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Chef Gaur Amit Food Consultant And Top Executive chef of India

I can give you guarantee that with my food consultancy I will make your restaurant hotel one of the topmost in India and your city I have a piece of great knowledge about food and I believe in honesty and providing great food wonderful hospitality and reasonable price for the menus.Good evening my brothers and sisters ladies and gentlemen my name is chef Gaur Amit and I are from India and I am one of the expert Consultant And executive chefs of India. Today I am sharing with you about my consultancy services and how I will be helpful to all those who are opening their restaurant as a pre-opening team member and how I will be really helpful to all those business owners who are facing low revenues in their fnb in India. I will be sharing with you all my services in detail so that it is easy for you to decide which consultant is good for your next food business in India. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

1. My services related to increases in your food quality and standardization of process and procedure related to fnb department. This is some of the services I provide in consultancy to all those restaurant owners and peoples who want to make more money from their food business

A. Corporate chef services 
   As you can see my past working years experience, I have a capacity to handle multiple units at the same time,I worked as a corporate chef in the past so I will be providing you my corporate shared services which include the following services. 
1. Developing new menus for your FNB 
2. Quality audit of your present food quality, presentation, costing, standardization, portion control and provide training to maintain the same. 
3. Introducing new recipes, standardization and making new concepts for your buffets and banquet events. 
4. Organizing events and activities for your restaurants, it includes planning menu designing people's training. 
5. Regularly watch on expenses and reduce wastages, by implementing report and checklist. 
6. Staff training on FACCI New guidelines for the food industry. 
Overall I will be taking all the responsibilities of your food production and Service Department which is required for increasing revenues for the department. Contact me 

2. My services related to increasing brand visibility and marketing of your fnb department. 
This is something very unique and I am proudly announced I am the only person in India who provides complete end to end solutions. The complete the whole circle of success for hospitality industry. I will be ensuring whatever good things at your hotel restaurant is being market in your city with the help of internet. I will be providing a unique teaching and training to your present employees and make them capable to market their product and services with the help of internet, especially without leaving their department, imagine if your executive chef making a nice Sunday brunch, at the same time he and FNB Team ensure it will come on internet Google search result on the keyword (best Sunday brunch in city) results, your Sunday brunch will become success you will convince your message and information regarding to Sunday brunch to all those in your city who are looking for a Sunday brunch, isn't it interesting, yes it is the new concept we have introduced to complete the circle A consultant in India nowadays only Consulting but the circle is not completed till you increase revenue. I am sure after reading this you want to talk to me I am sharing with you the email address you write me, in detail what are the challenges you are facing in your hotel restaurant I will give you a solution with promising commitment in India. call me +919571118855

So I have shared you, I provide services to Food Industry increasing and improving quality of food product, standardize the recipes and teach Hotel and restaurant employees according to standard operating procedures at the same time I am the only one who also provides a unique platform teaching about internet marketing and completes the circle of success. I am sure you agree with me the food business success depends on 3 Points quality of food quality of service reasonable price and good marketing. I am the only one who will give you a guarantee to deliver such services this promising results and written contract. call me +919571118855

I also provide few other services with these promising and very popular services in India anyone looking for this can contact me an email. 
1. Menu planning kitchen designing 
2. Standardization of menu recipes 
3. Training of kitchen and services staff 
4. Food safety standard operating procedures implementation 
5. Hygiene food quality audit 
6. Wastage audit 
7. Making a list of pieces of equipment and crockery and cutlery if you are opening a new restaurant. 
8. New restaurant for project pre-opening or post-opening 
9. Turn around restaurant services and menu planning call me +919571118855

Following cities already having my presence in India I easily take any project in these cities. If your food business located at following cities I can start Consulting and providing my expert advice to your business instantly rest other places in India I can also do but I am not sure because due to the lack of time and other family liabilities I have dedicated limited time and days for consultancy in India. call me +919571118855

Following cities where I provide restaurant and food consultancy are, mumbai, goa, jaipur, udaipur, jodhpur, shimla, mussoorie, delhi, gurgaon, ludhiana, chandigarh, kerala, assam, guwahati, chennai, bangalore, alleppey. 
My restaurant consultancy package : I have a very simple and very clean and promising contract for food consultancy if you can email me I will send you detail instantly on the email. call me +919571118855

I would like to thank you and gratitude visiting on my website and reading information about our best restaurant consultancy and services and packages I am sure you will also consider me as one of the shortlist individual for your food and Restaurant consultancy I can only guarantee you to provide you promising result and services which I will come at you while the contract. Thank you chef Amit gaur me +919571118855

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