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The Best Guest Feedback System is here ( WIFICRM)

IT industry is not is like a fruit market, you will find many companies and agencies telling they are the best provider of guest feedback systems for hotels and the hospitality industry. But the best software is those who show you the results and convert that results into revenues or big knowledge base what's your customer requirement when they are staying in your hotel. There are major to type of guest feedback systems available in the market.The guest feedback system nowadays used by the hotel industry because the software which captures guest feedback helpful to understand your guest more. There is two type of guest feedback software and systems.

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1. Post Guest feedback system 
   Normally this type of software is not in the trends among Hotel Manager and Hotel operators. Because when against check out from your hotel premises especially unhappy guest you cannot do anything. You cannot do anything service recovery to make him happy and go out of Hotel premises. Due to this presently this software is not in the trends. 

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. The real-time guest feedback system 
   Real-time a guest feedback system is a software which captures guest request and complaints in real time. With the help of software, you know what your customer needs in real time while he is staying in your hotel. The software is very helpful to manage your customer requirements and needs and make them happy from your hotel services hotel rooms. With the help of this software many hotels are reducing their Hotel guest complaints are you also one of them if not please read this carefully this article is very interesting for you to increase your hotel guest online reputation as well as reduce Hotel guest complaints.

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Recently I have met Mr Amit. He is hotel marketing Guru in India. He is one of the best and top Hotel marketing expert in India he is helping many hotels increasing Hotel revenue and reduced Hotel guest complaint with the help of technology and software. He shares about his recent project made for capturing real-time guest systems. 

Which software is very interesting and very innovative. He has used capturing guest feedback in real time with the help of Hotel Wi-Fi system. He told Wi-Fi only network in the hotel where every customers and hotel staff is available. He is using modern technology and involving internet into creating guest experiences. 

Best guest feedback system in the world ( WIFICRM ) 
Hotel Wi-Fi CRM is the best, guest feedback system made for the hotel industry. I would like to tell you the facility and the benefits of the software which will give you all the answers why this software is the best feedback system in the world. 

1. The software captures real-time get feedbacks and request and circulate to the concerned department of the hotel in real time. The results the software meet attention among the hotel staff about Hotel request complaints and requirements. Hotel admin can monitor all the hotel operations Hotel guest requirement and feedback in real-time sitting in the office in front of the computer. 

2. Wi-Fi CRM having a unique module of online reputation management. The software help and provide a platform to the hotel operator to increase their online reputation on all the online travel agent website. ( OTA). This is something which you never believed but it is truth. This software has a capacity to increase Hotel online reputation management among all the online travel agent website including TripAdvisor MakeMyTrip and Goibibo. So software will give you more online booking. 

3. The software come with a guarantee and warranty it will work 100%. Either the software will told you what are the guest complaints and who are those who are not looking after your hotel gas properly or the software will connect all the customers and perform automatic digital marketing and social media marketing of your hotel social media pages. This software is a great feedback system for social media marketing and engagement. 

4. Very easy to use. The software is very easy to use for a hotel guest as well as hotel staff. This software is specially made for the hotel industry. 

5. Multitasking performance, the software has many multitasking performances which every Hotel required increasing revenues and capturing Hotel guest feedback. 

Overall if you are looking for a guest feedback system for your hotel we recommend you to one's both the demonstration of this software Before finalizing any software for your guest feedback monitoring system. We are not saying you purchase this software, we are not marketing on the Google you purchase this software because this is the best Guest engagement and feedback system we are requesting you to first see the demonstration of this Guest feedback system and compare with other available in the world you will find this is more solid cylinder performance unique and innovative software made till date for hotel Guest feedback system .

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