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Smart software for smart hoteliers

I am offering you are an opportunity to increase your Hotel internet marketing branding, online visibility in your city, without Any paid marketing. 

A solution related to  Hotel internet marketing.  realize internet marketing Shares into Hotel Revenues are increasing day by Day in India. Hotels are like puppets in front OTAs. 

And The sad Part Hotels have outsourced the potential internet marketing performance to somebody third party agency in the City. 

No worries, I am offering your solution, to increase your Hotel revenues with the help of internet marketing. Without the help of any third party agency for the company. 

Choose Which is Your Main Hotel problem? 
A. Hotel online Reputation? 
B. Want to Reduce Hotel guest complaints? 
C. Want to create a monopoly on All The keyboard on Google Searches? 

Believe me, if you have these three things, correct at your Hotel. There will be a hundred percent guarantee your hotel will increase your hotel revenue. 

I would like to present Softwares As a solution for WOW Hotel internet marketing. My Every software Made for Solving Problems for Hotel Industry.

1.  Hotel MARCOM A Google Broadcasting and Marketing System 

Unbelievable, magical software for hotels. Software computer training program and a 24-hour monitoring system. Just speak in front of software and create a monopoly in your city on Google search.

Price: 120000.00 Per year ( Self Manage ) 
Price: 200000.00  Per Year ( Manage Services ) 
( contact us for More details ) 

2.  Amit ORM  ( Hotel Online Reputation Builder on Google ) 

   Promote your hotel on Google. Guest feedback system which is directly linked on Google browser. One software for all your hotel services increasing reputation online.

To understand more, here is the demonstration video of the software on YouTube .

Price: 35000.00 Per year ( Self Manage ) 
Price: 100000.00  Per Year ( Manage Services ) 
( contact us for More details ) 

3. WIFICRM ( WIFI Customer Relationship Management)

This software interfaces with Hotel Wi-Fi network and become a communication tool between a hotel guest and hotel departments. The software is very helpful for reducing Hotel guest complaints and monitoring Hotel operation. The software provides automation of guest feedback, TripAdvisor reviews, social media marketing, and content marketing. The software is helpful to hotels creating their own guest database on WhatsApp and latest platform. ( contact us for More details ) 

To understand more, here is the demonstration video of the software on 

Price:  65000.00 Per year ( Self Manage ) 

( contact us for More details ) 

The Guarantee
We take the guarantee to teach your hotel staff how to work on software, department wise and hour 24-hour monitoring and support system give a guarantee it will work.

Teaching Chef How to Make A Monolopy in City Food Market with The Software 

Teaching FNB Staff How to Create Hotel FNB Product and Service Monopoly on Google.Its Simple ........

call: 09571118855  now for more details or email us  

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