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Best 4 Hotel CRM Reviews and  functionality advantage and disadvantage 

Best CRM For Hospitality industry:- Yesterday we have investigated and examine 5 best hotel customer relationship management software and find which software is really helpful for creating a great customer relationship management between Hotel Management and Hotel guest. Here the list starts. Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:

   This is one of the out of the box project made by Indian IT scientist and a hotelier Mr Amit gaur. This CRM integrates with hotel Wi-Fi network and provide a great communication between a hotel guest and hotel staff in real time. This software solve all type of customer relationship which is required for creating a long term relationship with a hotel guest. This software has following module. 
1. Guest one touch service 
2. Guest content marketing solution( welcome letter thank you letter) 
3. Automation of social media marketing ( to all those who registered in software) 
4. First electronic Butler for hotels in India. 
5. Hotel guest complaint management 
6. Automation of task and tickets system 
7. Room service menu display system 
8. Room service ordering system 
9. Spa treatment booking system 
9. Hotel concierge alert and support system 
10. TripAdvisor ranking solution 
11. tool for creating guest database on WhatsApp 

This software has many benefits which allowed anyone to purchase this software especially Hotel Management and Hotel operators because this software is solving many problems related to communication and coordination. 
1. The first benefit is, guest do not need to download any app in his phone, this is advanced technology which work only when guest is in the hotel premises. 
No need to download, normally Hotel guest do not download the app, because it is wastage after they check out from the hotel. 

2. Lot of models available on very reasonable price. The software licence is very reasonable so that any hotel can afford this. 

3. Very user friendly application anyone can handle this software fully automated software. Automation of reporting and everything work on artificial intelligence assistant. 

4. Complete tailor made solution, the software completely designed as per the hotel, website, designing, colour combination 
, logos, personal contents et cetera. 

Disadvantage of software 
1. Normally people who are using this software do not recommend this software to other hotel because they do not want other hotels to be increase their TripAdvisor ranking. 
2. The software owners doesn't have negotiation the software comes under fixed price because the software pricing are very reasonable there is a no chance for negotiation. Normally it is been seen hotel increase their online visibility and online booking and get more Guest satisfaction with the help of this software. 

2. CRMVO ( Hotel CRM)
   This is another similar software to Wi-Fi CRM, this software is developed in Italy. This is Italian product and all the information can be gained from visiting website 

3. CRMZO CRM  ( Hotel CRM)Contact Amit on phone  +919571118855       Email Amit to contact:
   This is one of the best software in India for customer relationship management this software allows email marketing SMS marketing WhatsApp marketing and database. 

4. Google MARCOM  ( Hotel CRM)
    This is one of the best customer relationship management software in India this software is the best seller in India. This software is very famous and popular and almost 50% of hotels are using this software with the help of this software they can set up a great communication relationship with the customers to the target audience with the help of Internet this is out of the box project made one of the personality India 

Overall today I have share you all the information and functions benefits disadvantage of CRM software in India I am sure my this information is very helpful for those who are looking and searching online Hotel customer relationship management software and they are confused which software is good 
their Hotel, I am also sharing, contact details address and email address of the hotel CRM service providers in India you can contact them and find which is best for you.a WOW customer relationship management software. Because the customer is God and if you make a good relationship your problem for increasing revenues will be solved for sure. Thank you very much for reading about my article on hotel Best CRM software Technologies rating reviews advantage and disadvantage of all software.

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