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Hotel Internet Marketing Expert Softwares India

I would like to present my Software As a solution for WOW Hotel marketing. My Every software Made for Solving unique solutions for Hotel Industry. 

We are a very small company with  Limited Hotel Using Our Softwares. Because our software is showing results in increased revenues to our present customers we are looking to expand our business and provide our software to Few More Hotels in INDIA.
 We not Just provide Our software and Say Thanks we provide a 24-hour monitoring system, The latest marketing strategies and regular training programs to Hotel staff using Our software for getting maximum results from our software.

After 4 years of Research on Hotel Internet Marketing we understand what are the places where Hotels are lacking, we have developed a unique Hotel marketing strategies and our Technology for the Hospitality industry to solve their many problems related to Hotel marketing. 

I would like to tell you more about pricing and software benefits from Our Softwares. 

1.  Hotel MARCOM A Google Broadcasting and Marketing System 

This is one of the only software in the world which work as a marketing and communication manager between a Hotel Vs potential audience in the world. The software completes the real meaning of out of the box concept. You can instantly broadcast your Hotel product and services on Google browser with the help of this software. Unbelievable right. 
The software work in 3 processes. 
A. The user has to speak in front of the software. About their product and services related to their respective Hotel department ( bouquet, food, restaurant, wedding hall, event planning, offer, Food festival, special discount, happy hour etc.)( contact us for More details ) 
B. Software converts Speech into Text and broadcast The Same text on a google search. ( contact us for More details ) 
C. The software work on a premium domain, dedicate to you While a contract. You can monetize and earn more you Pay from this premium GEO location. ( contact us for More details ) 

To understand more, here is the demonstration video of the software on 

Price: 120000.00 Per year ( Self Manage ) 
Price: 200000.00  Per Year ( Manage Services ) 
( contact us for More details ) 

Your Hotel brand becomes King on Google. 

2.  Amit ORM  ( Hotel Online Reputation Builder on Google ) 

 This Software is an extension of Hotel MARCOM and dedicated for increasing Hotel online reputation. This is the unique feedback platform which directly connected on Google browser. ( contact us for More details ) 

1. You will find your hotel online reputation increasing on Google. And you are the person behind that no other third-party agency. ( contact us for More details ) 
2. You will find before booking Your Hotel Room from OTA customers is calling you directly for price negotiations. 
3. You will able to provide your message to your potential customer before they purchase your hotel room. ( contact us for More details ) 

To understand more, here is the demonstration video of the software on 

Price: 35000.00 Per year ( Self Manage ) 
Price: 100000.00  Per Year ( Manage Services ) 
( contact us for More details ) 

3. WIFICRM ( WIFI Customer Relationship Management)

 This software interfaces with Hotel Wi-Fi network and become a communication tool between a hotel guest and hotel departments. The software is very helpful for reducing Hotel guest complaints and monitoring Hotel operation. The software provides automation of guest feedback, TripAdvisor reviews, social media marketing, and content marketing. The software is helpful to hotels creating their own guest database on WhatsApp and latest platform. ( contact us for More details ) 

To understand more, here is the demonstration video of the software on 

Price:  65000.00 Per year ( Self Manage ) 

( contact us for More details ) 

Why Use  Our  Out of the Box Hotel Marketing Software  2019 

I would Like to present my Software as a service for your Hotel. I am Hotel Technical and Internet Marketing Advisor. Believe me, Our Software can create wonders for you.  You are doing Hotel Internet Marketing just because for more business. 2019 I am presenting my Out of the Box Hotel Marketing Proposal for your Hotel.

As I am saying, my method is out of the box and I guarantee you. With our Software Yur  Hotel marketing strategies and developed in-house Technology, you will confident you can create a big competition in the City. 

These  Results in the 1-year contract 

A. I will Reduce your Paid Internet Marketing expenses 

B. I will increase Hotel brand product and services visibility online too so big you will find Your Hotel Brand name present on each and every facility and services you are offering to your target audience. 
C. I will be increasing your hotel online reputation so big compared to Others OTA platforms. 

D. I will be increasing your Online OTA Booking working closely with your Revenue manager. 

E.  I will be increasing your direct sales lead working closely with your sales manager. 

F. I will be reducing Hotel guest complaints by providing my advanced technology and software programming. 

G. I will be looking after your hotel social media marketing. and ensuring hotel network increase online on social media platforms to the potential customers in the world. 

H. overall I will be looking after you increase your hotel revenue. 

You must be surprising how I am going to do that? 

In one year contract With your Hotel, I will be providing the following 
A. My software and Technology 
B. My training and teaching to your hotel employees 
C. My monitoring and support 24 hours with your hotel employees. 

My Gratitude to you for considering Reading Our Hotel Marketing Proposal. And About my company services, we are providing as Hotel Revenue development and Online Reputation. In India.

Contact us : +919571118855

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