software. 

9. You are making your Hotel Departments capable to market their product and services without the help of any third party agency for marketing. This is one of the most biggest benefit for you as a Hotel.Your competition will spend money, but he will not compete with you because your department itself are capable.

10. You will generate more leads. Your sales professionals will connect to the potential target audience and increase more revenues.

This project is all about reaching to the target audience or target audience will reach to you for your product and services. This is one of the very easiest method which will definitely give you benefits for your hotel marketing. 
The video we have made which is attached to this article will tell you little about how this Tool is going to be participate in your hotel marketing.. 

Hotel professionals are always Hesitate to do something new out of the box marketing strategy. And due to this many hotels have find their marketing campaign with less return of investment is the true fact about Hotel marketing in India. 

We are living in the digital world. Digital marketing can make your hotel popular among all the target audience mind and heart. My name is Amit. I have made A new project for Hotel marketing.( A software + Traning Pograme for Hotel Departments )  

I have studied Hotel operations and I have learn digital marketing and software programming. we  find out digital marketing is all about revenant content and interesting artwork engaging your target audience.

Life time Benefits :- 
1.  You will create your own digital marketing Army, you can make your brand popular easily without spending  single rupees to any third party or agency. Your competitor feel bad about this. 

2. Your every product and services you are offering in Hotel  become popular in the City, without engaging any marketing company or agency. 

3. Your  all the events you are planning in your hotel, sunday brunch, special food festival, happy Hours, special offers, events and activities, become famous reachable to the target audience without any third party agency for any hotel marketing company. 

4. You will increase your Hotel tie up with world travel agents corporate event planners and other who are potential for your hotel with this project. 

5. You will make your banquet & social events venue popular and famous in the city without using any agency or paid marketing. 

6. Your sales professionals will increase direct leads you will save commissions you are saying to third party marketing company. 

Because we are a very small company we have limited man power and limited resources we have decided to provide this system and software only two hotels per City. You can contact us we will be very happy to give you our this project in your city if you have not given somebody before you contact us 

 Call & Contact us :  +919571118855 or Email us at



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