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channel manager software India List of Top 10 with Price Reviews 2020

Channel manager software in India for hotels is very useful software with the help of channel manager software you can Trigger and change the prices of your hotel rooms at different online booking portal. One-click you can change the hotel room price is too many online booking websites useful software for hotels and here is the list of top 10 channel manager software companies in India with the price of software and reviews. Hello, friends, my name is Amit again I am bringing some great information for you related to channel manager software.

What is channel manager software?

Hotel Channel Manager is an on-line distribution solution for the Hotels to Optimize management of their distribution channels. A Hotel channel manager is a software that helps hoteliers to manage room distribution across various OTAs and their own hotel website in real-time. Of course this software is very useful for hotels managers and revenue managers

It works as an excellent Revenue Management tool for the hotels, very simple, time-saving and easy to use.

Hotel Channel Manager gives you the ability to manage reservation of rooms in your hotel through as many channels as you want to along with managing the inventory and giving you a clear picture of the booking dates, the rooms availability, the guests arrival/departure dates, rate management,the other promo offers etc in one dashboard.

It is a common practice for hoteliers to add their hotels to different OTAs. Now a day OTAs are the major source of online bookings, other than their own website.

But it is very hectic for hoteliers to log into multiple OTA accounts to manage hotel room rates and inventory.

With Channel Manager all the extranets of individual channels are listed under a common platform. As needed the dynamic rates, inventories can be managed with a single point feed, then saving and publishing it.

This distribution solution rewrites/updates the changes on all individual channels with minutes, saving time and efforts.

 help to manage online room bookings through major OTA’s like , goibibomake my trip-MMTcleartrip , travelguru agoda & expedia.

Not only we manage OTAs, we also capture bookings from hotelier's own website with the help of booking engine.

Hotel Channel Manager software



List of top 10 channel manager software companies in India

1.AsiaTech Hotel Channel Manager

  This Hotel software development company provide all type of software for the hotels which include hotel booking engine channel manager software website development and search engine licenses. The company located in Delhi. And the company is registered by the name of Google AsiaTech Inc. - Booking Engine and Channel Manager for Hotels. You can visit their office an Explorer more about channel manager here I would like to inform you they provide free demonstration of channel manager so you can contact this company the address is here and ask for free demonstration they can give you freedom of station and 24-hour training and support this is one of the best cheap price and good channel manager company in India.Address: Lower Ground Floor, A-6, Sector-16, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.

2.DJUBO - All-In-One Hotel Management Software

this is one of the best hotel channel manager software company in India I am telling you this because almost in last 5 years where ever hotel I am visiting in India they are using their channel manager the channel manager provides great facilities and I would like to tell you three reasons why this software company channel manager is best from other very easy to handle cheap in price and lot of good quality of reports, you will read and find inside the channel manager software the software work with artificial intelligence system which is new to Hotel revenue managers in India but this channel manager is really helpful software for hotels in India and I can recommend this software to be e consider as one of the top channel manager software in India and you can contact the company and ask for free demonstration.Address: Ground Floor, B-9, Pinnacle Business Park,, Sector 3, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

3.AxisRooms Travel Distribution Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This is also one of the software company in India who produces and provide software services and general manager software the software provides a complete solution to small and big hotels changing the room pricing quickly at multiple online booking portal in just one click. The software is very easy to use and come with lot of other freebies they provide free demonstrations and the company is best in India because they provide quality of 24 online supports and training so if you are looking for a channel manager software in India and you are confused talk to these companies I am giving you the address of the company visit to the company and personally see demonstration of channel manager software from your eyes.Address: 27, 32nd Cross Rd, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070. I can also give you a 24-hour customer support number you can contact them and get first nice demonstration on your hotel computer screen they can show you on Skype or any desk.

4.eZee Technosys Pvt. Ltd.

this hotel channel manager company located in Gujarat and this company provide a great quality of solutions changing room price in one click at multiple online travel agency websites to Ahmedabad and other Gujarat region hotels channel manager software company famous and popular in Gujarat and now they have started their work in the USA and other countries also so this is also one of the top software company and their channel manager software in India famous and popular.D-113, International Trade Center, Majura Gate, Surat - 395002, Gujarat, India.

5. Amit  channel manager

this software company located in Rajasthan Jaipur and they provide best quality of channel manager software for hotels in cheap price you will find the same functionality from one of the most expensive channel managers available in this software cheap prices durable and come with a guarantee warranty and 24 online security support and training program because as a new person it is difficult to learn the software operation so if you are looking for a channel manager with 24-hour customer care and training support then this channel manager software is one of the best suitable for every small and big hotel in India the software is very easy to use and this software work on cloud computing so you can access this channel manager software from anywhere even when you are at home you can check the hotel Occupancy and you can Trigger and change the Hotel Room rates just watching the TV this channel manager also runs on mobile screens you can open the channel manager anywhere where you have just internet connection and you can manage your hotel room prices from anywhere talking to the peoples friends drinking or even in the parties. If you want the free demo station here is now they are offering a free demonstration and 6 months free to use channel manager software so first, you use for six month and if you like it you can pay otherwise no question ask I am sure this article going to be very useful for all those revenue managers and Hotel managers who are searching India best channel manager software companies and product.

6.RateGain channel manager software

this channel manager software in India now become famous and popular among 5-star luxury Hotels and small bed and breakfast hotels channel manager software has created lot of competitions to other channel managers software because very fast triggering of Rates very easy to use and very dynamic pricing of software you can use the software and pay as you use the software is so famous among the hotel managers and Hotel revenue managers they recommended software to their friends and professionals who want a good quality of channel manager software in India. This hotel software company has multiple offices in India so I am providing you the office address which is corporate office you can contact the corporate office and ask for free live demonstration of the software for you on your screen that can show you channel manager software demonstration in front of you with the help of Skype or any other software screen sharing.Address: Plot 3,4,5, Prius Global, 4th Floor, Tower A, Sector 125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

7.easeroom Hotel channel manager software in India

Easy room is a company in India who provide Hotel channel manager software they have almost 5000 + hotels in India using their channel manager the company has created a wonderful position among other channel managers in India just because she prise first operating system and very budget-friendly prices the channel manager comes with a booking engine and a website very dynamic beautiful website with very useful channel manager will help you a lot change your hotel room rates quickly on different online booking websites this is one of the biggest problem and challenge for Hotel revenue managers to change the room prices continuously due to competition and according to the market requirement so this company provide a great solution a very good channel manager software is been used to change the hotel room prices at multiple online booking websites the channel manager is connected with me online travel website API.

8. My cloud hospitality

This channel manager comes with 30 days free use this is also one of the good software for hotels to change the hotel room prices with the help of channel manager software Sofia looking for Hotel channel manager software then I think you can try this because it is 30 days free for you you can try and if you like it ok if you don't like it no problem.

9. Coming soon, India best hotel channel manager software

10. Coming soon hotel 10 manager software in India.

Nowadays most small and big hotels in India using channel manager software but there are few pieces of information I want to provide to all those I have selected 10 channel manager software from India from Different cities so here I am going to tell you about their reviews and prices and comparison and my motive is to make this article useful for every Hotel managers and revenue managers looking for Hotel channel manager software.

I am sure the conclusion is my article is very useful for you because I have collected the information about channel manager software in India and I have gathered their contact address and phone numbers and I have shared in this article so you can save lot of time while searching about the subject channel manager software in India. You can also contact me for giving you a free demonstration of channel manager software 30 days free trial no commitment if you like it wala if you don't like it no problem.

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