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Best Hotel Marketing software award 2019 Won by Google Marcom

So you are a marketing manager of any hotel and you want technology and software to help you in to set up great marketing and branding of your hotel online. Nowadays technology is very user-friendly and able to increase Hotel revenues with the help of software. Today I am telling you about one of the best marketing software is specially made and design for the hospitality industry. 

The hospitality industry is purely service industry and they need a very specific requirement for Hotel marketing and branding and this software comes with a guarantee and warranty Aisa it will increase your hotel revenues or the owner of the software will not sleep in the night till your hotel revenue increase. 

Today I am telling you about all the details functional benefit from one of the best Marketing software specially made for Hotel resort restaurant and hospitality industry. 

The software name is (Best Hotel Marketing software award 2019 Won by Google Marcom )


This software has out-of-the-box functionality specially designed for the hotels If you are using this software you will find following benefits from the software. 

1. You can send an received email, the software includes a bulk email server with dedicated IP and private virtual server. Show your email solutions with this software complete. 

2. Automation of your social media post and content, definitely your hotel is having many social media accounts it is very difficult to every time login to EA social media account and post something, related to Hotel marketing branding promotion offers. This software includes automation of social media posting and free schedule content posting. Show your social media marketing problem solve with this software. 

3. Guest feedback system includes in the system, so online reputation and online marketing problem solved with this software, the software is a perfect review generator software for TripAdvisor and all other social media platforms. 

4. Bulk SMS and WhatsApp marketing, the software includes bulk SMS and software API to send WhatsApp messages you can instantly reach to the audience who is in your contact list. So your marketing problem solves from this software. 

Overall there are 25 benefits from this software this is the one of the best latest and unique software because you will find all the requirement at one place. You don't have to purchase different software for different options and different Hotel marketing you have to just purchase one year licence and the one software will give you each and everything which you required related to your hotel marketing. 

One of the most benefits I am going to share you-you will get from this software which is Google broadcasting. I am sure you also agree with me in your hotel you have many events and activities happening on a daily basis and you want to tell that activity and event to the concerned target audience in the world and Google search is the easiest platform reach to the target audience this software will help you to broadcast your content on Google search instantly this is one of the Unique systems is been designed till date for hospitality industry. 

The belief and the trust 
The software is been using by many hotels in India in Kota Udaipur Rajasthan Delhi Mumbai Bangalore and all other cities the software is a self-duet program if you are having this software your social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, online reputation marketing, database marketing, every marketing will be looked after. 

I am sure after reading so much about this software you want to see the demonstration how this software work for your convenient see we have made a video on YouTube and you can also search online this software by typing in your search bar ( HOTEL GOOGLE MARCOM SOFTWARE ) 

I would like to give you three reason why the software is best for Hotel marketing 
1. 360 performance, one software is good enough for all the solution gives the reason this is the best software for the hospitality industry for marketing and branding. 
2. The software prices so reasonable and affordable by any hotel any size is II benefit this software is best for Hotel marketing 
3. The 24-hour support and the team behind the software 
is outstanding fantastic and very understandable problems and solutions is the third reason after sales support was excellent. 

I am sure I have shared your best information about Universal best technology and software made for Hotel marketing if you like please share to your friends and family about this information best hotel Marketing software


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