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Bangkok best Indian chef then Gagan

chef Amit Gaur is more famous than any celebrity chef in Bangkok Hello friends my name is Jennifer. I am from London and recently I have met one of the very versatile and knowledgeable Indian chefs in Bangkok. He told me he provide restaurant menu planning and consultancy services in Bangkok.we have to our talking and in this 2 hour he has shared me lot of innovative and out of the box ideas and suggestions to make your restaurant into profits. and believe me, after applying his suggestions to my restaurant doing fantastic in Bangkok. And I reach to this conclusion he is the best Indian chef in Bangkok.

I would like to share with you some suggestions and secret business ideas chef Amit Gaur shares me.

1.if you want to promote your Indian restaurant in Bangkok it is most important you should have one Indian cook or somebody from India as consultant.because the peoples who are coming to Bangkok are Indian and regularly eat good Indian food in India so if you not able to provide good and authentic Indian food your Indian restaurant will not make money in Bangkok. but the problem is in Bangkok you will not find a very authentic and good Indian chef so the problem is solved by chef Amit Gaur. He provides online training and menu planning if your restaurant is not doing well you want an Indian consultant who can control your food cost and make your restaurant more profit then apply this suggestion.Email id Chef Amit gaur --

make a marketing strategy of your restaurant this idea is unique and wonderful chef Amit Gaur has suggested the US and he has also help us into marketing of our restaurant and believe me today our restaurant is doing fantastically good and chef Amit has sent a lot of customers to us he has a really e kind and positive energy if anyone looking for opening an Indian restaurant in Bangkok or they are looking for a consultant from India who can help your restaurant more good recipes and more profits then you can talk to shave Amit Gaur he is versatile and excellent personality and believe me I will definitely make your restaurant business successful in Bangkok. Email id Chef Amit gaur --

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