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How to Stop OTA Eating your Hotel Business by Amit Gaur

Nowadays you will find a lot of articles information and WhatsApp messages floating and motivating Hotel owners and Hotel managers to fight back with OTA. I would like to put my opinion, you cannot stop this in this way... 

Whatever which is interest to the customers you cannot stop that... This is the basic fundamental which few peoples are not understanding and they are knocking many doors for actions... 

Imagine I am a customer if I want to Book A Hotel in any Location. Our first priority is best deals and rates. You tell me WHO  Hotel who is charging for bad services in the world. A Hotel Room For 400 /- Rs is Also Bound For Good Service and The same for 50000/- Rs Hotel Room.

I would like to share my opinions on how to fight back with OTA. I am sorry to say to All Those big people sitting on the topmost post in the Hotel industry for not thinking the solutions. What I understand for all those WhatsApp and LinkedIn messages they want to reduce the commission & Fix the Hotel Room Rates and want OTA Not  Give Discounts on their Website but Peoples not Thinking the solutions How to increase direct revenues from Hotel websites.........Because If Hotel Website Start Making Booking From Website Hotel will Automatic Reduce Commissions Paid to OTA 

My opinion Fight back with OTA is 

1. Hotel operators have to make his own OTA ( at least invest 10% of commission amount into a  technology make you Hotel own OTA and Promote Other city Hotels ) 
2. Hotel operators have to use advanced technology and virtual modern Hotel marketing trends. 
3. Hotels have to apply the same strategy which OTA is playing, OTA has created their online presence so big, customers are lending Direct for their website for Hotel Room requirements Ex... Even such a big 5-star luxury chain are also not seen on google third pages also. This is the fact and truth. 

Do you Know About  Hotel Google  MARCOM  I would like to also tell This is a great invention made for Hotel operators for increasing their online presence and increasing direct sales from the website? We have designed a great marketing strategy for increasing Hotel online room booking and increasing direct revenues from the website. 

A fantastic Result oriented promising software 
Hotel GoogleMarCOM 

Just speak, in front of the software about your hotel product and services and see yourself on top Pages on Google. This is the only solution for increasing your hotel online reputation without any third party Agencies or company. 

Very soon you will see your direct leads has been increased, your hotel online booking also increased. This is one and the only invention made to solve the Hotel operators marketing problem.

Hotels Need to invest in Technology because this fight is with high-level Technology-driven companies.

You can easily do it because due to your carelessness, and an awareness, technology-driven companies are hacking your business.OTA.

It is very surprising and funny, very good hotel has his own It departments, including 5-star luxury Hotels.

It was so funny, the Hotel IT team is capable only for repairing printers, networking, WIFI speed. And The Source Of Revenue  ( Hotel Website ( somebody else Handly It ) Every hotel has his own dedicated server,24 hours AC cooling Tham, this article may be firing up, mini professionals who want to do something big to fight with OTAs.

 This article is very useful for all those, who are looking for improving direct bookings from the Hotel website. Let's begin.......Fight Back With OTA 

Step-1 Increasing Hotel Website Online Presence More Big ..........

OTA companies eating your Hotel business.OTA companies are technically very sound, you have to equip your website with the same technology and use the same marketing strategy what OTA A using in India.for online Presence.

As A Owner Manager, you can give your Hotel room in any cost, solution for cash burn By OTA. You can create your online presence like any OTA online with our new hotel marketing strategy.

Improve this 5 technical aspect in your website and increase online visibility

1.  Normally Hotel website is been made by a professional digital marketing company. The trade secret is, they do not use best practices as per Google and other browsers algorithms. these 5 technical, reasons your website presence are like dog and cat show.  (  Repair That  and Fight Back With OTA)

A. Dedicated IP

   Ask your, website developer, to install your website on dedicated IP. Normally, hotel website developers used share IP. This is the most effective technical reason to repair among all the big companies Hotel website.OTA website having many dedicated IP. Approximately cost of dedicated IP for a year is 5000/- INR. (  Repair That  and Fight Back With OTA)

B. Separate email IP

   Normally Hotel use, official email ids, which belong to Hotel website domain name, it is being suggestive, to Hotel operator, to use separate IP for email addresses. Because when you are sending bulk emails for marketing and promotional, many people mark it spam. Due to this, your domain also, earns a bad reputation open the browser. (  Repair That  and Fight Back With OTA)




Thank you 

Amit gaur 



Hotel Marketing Company
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