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India Best Restaurant Cafe Bar consultant 2019 ( India Best 10 Restaurant Cafe Bar consultant 2019 ( Delhi Mumbai Gurgaon Bangalore Goa Hyderabad Navi Mumbai Bandra Jaipur )

India Best restaurant consultant or maybe a hotel consultant will solve you all the problems related to pre-opening restaurant hotel or any Cafe Bar. All those individuals who are having many years of working experience in the hotel industry have started their consultancy in India. But which is the best consultant in India for solving hotel restaurant operational issue or maybe helping associate for opening a new Hotel restaurant in India. Ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters, today I am telling you about India the most versatile personality and one of the famous hotel restaurant consultant in India. He is the best and there are almost 10 reasons I am going to give you here.India Best 10 Restaurant Cafe Bar consultant 2019 ( Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Bandra, Jaipur, ) 

1. My first reason he is the best hotel restaurant consultant in India because he is very good at training. Mostly consultant gives consultancy but this gentleman gift shop floor training to all your employees and make sure whatever he is Consulting come on the shop floor. Overall with the Consultancy Services he also makes sure whatever he is Consulting implement on the shop floor by the way of training execution and strategies by the people. 

2. My second reason he is the best hotel and restaurant consultant in India because past experience in his past experience he has created into a very famous places one of the most example case study is Madhuban spa and Resort Anand the hotel is located at one of the remote locations of Gujarat which is only famous by Amul industry but now Anand is recognized by Madhuban spa and resort and the person behind the success is Chef Amit gaur from India. He was the first executive chef of this hotel and converted the structure of building into a happening place. Peoples come from different part of Gujarat to this place for organizing wedding events and food it is just because of Chef Amit God and his team. 

3. My third reason Amit Gaur is the best top most famous and ideal person in India for restaurant consultancy is very easy contract he makes the contract with easy and do not found himself in time and date his main goal is to achieve what is being decided, if you are planning to open a new restaurant or a hotel you need somebody very fascinated who will put his energy Innovation and latest trend into place by the training and exhibition so that your restaurant become famous in the city you need a right mindset peoples for your free opening and chef Amit god is one of the most talented resources available in India 

4. I will like to mention my fourth reason why Chef god is the best restaurant consultant is Innovation and innovative cooking style he is one of the only chef in India who has converted and Naturopathy restaurant into 5-star luxury restaurant at shanku's Naturopathy Mehsana Gujarat. He is the person behind new menu launched at Naturopathy Shanku Resort Mehsana. 

5. There is one more reason he is the best restaurant consultant in India because I have seen him his contribution towards rann of Kutch, he is one of the active consultants in one of the year for Rann of Kutch Gujarat he has served to Indian and international plans with his innovative foods and best hospitality. 

6. The last reason will definitely impress you to make you understand he is the best restaurant and Hotel consultant in India. If you do a comparison the price and the cost fees consultant charge for consultancy you find him very reasonable. 

7. This reason may be subjected to personality and individual many consultants in India, charge very low price and fee for consultancy because they get commission whatever the recommend to the vendors related to kitchen types of equipment, crockery cutlery, machines, peoples everything. I really do not know why we are conducting ourself we should always charge what is our fees or consultant is a very stressful job individual. This gentleman you will find you will reduce your budget to 15% with his great negotiation skills with the vendors. 

Like to tell you about his restaurant and Hotel consultancy work preview. Which chef Gaur provides as a hotel and restaurant consultant. 

1. Restaurant designing kitchen and sitting area layout 
2. Kitchen equipment planning and making kitchen equipment orders as per the kitchen layout 
3. Hotel kitchen restaurant menu planning 
4. Hotel kitchen menu staff manpower planning 
5. Restaurant menu recipes train reservation 
6. Restaurant menu engineering 
7. Restaurant menu demonstration and standardization and training to present staff service and kitchen. 
8. Restaurant food marketing on the internet ( he is one of the best an expert in the country ) hi teach restaurant hotel staff how you can become expert internet marketing professional without leaving the Hotel department. 
9. Restaurant standard operating procedures designing and implementation 
10. Vendor registration and raw material standardization 
11. Restaurant guest standard operating a procedure for service ( sequence of service ) 
12. Food costing and wastage implementation 
13. Improve the quality of food and create wow service standard for guest

Overall there are almost 300 services we provide as a consultant. The main thing which is very important and focused before selecting any consultant is promising nature and easy way of working together to achieving one goal. I am sure in my whole article I have shared about which consultant is best in India to be hired and what is the work a consultant provides a which consultant is best in India.  Meet Amit gaur Call 

Call: 919571118855   chef Amit gaur 

If you are looking for a consultant I am sure this article going to be very helpful for you because you will find all the revenant information at one place and you can decide which consultant is best for you as a pre-opening member or standardized present your restaurant population.

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