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New hotel marketing strategies for small hotels in India

marketing strategies for Small hotels in India are facing big problems they want when for money and result-oriented marketing strategies, unfortunately, they are suffering from pain High Commission to online travel agencies and day by day expenses and overheads are increasing. But never mind the good news for all those small hotels in India today I am going to share with you a great Hotel marketing strategy which is been proved always right and work hundred percent successful.

So if you are small Hotel anywhere in India and you are looking for a marketing strategy for your hotel I am sure I will make this blog so interesting and useful for you so that you will follow my instructions and my suggestions and you will increase your hotel online room booking reservations and more profits.

First of all I would like to introduce myself my name is Amit and I am one of the internet marketing experts for hospitality industry in India I have worked for many years to hotels resorts and now I am providing my unique online digital marketing services to hotels and resorts across India and out of India Today I have spent some time and doing the research on my past projects and I find my one of the marketing strategy for small hotels really works everywhere so I thought I should share my knowledge and skills to everyone who is having a small hotel in India and their suffering with bad marketing and they want effective online-offline digital marketing services or techniques for some strategies.

Hello, friends welcome to my hotel marketing blog today I am going to shade you some great experiences and strategies to increase your hotel website direct bookings. Share you a piece of great information about how easily you can make your hotel website accountable for more online room bookings.

In this article I am sharing all your problems and answers through it's going to be useful for you you can also contact me if you have any other person in your mind I would love to add in this article to make this article really helpful for all those were looking for new hotel marketing strategies because I have some questions in my mind which are frequently asked questions from peoples to me letter to Hotel marketing strategies so you can read all the questions and get the benefit out of that.

Q. How to increase Commission free rooms reservation for small hotels?

A. You can use digital marketing services for your hotel to promote and increase more direct bookings from your hotel website. Read about Amit Gaur who is one of the hotel marketing experts in India contact him. For Free consultancy.

Q. Is a hotel booking engine is required for a small hotel website?

A. The booking engine is required for small hotels to be a point on your website here is the list you can contact them and ask for a free booking engine for your hotel website they provide. Contact Amit for free booking engine for hotels in India .+919571118855 phone number.

Overall I can now suggest you five things you should start doing it to market your hotel and make more money.

1. First of all my suggestion to small Hotel managers and owners is to learn digital marketing, it is very easy you don't have to be an expert digital marketer you have to be just basic knowledge about digital marketing and how you can optimize this online marketing process in to increase your hotel revenues if you are looking for somebody who can teach you there are many online websites are available who teach digital marketing online but if you want expert and somebody who knows the exact them contact, myself I am Amit. I provide very reasonable and promising affordable Hotel marketing services in India exclusive for small hotels I would like to tell you about my services and about the prices so if you find the pricing is very reasonable then we can contact and talk to each other so here are the list of my hotel marketing services for small hotels

1. Providing our Hotel online room booking engine free of cost.

2. Providing Search Engine Optimisation and search engine Marketing Services free of cost

3. Providing social media marketing and video and other types of marketing at very affordable price

4. Providing certificates and securities to the hotel websites at a very reasonable price so that your website is similar to online travel agency authorize and authority. Certificates and Insurance of the website at a very affordable price. 50 lakh rupees insurance in just 10000 rupees.

There are many more services we are providing to small hotels free of cost, you are thinking about what will be our fees and why we are doing it. Recharge performance base revenue sharing model. Our revenue-sharing model starts at 5% you are using our Hotel Google ads services than 15% only. Overall it's a great time to talk with each other if you are having a small hotel in India and you are facing problems and you want somebody a marketing agency which can provide you 360 marketing solutions then let's stop and let's discuss with Mr. Amit in India.+919571118855  Mobile 




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