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it is very shocking, there are only five people responsible for Hotel marketing

How we can increase our Hotel Revenues ? I think from last 10 years hotel managers and Hotel sales professionals are finding answers ? But till date nobody has find standard operating procedure for increasing Hotel revenues. This article is going to be very interesting because we will investigate what are the reasons which are harming hotels increasing revenues and then we all together finding solutions how we can increase total revenues with little changing in the marketing strategy. 

I would like to share my opening to the world how anyone can increase Hotel Revenues with little changing in the marketing strategy.
If you ask any Hotel sales professional how to increase Hotal revenues he will have only 2 answers. Improvement required following categories. 

1. Hotel marketing 
2. Quality of services provided to the Hotel 

As per the survey and Past records Hotel sales professionals are leaving their job very frequently in hospitality industry it was because Hotel sales professionals are not able to achieve company budget. Believe me none of the sales professionals are responsible for this. The main reasons company revenue budgets are not achieving due to following reasons. 

1. Not created a good hotel marketing strategy 
2. Lack of Promising services to Hotel guest. 

And there will be 100 more reasons anyone can tell you why Hotel is not doing well but none of the people will give you a guarantee, positive commitment if you use this strategy you will increase your hotel revenues. Today I am telling you for outstanding magical ideas to increase your hotel revenues, online & offline. 

Let's begin with the positive energy 

1. Idea number 1 ( how to increase Hotel revenue ) 
Have you ever noticed, how many employees working in your hotel, 100 rooms hotel in India approximately 150 peoples working in hotel operation, it is very shocking, there are only five people responsible for Hotel marketing. Show the main problem is which is making hotel revenues less, an effective marketing, imagine if everybody who is working in a hotel become your marketing brand ambassador. Then you will have 150 Hotel sales professionals, you cannot imagine the result will come if 150 peoples start working for your revenue goals. 

I am sure you are thinking of how it is possible every Hotel employees contribute into hotel marketing ? 

The answer is : Do you know about digital marketing, I am sure you are using Facebook Twitter WhatsApp on daily basis, and if somebody asking you about digital marketing, you are thinking about facebook and Twitter social media marketing, somehow you are right but not absolutely correct. Do you know about Google searches, nowadays trusted information sources  for any user about any product and services is only Google search. Imagine your hotel having a great presents online on Google search, then what will happen, leads, traffic, footfalls, reviews, more customers, revenues. That's right. 

So the conclusion is : Hotel has to make his online presence so big in a city to increase Hotel . You should use digital marketing method, involve Hotel employees into digital marketing, without leaving the department. 

2. Email marketing 
   Normally hotel sales professionals are using this method for increasing Hotel revenues, but the problem is they are sending bulk emails, this is the biggest mistake Hotel sales professionals are doing, they should not send bulk emails they should send individual emails on daily basis. You cannot expect one day miracle. There is a wonderful software for email marketing, this software is exclusively for Hotel marketing. 

Leave everything, I am telling you something very outstanding and interesting, because normally when we start reading any article it make a bore. Do you know about Mr Amit Gaur. He is one of the best hotel digital marketing expert in India. He is guiding many hotels and resorts increasing Hotel revenues. 

He will be helpful for you in 3 pages. 

1. Making your hotel department capable to contribute into hotel marketing without giving Hotel departments. You will teach and train your hotel Department how to make Monopoly on Google. With this you will definitely increase your hotel sales is the wonderful person. 

2. He will set up his software which will decrease your hotel Guest complaints. 

3. He will be a coach for your hotel departments increasing Hotel revenues. 

Do you want to talk to him, you can Email him here . Normally he is a very busy person and he revert almost 5 to 6 days in any email. He has such a wonderful knowledge and excellent past records increasing tips. 

I am sure 9 most of the peoples are very happy, because they have learn how to increase Hotel revenues. Do not waste your time on stories published on Google. This is the certified method increasing Hotel revenues if you will not find results you can complain me. From last 5 years I am using this method and not the place I am unsuccessful there is a guarantee if you are using this method terminology and process for Hotel marketing you will definitely increase your hotel revenues this is the one of the best article written till date on how to increase Hotel revenue.

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