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10 Recruiters contact for Hire a chef for Hotel or Restaurant in India

Find the best culinary professionals for your hotel or restaurant anywhere in India all India service provider chef recruiters contact address phone numbers.Recruiters contact for Hire a chef for Hotel or Restaurant in India. Thank you very much for visiting on our website. Today I will tell you about Chef Amit who provide a unique services to hotels and restaurants in India. He is executive chef search agency. He find hotel and restaurant chef for business owners.

He is one of the best to talk regarding recruitment and  Hiring  a chef for Hotel or Restaurant in India you know why because he has a great network of good peoples he providing training and up scaling business strategies to Executive in India so he has lot of good talented people.

He will provide three services which no one will provide you in India you can try others also and then you can contact him.

The first service is very unique which he provide to restaurant and hotel owner is understanding business requirements and create a job description for restaurant business owner. This is the secret you find the perfect match because you identify the scope of working of a candidate it is very easy to find. Other recruitors do the mistake they just find the Chef line up the interview and game over.chef amit Amit team provide outstanding service into that which make him different and unique from others.

The second service chef amit team provide is psychological test of candidate. Normally most of the recuters take a food trial of Executive chef before hiring a candidate 95% people find they did a wrong hiring after 6 month. Chef Amit is different in this way he take a psychological test of candidate so that he understand is this candidate holds the pressure of customers and Management.

The third services will definitely make you happy and make him unique he will not take you any single fees in advance . his team  lineup video interview for you if you like the candidate they will take the fees else no fees will make him one of the best recuters in India for hiring a chef.

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His website address is and his phone number is +919571118855 telephone and this number is also available on WhatsApp and Snapchat and Line app

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