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Hotel Staff Earning Extra 25000 per Month Learn How ?

From last many days we are sharing information about How Hospitality industry will set up (SOP) Standard Operating Procedures for Developing Their Hotel Staff  so that they all  Easily participating into Hotel Online Digital Marketing. There are many Benefits from this  Example Doubling the results, great Hotel online presence, and all the money saved Paying to  third party agency.and staff Earning more and more day by day .
Today You will Learn About A Great Way of Hotel Marketing & Earning More : How  Hotel departments & Staff Become capable to market their product and services to the target audience.

How they will contributein department wise  in to making Hotel very big online presence in the City.   it is already implemented at many Hotels in India and all are getting wow Results on daily basis. Let's begin learning about this new concept and Trend Of Digital Hotel Marketing By Hotel Staffs.

I am sure you are finding this  very interesting. I Pretend there are many confusions enquiries How it is possible ? Lets Start ...

Something About this Project For Hotel Marketing 
Hi, my name is Amit Gaur. I am from India. I worked for 14 years in Hotel Industry. In last 3 years I Learn Information and Technology. Myself and My Team Inventing useful ways & Easy to Use software and Technologies For Hotel Online Marketing My Vision to Provid plateforms to the  hospitality industry to increase their revenues .Because Myself worked for many years into Hotel operations  & Marketing I understand what are the actual Requirement  and How we can fulfill those With Hotel Online Digital Marketing . 

When I was corporate chef with  one of the leading Hotel Group in India I find Digital marketing is the latest, easiest, effective, marketing solutions for hospitality industry. The contribution of revenues to Hospitality industry is been increasing day by day but it is very sad mostly Hotels and Resorts have hired a third party Agencies and company for their Digital marketing. Due to this Hotels Are paying Too much of money wastage and results are not as Expected .

 Amit Gaur Picture 

Hotels in India want to increase their Direct bookings ,Wedding & Banquet & FNB Revenues from online platforms.(Hotel Websites) but they failed because  they have given this major responsibility to a  third party marketing company or Agency. Infact doing Hotel Digital Marketing is very easy Rather than Old books of Hotel Marketing .its Easily and any Hotel can doubled their Product & Services presence online and  Increase results as more  revenues and leads.

Myself  Decided Lets make a  a solution for This and We have made a Project for Hotels industry after 3 years of R&D on Hotel  Digital Marketing and Concepts .This is very unique Result oriented and promising Project we made  for Making Hotel online marketing .we have made  This Project  for making Hotel  Big  online presence and set up  communications to the Target audience in a easy way . 

We named this Project is  WIFICRM Project 

This Project Includes Three Implements At Hotels  :-

A. 3 days Training of Present Hotel departments and making them capable in Digital Marketing and  Teach tham  market their product and services to the target audience in the world. The vision is to make every Hotel Department and Hotel staff as a Brand Ambassador of the Hotel services and product. Results Hotels Will  Generate more leads for  sales Department. The very interesting part in this project  Just 10 min  investment  daily  and this project will show outstanding results for Hotel marketing. 

B. Implementation of our softwares and Technology to make this desire complete .We give Our Softwares .Our Software platforms  are very easy to handle, you have to just speak in front The software What you want to Market and that's it .Everything the softwares will do it for your online Hotel marketing. Software is also capable to connect with you to the target audience in the world.198 countries . First time you ever read this don't believe it but we have proven records and our clients who are using these projects are are saying this. 

C. Monitoring system by our Team : Because we know this is a new concept and project for the Hotel departments so we provide complete 24 hour support and monitoring system for the hotels. In other words we are guiding Hotel departments day by day. Till all  become perfect. 

Let me tell you a comparison Between Your present digital marketing services and what you will achieve  when you implement this project into Your Hotel Marketing 

Decision will be yours 

Hotel Marketing Points  Your Digital Marketing Company  Our Marketing Project Implementation
1. Your marketing company doing SEO for your website  Yes ( 20-30 Keywords) Daily new Keywords your Hotel marketing almost 3000 yearly keywords
2.. Your Hotel daily activities & online marketing  Not doing  Yes Restaurant marketing Not doing  Yes 
4.Happy Hours & promotions online marketing  Not Doing  Yes 
5.Special events & food festival marketing  Not Doing   Yes 
7.Spa marketing Not Doing   Yes 
8.Bakery & FNB marketing Not Doing   yes 
9.Banquet hall marketing  Not Doing   Yes 
10.Pub and bar marketing 
Not Doing   yes 

I have almost more 100 points and list of areas which which your digital marketing Agencies are not doing  for Hotel  Online  Marketing .Third Party  Agencies are mainly focus on limited keywords marketing and little bit of social media marketing that's it. But after this implementation at your Hotel you will find your hotel have a great online presence for anything you search online. 

I have a very small Request to all those who are investing money on third party digital marketing agencies. 

The cost of our 12 month Services is just  1 month money you are spending on digital marketing agencies. You will save all the money you are paying to digital marketing companies for 11 month. You can Spend that money on your staff cafeteria, staff welfare. 

The motive of this project for hospitality industry is to make capable Hotel staff & Hotel departments to market their product and services to the target audience and digital marketing is one of the easiest platform they can reach to the target audience without leaving their department and they can contribute into hotel marketing and give a high competition to all those who are present in the City, in the same trade. 

I will be highly appreciate to show you a demonstration of my project. You can contact me on my email address : . I will be showing you a live demonstration and we will have a good question and answers session about Hotel digital marketing. 

We have made a small video for you which is in Hindi language you can also watch this video which is is on the top of this read out. OK what understand how big thing is been made and invented for the hospitality industry to increase the capability and capacity of the hotel staff. 

If you like my Vision and Mission and project video do share and recommend to your friends and family who are working in hotel industry. 

We have also added affiliates programming in the project,Few Hotels are earning Hotel Staff Earning 25000 per month 10 min Daily .A great new way to Hotel Marketing,New learning Of Hotel Staff and Earning . And a Great Way of Hotel Revenue Development by Online ways .

Thank you 

Amit Gaur 

+91957111855 Mobile Number INDIA 

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