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unbelievable Shocking wow Hotel marketing new technique 2019

Unbelievable Shocking wow Hotel marketing new technique 2019

If you believe your hotel staff are educated, intelligent, and can speak 10 minutes daily about their Hotel services and products to the target audience in the world. This hotel marketing Project will solve your all issues related to Hotel marketing and branding. Increase your banquet bookings, football at restaurant .A outstanding marketing strategy.which is  Very easy and simple, just speak 10 minutes about your hotel services Or  product  and See  Increasing  footfall and Your Hotel.

I have recently noticed 2 things Hotels are more focus on MICE & ROOMS Revenues in INDIA. May be the reason achieving budget quickly. Today I will be telling you about one  project made for Boosting Hotel   MICE & FNB Revenues .This Marketing  System is new and  will  be Operate by All  Hotel employees  after a easy  3 hours Traning .This Can be only  for Those  Hotel Staff who are very educated and soundly knowledge about their Hotel Departments  and process .In Other Words a very Eassy way for  Hotel Staff  to give their contributation into Hotel Revenue Developments  & Marketing.

Especially when, Hotel Occupancy are very less..This Process and Actions  create unique marketing strategy which will be an defeated by competitive hotels or any OTA companies.

From last many days, I am visiting many good Hotels in India, I am visiting their restaurants, understanding their banquet services   understand how they provide Mice and wedding solutions in the City. and what Are the Points they are Sufferings .It is very surprising, I find most of the bigger Hotels, Restaurants are not doing well in Afternoon and week days as what they have expected from their Food Revenues .In fact the food quality was superb, there is no comparison,in the quality of presentation & raw materials Hotel used but still they are finding solutions here and their to catch football in the restaurants. Even International brands are also failed in INDIA to  full restaurants fnb revenues with their brand name.

Everybody claims they are the best in the City, but every Hotels are  facing the same problems.

A. Restaurants & FnB outlets football not as expected

B. APC is high but utilization of venues not as expected

C. Competition killing us.

D. Walk-ins and buffet sells not as expected

E. Every Year Banquet and weddings booking increasing but not as expected no proper area utilization & monetized.

I am sure you agreed with me! Let’s find the Solutions Together for these Problems, First Identified, problems and Problems  effects to Hotel Staffs & Guest Services.

The Big Problem is  (  How to increase Revenues and Optimise the Resources.)

And this problem affecting Staffs & Management  lifes  & Hotel working areas The Common Hotel Problems faced By Hotel Staff and Managers 

1. Hotels Staff Faccing Issues in Salaries cut Down

2. Manpower cost cutting in Hotel Departments 

3. Resources and services effecting at Hotels 

4.Staff Duty hours are increased

5.High pressure working environment  for Hotel Staffs 

6. HODS are Not getting proper quality skilled employees, and many more problems.

7. Not Fixed Daily Sell  but fix Department cost

A. Presently Hotel business Specially FNB revenues are not fixed But expenses in kitchen and restaurants are fixed. This is the main problem amoung all But This can be solved by getting footfalls and More Business  to the FNB .This can be Achived by .Reaching to the potential target audience who are staying in the other Hotels in the CITY, Or more Getting More Banquet functions, corporate meetings, wedding, functions, activities, buffet footfalls etc.

If Hotel staff, use this project this problem easily will be solved........

Especially for Restaurants  revenues & footfalls are not stable, and due to this, our wastages & food cost high and we always worried. We start using compromise in the standards. We use more fridges to store food which is against our Fresh Food policy.

B. Due to unmatched revenues vs expenses in the Hotels they cannot provide justice to the staff working in Hotels.( Salaries ) unable to increase the salary they expect and required & justify.

But don't worries I have find the solution for this Problems..........

About This Project?

This project is all about new way of Hotel marketing & Increasing Hotel Revenues. by  collecting contribution from the Hotel staff, and make a strong marketing strategy which is unbeatable by any competitive Hotel in the City. The two line define of this Hotel marketing project

A.This Project is all about how we Hotels Reach to target audience in the world with the help of internet. Convey Their  message to  customers and get more Leads and Business for Your Hotels .

B. Any Way This is also  very interesting and new learning for hotel staffs  because with the help of this project hotel staff will contribute into hotel marketing as well as guest deliveries without any effort and sufferings.I am hundred percent sure if anyone Hotel staff learn how to work under this Project .He or She will definitely double their salaries for sure.

This project maybe give a kickass to Hotel Digital Marketing Companies but this will really helpful for Hotel staffs to increase their popularity in the city as a best service Provider among other and of course increasing revenues for the hotels.

About Who Made this Project  ?  

Project Made by  Amit Gaur. A hotelier and IT scientist, He is exploring the solutions for Hotel marketing, especially how hotels will increase direct connections with their potential customers, how Hotels can set up a communication between potential customers and target audience in the world without any efforts. And we have done that.......

This project totally different from methods written in old books about Hotel marketing......

Are you also one of those ? Looking for increase revenues and optimise the Hotel resources. 
  Then don't worry my friend, Amit gaur is here for you. He  made this project, engaging myself from last 3 years. Today  he see  Happy  himself Due to Good Results ..He told us Future Hotel marketing is all about learning and using the technology + Best quality provider to Guest in the City. He told us He  really understand the pain of Hotel fnb managers and chefs , because he himself  work for 14 years in The Hotels and find three things stopping him  increasing salaries resources and facilities to my staff working in my department.

1. Less Department  revenues

2. Less Over All revenues

3. High Paying to Banks  more from our  revenues as a Intrest of Loan by the Owners 

What are the Benefits from this Project ?

This project is beneficial for Hotel marketing making Hotel services and product reachable to the target audience and fighting tool with competitive hotels in the City So  this project will helpful for making restaurant & FOOD & MICE famous in the City .Lets  Explore How this project will helpful to fnb team increasing football in FNB Departments and become top and famous in the City.

First the basic requirement of this project.

 There are some requirements to performing this project successfully This project is only for those Hotels Who believes their employees are intelligent, educate, & knowledgeable about their department’s .This is the first requirement in this project. Results amazing and fantastic. If you think, your hotel staff   meet this requirements do not read more....

How this project works ?

This project is very simple, easy and result oriented:

A. Identify, who all  hotel staff for having good knowledge about Hotel products and Services Department wise.Make a Group Of those Hotel staff.Use Google MARCOM watch Demo of Google Marcom ? Click Here 

B. Daily basis, those staff in employees speaking 10 minutes about their Hotel services and product to the target audience in the world.

That's it..... This project will solve your problem, increasing footfall in your restaurants, more Banquet and MICE bookings, more people visiting your Sunday brunch, overall small contribute and big results.

How this possible, we have made a video for you on YouTube  you can watch the video for click link here.

If you like to use this project for your hotel marketing please write us or contact.

Step 3

Speak about your product. That's it the Peoples, Staff we have selected for this mission has to talk about their product services and special events on daily basis and that's it. If you think your hotel staff, department heads, are capable to speak about their products, for a example, you chef will speak about his menu item, why his xyz food item is best in the City ? Then this project is really make you popular in your city on daily basis.

We will give a complete training, and execution, support.

Believe me market is very competitive in hospitality industry. This project is something new and out of the box made for Hotel operators, we have attached a video you can watch the video how this project works for Hotel marketing.

If you want to contact learn more about this project you can contact us here.


Thank you .



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