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Hotel top 15 Revenue management and Digital marketing

List of best revenue management experts professionals and companies Agencies all India services information available on our website thank you very much and gratitude to visiting on our website exploring and finding some best revenue management agencies for your hotel resort and loving Homestay. Let me introduce you myself my name is Gaurav Gupta and today I am sharing you about one of the top ranking Hotel revenue management professional Hi provide out of the box Hotel revenue Management Services counselling training and digital marketing services to the hotel he is one of the top ranking and out-of-the-box personality because he also provide training to hotel staff about Google promotions and Search Engine Optimisation because his philosophy is multiple hands and multiple mind strategies always work for Hotel marketing after coronavirus impact to hospitality industry. I would like to share you information about Mr Amit Gaur and in the last I am going to share his phone number also.

Do you want more online room bookings from online travel agencies like make my trip TripAdvisor extra or you just want somebody to handle and manage your online travel portals. I am sure you want option first you want somebody to help you and assist you and prove you that with little Technology little out of demand strategy you can increase your more online booking from online travel agency first of all I would like to share your hot gentleman and you can also read about his new marketing strategy for increasing more online booking is OTA remarketing ( visit here and explore videos and more information)

 Amit sir tel number +919571118855 

Revenue management is defined by interconnected components, which are:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Yield management
  • Dynamic pricing


Meet Shri Amit Gaur, expert into hotel revenue management and online digital marketing. We provide very affordable and result-oriented and promising Hotel Revenue Management Services. I would like to share some of the services they provide to hotels and then in the last I am going to give you his email address and phone number you can talk to him directly.

Meet Amit Gaur  Top Hotel Marketing and Revenue Management Expert

Hotel Revenue management and digital marketing services with Fees.

1. Managing Hotel OTA platform, pricing, OTA insight distribution 

Overall He provides complete revenue Management for hotels, Resorts, and Guesthouses. He offers to the type of proposals other revenue percentage services or fixes fees. You can contact him and discuss more all the questions you have in your mind.

2. Hotel Website Marketing and direct Room bookings

This service is fantastic for all those hotels who want to increase more direct room bookings. Shri Amit, provide very reasonable price and solid Hotel internet marketing services which include Hotel Search Engine Optimisation search engine marketing social media marketing and the best part is this is very reasonable for hotels and small Hotels.

Effective revenue management will increase your more online bookings definitely it required a great knowledge about internet digital marketing, a great Eagle eye on your competitor's room price, and the right price at the right time published on online travel agencies. Hotel revenue management looks very easy but it is one of the difficult professions for all those who don't know digital are  Reading about Hotel's top 15 revenue management and digital marketing experts in India. They are providing their very affordable and very promising Hotel revenue Management services from sitting in front of the computers anywhere in the world yes I am going to tell you about one of the best 15 Hotel revenue management experts and about their revenue Management Services. Demand forecasting is the analysis of information about past demand across all the customer segments. Based on historical data, you can predict when the demand will increase or decrease, and develop the right distribution strategy. This part of revenue management is especially important because it allows for setting prices, creating promotions to engage more guests, or launching other marketing activities to increase occupancy.

 F&Q ( Frequently asked a Question Related to Hotel revenue Management Services )

Question:- What is special in your services and How you going to increase my website booking? 

Answer:- This is one of the frequently asked questions to us by many hotel managers and Hotel owners I would like to tell you in short. How we going to increase your website direct booking and why we are the topmost internet marketer for the hospitality industry. My answer is very simple how OTA how marketing Your Hotel, we going to do the same thing for your hotel OTA Pages. We also going to involve some technical SEO, removing all the errors from Google from your website and much more

How we going to do that, our Hotel Revenue Management Services step by step

1. Exam in your hotel website and analyze your hotel online reputation and what is the scope we can increase more online bookings.

2. Examine and identify which are the areas you can improve your revenues and market those areas on search engines and on Google.

3. Regularly monitoring City Occupancy and your competitive pricing and making a strategy to increase more Occupancy rather than average room revenues.

4. Promoting your website so that you will increase more direct bookings from your official Hotel website.

5. Taking all your tensions of revenue management pricing Trigger and negotiations online to the customer regarding the price of your hotel room

 How  Shri Amit  expertise services started unique Hotel Revenue Management Services
1. We going to monitor your OTA pages 
2. We going to monitor City Occupancy and traffic 
3. We going to motivate all the OTA customers coming at your OTA page to book from your hotel website. For this, we going to use Google auto page API, crawler invitation, backlink creating of your website, remarketing code, and more thousand things which we don't want to disclose to you. 

And do you know what will be the results 
I'll make you happy, you start finding every day your direct booking from your website starts increasing. 

The only commitment you have to give it to me that on your official website you going to provide the lowest price than any OTA. I am sure you are aware of that the official website you can put any weight there is a no rate disparity
So will you be interested to use my excellent advanced search engine marketing services to increase your website direct bookings? Call us for Live demo +919571118855


Question number 2:- can you also market my banquet hall wedding restaurant extra? 
Answer:- yes we can do that but it will be on a fix fees basis, Overall our commitment to increasing your hotel revenues so we definitely do that
Let us  understand what are the requirements of the hospitality industry in term of third-party Agencies for marketing and online OTA management and revenue Management Services

Hotel managers required two types of marketing from third-party agencies. 

1. Hotel digital marketing support 
2. Hotel website Optimisation and monitoring system 
3. Hotel OTA management 
4. Hotel online reputation management 

So now it is time to share with you about other revenue management companies in India who provide Hotel marketing total revenue management OTA Management services and complete digital marketing for the hotels these are also one of the top players in India.

1. Amit Gaur & marketing guru 
   Is one of the best and top Hotel marketing agency in Delhi. He has a very promising record. He is been recognized as one of the best innovative and new hotel marketing companies in India. They are serving too many hotels and resorts in India and which is including 5-star luxury hotels also. They all are young people and very fascinated by Hotel marketing. They are the best hotel marketing company in India because they will tell you what to do who to increase your hotel revenues and branding they will make a marketing strategy for your hotel they have all type of solutions in a very reasonable rate. If you are looking for somebody who can market your hotel. Meet Mr Gaur. Call now +919571118855 Amit For Hotel Marketing and revenue management 

Forecasting is based on data and segmentation, the main pillars supporting revenue management. Predicting customer behavior enables a revenue manager to optimize revenue. The primary intelligence is derived from historical data on occupancy, room rates,  previous revenue, and the current data on customer activity.

Pricing depends on market demand and customer desire to pay for a particular type of property. To set the price, a revenue manager analyzes the market, competitors’ prices, and their products. The prices are optimized according to different pricing strategies. They include demand-based pricing strategies, such as corporate pricing, packages, contract agreements, and dynamic pricing strategies.


Inventory management. In revenue management, the term inventory refers to the product (i.e. rooms) sold. A room is a perishable product. If a room is not occupied, a hotel loses money. The main task of a revenue manager is to make sure that all the rooms are occupied.

Marketing. The goal of any marketing activity is to increase the volume of sales. It uses the tools that allow a property to sell all the inventory by keeping customer flow steady and attracting new guests. This includes such marketing activities as promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs.

Distribution channel management. In revenue management, inventory must be sold to customers within specific segments. Channels are often closely tied to the customer segments that use them. Depending on the product type, a revenue manager can choose a channel and set prices for a particular segment of a target audience.

To achieve these goals, a revenue manager has to perform the following tasks:

  • Market analysis and segmentation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Historical and current data analysis
  • Yield management
  • Revenue performance forecasting
  • Daily and monthly reporting
  • KPI tracking

The last point is of special importance because the KPIs define the success of the whole strategy.

KPIs in hotel revenue management

Traditionally, the effectiveness of revenue management strategy is measured using the following KPIs:

Occupancy rate – the number of occupied rental units at a given time, compared to the total number of available rental units at that time.

Occupancy rate = Rooms sold / Room available

Average daily rate (ADR) –

List of Few Others solid in very famous popular revenue management companies in India.

2. Market my Hotel 
   One of the best hotel marketing company in India for small and big hotels. They are providing their services to many hotels in India. Call now +919571118855 Amit For Hotel Marketing and revenue management 

3.Evoque Hotel Marketing ( Delhi)
This is one of the oldest and famous hotel marketing company among Rajasthan and Delhi. They have a big presence in the Delhi market for marketing hotels. 

Company address: Evoque Hotel Marketing Delhi NCR Office
#6, 1st Floor, H16/6, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon - 122002 
Actually, this company has his office in Gurgaon in Haryana but due to Haryana Gurgaon Delhi very close they operate from Gurgaon and they also provide their services in Delhi. 

4.  H & C Hospitality ( Hotel Marketing Company Delhi)
Hmc hospitality is one of the best and luxurious Highland Hotel marketing company. They provide a to z solutions to Hotel operators for Hotel marketing. Many seasons of hotel and professional peoples are working in this company. 
Company address is OUR OFFICE LOCATION
Office No. 3H -Pocket B-5 Mayur Vihar -III New Delhi -110096,Call now +919571118855 Amit For Hotel Marketing and revenue management 

5.Associate Hotels India 
Associates Hotel India is one of the oldest and very popular Hotel marketing company they also handling many hotels in India. If you're looking for the best hotel marketing company try this company in Delhi city. 
The company addresses 35/219, Lower Ground Floor. Vikram Vihar. (Behind Park Inn by Radisson) Lajpat Nagar-IV. New Delhi - 110024 (India) Call now +919571118855 Amit For Hotel Marketing and revenue management 

6.Outbound marketing company 
This company is a very big company for Hotel marketing in Delhi city, the company provides a complete solution for Hotel operators for Hotel marketing and office in Delhi city. The company also provides many hotel consultancy and digital marketing. The company address is: DELHI OFFICE
E-8, First Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019
(Next to Khidmat Restaurant)

5.Internet Mughal
This hotel marketing company in Delhi is a very professional agency in Delhi city. The company is run by a group of professional Hoteliers. They provide very promising services to the hotel operators in Delhi and another part of India. 
The company addresses: Internet Mughals Delhi 

6.Cherry Pick Hotels marketing company 
A group of professional Hotel sales individuals has created a wonderful company very promising result-oriented team. If you are looking for Hotel marketing you can choose cherry pick in delhi city.Cherrypick Hotels
A/2A Ist Floor Shiv Arcade, Acharya Niketan
Mayur Vihar -1, Delhi - 110091 - 

If you are small hotels, this company is suitable, for the Hotel marketing association. 

7.Cloud 9 Hotel marketing 
Very experienced group of Hotel marketing professionals specialize in designing Meeting, Off-sites, Outdoor training & Dealer incentive tours solutions to a large number of corporate clients from Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR.
 relations with both our clients & partner hotels were built and consolidated during last 15 years of experience selling hotels & meeting solutions to more than 1500 Corporate Clients in Delhi/NCR region spanning Pharmacy, Consumer Durables, Logistics, Home Decor, Consulting, IT & Automobile sectors.
Our core domain strength is Managing Sales Meets, Channel partner's Incentive tours, HR Trainings, Wildlife, Gourmet & Culinary tours, Yoga & Bird Watching Tours for groups size ranging from 50-500 delegates.
All our solutions to clients are backed by extensive on-ground research on destinations with hotel audits of more than 4000 properties across India and no wonder we're often referred to as India Tourism Subject Matter Experts. 
You can contact the website because the Office address is not mentioned on the website. 

8.Hotel Jini (a Hotel Marketing Company & PSA) 
Hotel marketing for small hotels are very difficult bigger Hotels afford many hotel sales professionals actually they drink required but for small hotels there required very promising and result-oriented Hotel marketing companies you can try this group of professional peoples for your hotel Marketing 
Office address is :Office # 356, 3rd Floor, Vardhman Plus Citi Mall, Sector 23, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075, India. 

9. Sartha Global Marketing 
   If you are looking for international marketing for your good this company is perfect for international marketing. They are very professional and promising services is been provided by them. They have their presence globally. If you're looking for international Hotel marketing you can choose this company. Try meeting and visiting them the company addresses 261, 1st Floor, Lane no 5, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, New Delhi – 110030, India . 

  317, B Wing, Jai Ganesh Vision, Akurdi, Pune -411033, best hotel marketing for the hotels who are into Pune the company is based at Pune and provide their services in Mumbai and all India.

Hotelier is a hotel digital marketing company. They are the best and very reasonable price hotel marketing company. They have created a very free awesome website which makes anybody understood they are the very innovative digital marketing company for the hotel.
Hotshot Hotelier
303,3rd Floor, Palladium Business, Hub, Opp.PVR Cinema Motera Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 380005 India

Group of Hotel professionals highly experienced individuals started Hotel marketing companies in India. They are the best in the town. Call now +919571118855 Amit For Hotel Marketing and revenue management 

13.The Hotel Marketing Company 
   A new startup by the professional's people providing Hotel Marketing Services they are the only company I will give you offline and online marketing solutions.If you would like to contact the team at The Hotel Marketing Co, call us today on +919571118855.

you can contact Mr Amit, for free consultancy and one month free Hotel revenue Management Services. All the best thank you.

CONTACT US: +919571118855  Ask Question How to Boosts your Hotel revenues and affordable Hotel Revenue Management Services

Best hotel revenue management company in India # Hotel revenue Management services in India # revenue Management services for hotels in India.

Hotel revenue management is an art that involves great knowledge about the city Occupancy market demand and put inside. performance base Hotel revenue Management Service Provider, he can able to increase more your online room bookings because these peoples are experts in internet marketing and knowledgeable about city Occupancy and tracking the price. Hello, friends are you looking for a revenue management company for your hotel because you want more online room bookings then I would like to introduce you one of the hotel marketing experts in India, you can also search on Google by just writing "who is the best hotel marketing expert in India "Meet Amit India's best revenue management Service Provider. Offering result oriented and promising services for hotels to increase their online room bookings revenue management and marketing. It is the best in India because he going to teach your employees Hotel social media marketing, advanced revenue Management Services and after 6 months your hotel doesn't need anyone to manage the revenues.  

Amit gaur  the only one revenue management company for hotels who can give you money back guarantee no result no fees.Call now +919571118855 Amit For Hotel Marketing and revenue management

Compare 15 Hotel  Marketing and OTA management companies at  (India ) Delhi | Mumbai | Jaipur who is an expert in Hotel Revenue management and Digital Marketing includes OTA Management. Believe me, Everyone is better than each other. Today we will tell you about the Best 15 Hotel marketing companies.


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