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Kind Attention : Hotel General Manager

Dear Hotels Professional , 

Subject :- Making Hotel Departments Capable for Online Marketing Contributions 
Sharing you a permanent solution for your Hotel online Marketing. This method maybe very dangerous for your competitor hotels in the City. Our hotel marketing strategy will solve following problems which is now  a common problem for every Hotel Manager and Hotel operator in India. 


1. How to Increase Restaurant footfalls  

2. How to Increase banquet and mice events ? 

3. How to Increase buffet revenues ? 

4. How to Increase weddings and mice ? 
5. How to Increase bar sells ?

6. How to Incressed Online Booking as well Room Booking from My Hotel  website ? 

There are lot of Marketing companies & Agencies in  your city who will claim they will rock your Hotel Marketing. They will increase your Hotel Online Room bookings. It is the first way to impress anybody and get the Business. 

I have Noticed this at  many times Association between  Online Marketing Agency and A Hotel endup less than in a  1 year. The shelf life is very less, reasons unpromising results.

And Again the whole process starts .A Digital Markeitng Company Look for new Hotel and Hotel Management Look for New marketing Agency.In fact solutions is no were. Hotels are changing people's and companies Not Finding  The permanent solutions.

Let me Introduce myself and My Motive Sending you this informatation Actualy I want Do business with you . My name is Amit. I belong to Hospitality industry. I have worked for 16 years in Hotel operations. I worked on many senior profiles where I am responsible for increasing revenues and improving quality of services and Product .After Lot Of  R&D  We have Developed a Soluction for Hotel Online Marketing .which is  a new Development  by myself  and my IT Team .A new and easy way finding all the solutions Related to Hotel Online Marketing 

Trust us Our  way is very Simple, very easy  and WOW  Result oriented.This All About  finding solutions for Increasing Hotel Revenues are : 

Combination of These Three things and Great Hotel Online Marketing 

1. Time Investment  of Hotel staffs Departments 5 min daily .They Have to Speak About their Product & Services infront my System.Thats it ..

2. My Technology is a  artificial intelligence system ,Convert That Speeach into text and Took That to Google Serached Results.After Using this Method for few weeks Hotel start Recognising Their brand , services and product, Creating a Big Monopoly At searches .Results They Start Getting directly leads.Their Room booking from OTA start increasing. Their banquet, restaurant , footfall increased. And The good Part is that's all without any third party Online digital marketing company or agency.

3. To make it more easy, we do monitoring and 24 support till hotel departments perfect into this new ideology of Hotel marketing.Monitoring and support system.

Very Soon  you will  see  your Hotel products and departments creating  monopoly  at online Searches . It is really a new concept but from last three years we are observing the result. I will give you the reference who are using this ( Mr Diapk Group GM : +917003038405 ) for them we are the God in fact The Truth is for us they are the God because they have trusted on us when we are starting this project.

Following Results Any Hotel Will Achived  Using This

1. They have increased their revenues, every category and segment, banquets, wedding, restaurant footfall, online room booking Etc. 
2. They have reduced their Hotel online and digital marketing expenses to 70% 
3. There events they are doing at the hotels are becoming successful, this Sunday brunch, food festivals attracting more footfalls. 

When there will be More Points  of lists Which can be  achieved from this project.But  We are not writing all those because you might be thinking This is a marketing strategy.

We want to do business with only 2 Hotels per city . We want to join your Hotel Team and provide our best skill and Technology for your Hotel Revenue development. 

You must be thinking what we will provide ? What will be our marketing strategy ? 

Let me share you this also to you  :- What will be our marketing strategy 

Our marketing strategy will Be 
1. involved Your Hotel departments + our coaching & technology will make your hotel online presence so big, after someone you will find your hotel Brand will present on everywhere on Google. This all will be happening by the joint efforts from your hotel departments and our coaching and Technology partnership. 

You will start finding results  from the day 1. This marketing strategy will increase leads to your Hotel sales department. 

2. Our second strategy to introduce your hotel services and Hotel product to the target audience related to your hotel services. 
 We will involve following strategy introducing your hotel services and product .we provid Systems and Tool for your Hotel sales Peoples.
1. Corporate companies in the world 
2. Tour operators in the world 
3. Wedding planners in the world 
4. Film and movie companies in the world. 

3. Social Media Engagement 
   We will make a live broadcasting system, on daily basis which will have more interaction with your audience and update broadcast every event on social media. This marketing strategy is also with your present Hotel departments in our coaching. 

Conclusion : We will make your hotel department capable to market their products and services online to the target audience in the world. Without leaving their Hotel departments. Presently your hotel department or dependent but after our project we will make them capable you have to decide you want dependency or you want capability........... 

I have made a simple video, how we will make Monopoly of your Hotel services online. You can watch this video this is very interesting video we have made for hotel Madhuban spa and Resort which is in Anand. In this video we are showing how easily you can promote your hotel events to the target audience in the world. This is just a small example of our project

Contact Us for Live demo and Rates .

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